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MistForums mistforums
July 5, 2016
ABOUT MistForums

Steam driven forum software for gaming communities.

MistForums is a new forum software that is geared towards gaming communities that use steam.

We are completely steam driven, this means no spam bots, or creating extra accounts.

We provide a professional feel, for an affordable price.

Simple, Easy, Managed.
We want to provide you software that makes your forums effective and simple to use! No more setting up databases, remembering administrator passwords, or using over-complicated admin menus.

ULX Integration.
Integrate your server and your forum instantly, no longer do you have to manually assign ranks online, we do it all for you, and we have a ban list built in!

Built for Game Communities.
We only use the steam authentication for login, no external plugins needed. This also allows us to connect your users to your servers!

Makes you money.
We have a built in donation system that works synced with your forum and your game, giving players who donate to you, an item in return ingame, doesn't cost you a thing.
vG' BrokenDream ●•· Nov 11 @ 12:44pm 
How can I change the whole English Language Layout of my Website
Smartjer123 Nov 9 @ 3:54pm 
The ulx intagration is not working. It is just giving me an error when a player joins. But the donation part is.
FAXES Nov 6 @ 10:40pm 
Anyone having trouble connecting to . It says the site cant be found. mistchat is also not working. All other sites like google YouTube load fine. Help please
Fivez | Duck Roleplay Sep 20 @ 6:43pm 
I need help connecting my forums to my server so the ranks are connected with the forums can someone help me with my problem?
HeatChill Aug 15 @ 6:32pm 
you can video call in discord now
Ghostsmeow Jun 13 @ 6:37pm 
Hi, I'd like to know why are you using Night Force Gaming on your forum?