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DayZ Underground TheDUG
March 16, 2014
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Creating stories - connecting people

DUG is a private hive community with a lively and persistent universe of characters and factions in an organic RolePlay environment that does not restrict your ingame freedom and preserves DayZ's nature. Our fast growing Reddit-based community was established by most of the DayZ closed Alpha testers and community moderators. DUG is DayZ's first private hive community and started out as a secret testbed for DayZ’s private hive technology and until today, we maintain our close ties to the developers themselves.

DayZ Underground Servers


While our 1PP private hive servers are usually open for everyone to join, we do lock them for Whitelist Weekends and regular server events, which can range from simple meet-ups to sophisticated RP-centric events with overarching story lines and unexpected twists. We are incredibly humbled to see that the enormous interest has placed our servers consistenly to the worldwide highest ranks of all 1PP DayZ servers.

Visit to join the community and whitelist.

Private Forum is our beating heart. This is where all the exciting stories, videos and experiences are shared. Every day, our community creates a new frontpage of fresh content from within our universe. Factions are organizing and recruiting, bounties are offered, stories told and rumors spread.

Organic RolePlay

Traditional roleplay has a lot of rigid rules and forces interactions, which can quickly make them feel meaningless.
DUG takes a different approach and does not force interaction - instead they form naturally in organicRP.
We embrace DayZ's open, dynamic and sometimes chaotic nature. You can and will be engaged in spontaneous firefights, your heart will jump out of your chest and you will die. Death is the essence of DayZ and the fear of permanent loss makes our hearts pump adrenaline. We work with it, instead of constructing artificial rules and restrictions around it.

Our rules secure our reputation as a mature and civil community.

We approach you with sincere trust and confidence that you will organically be able to deliver a good story without needing artificial rules. We cultivate a community of people who don't need all these rules and are organically aware of what good content, an entertaining story and enjoyable RP are!
DayZ Capture the Barrel II Event - Saturday September 8th
Capture the Barrel II Event

Competing teams, two barrels, capture zones, teamwork, deadly weapons and only one winner!

Jallenplaysthegames of the DayzUnderground Event team is hosting our next members-only event this Saturday, September 8th at 16:00 EDT on the 0.62 DayzUnderground server. This time, we’re taking the battlefield to the “uplands” of DayZ: Kamensk, Nagornoe and the surrounding area.

DayZ 0.62 Summer Showdown Event – August 11th DUG
It’s a Summer Showdown in the Underground – Join the Event!

The heat is on: The DUG community is coming together on Saturday, August 11th at 16:00 EST to celebrate the end of the 0.62 branch and everyone is invited to join!

The usual server schedule, which whitelists the server for three periods during the week, will be changed to open our DayZ first-person only server with crosshairs disabled to any survivors wanting to join the fun.

While the 0.62 stable branch will hopefully soon be replaced with the smoother 0.63 EXP branch, 0.62 stable currently still offers much more content and opportunities for exciting gameplay. We’ll enjoy those one more time!

We've got event info and some tips on how to best meet people here:

Stay safe out there and enjoy your time!

The DayzUnderground Team

Jerry Aug 31 @ 6:27am 
hello yes i am jerry
Shep Jul 18 @ 1:42pm 
thank you frends, sorry for my absence, feel free to add me back!
RecluseGamer Jul 18 @ 7:22am 
Welcome back Shep!
Shep Jul 17 @ 6:58pm 
hello yes i am shep
PurePassion Jun 9 @ 10:55am 
@Vazkulator, the "Play" button in the DayZ menu is a quickstart button that connects you to your last played server. Sometimes that isn't saved properly. Try going into the server browser to select the server and connect to it. If you're still having issues, verify your files through Steam. Hope it'll work but let us know if we can help.
Vazkulator Jun 6 @ 4:18pm 
is anyone here able to play ? i keep clicking play but it wont start up:S im not dead, was 100% healthy, energised and hydrated, fully geared and hidden around trees before logging out yesterday

havent been able to play all day
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March 16, 2014