February 12, 2017

CS.DEALS - Skin marketplace & Trade bot

CS.DEALS is the first website to combine a skin marketplace with a trade bot.

CS.DEALS has the lowest item selling fee at 1%, which means we have the cheapest skins available for CS:GO, Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, H1Z1, Rust and more!

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You can buy skins at huge discounts (-40%) using numerous different payment methods

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Sell skins for real money at ridiculously low fees and withdraw the money using your preferred method.
Hello traders!

After a very long wait of six months, I am finally proud to announce that we are back from the extra long maintenance and we are not going anywhere! All user balances from six months ago were preserved and you can now withdraw your balance if you so wish.

The maintenance was spent building to work with multiple Steam games and the new 7 day trade lock on CSGO items. There were also a lot of changes on the server side, which you will get to see later on future updates.

Most notable new features:
  • Multi game support - You can now trade items for multiple Steam apps. Currently we support CSGO, Dota2, Rust, H1Z1 and TF2 but we will be adding more games in the future
  • On site inventory - You can trade items out from the trade bot and keep then in your on site inventory. They will not go anywhere from your inventory and you still own the items, but for faster trading you don't have to withdraw them to Steam and face the 7 day trade lock.
  • Multi trading - You can trade items from multiple bots in the same trade.
  • Price decay items - You will notice that some item on the trade bot are falling in price. This is a new feature and you might be able to snipe some items for a good price. The longer you wait, the cheaper the items become. Just don't wait for too long, or someone else might trade the item you want!
  • Investment system - You can invest your on site balance and get up to 83.64% annual interest rate on your investment. During our beta phase the interest rate will be very high and it will be lowered or the feature can be completely disabled later.
  • Deposit CSGO items for extra value - When you trade in CSGO items, you can get more value for your items by depositing them instead of directly trading them.

CS.DEALS was relaunched with a minimum amount of features and more incredible features will be added in the following days and weeks.

Our inventory is still a little small but you can still find good items to trade and we will be growing our inventory every day, so if you can't now find what you need, just check back later!

We also have the lowest trading fees of all trading sites, so CS.DEALS is the cheapest place to trade your items.

Happy trading!!

Start trading now -> CS.DEALS[]

Item withdrawals enabled, update coming soon
Hello traders!

Due to Steam's new update to CSGO item trading, we had to put trading on our website to halt temporarily until we can get some updates rolled out. Trading will be back and new features will be added soon. We can't yet give an estimation how long this will take.

You can now withdraw skins using your balance on the website. I'm sorry for taking a few days to enable this, but we had to make some updates and we were not prepared for the trade lock update.

☢️Karambit Black Laminant Ft 0.20
☢️Talon Knife Fade Mw %96 fade
☢️Shadow Daggers Slaughter Mw
☢️Awp Hyperbeast ww CS.MONEY 8 minutes ago 
[H] Bayonet | Slaughter MW
[H] M9 Bayonet | Case Hardened FT
[H] M9 Bayonet | Blue Steel FT
[H] Bayonet | Damascus Steel FN
[H] Bayonet | Crimson Web WW
[H] Bayonet | Case Hardened WW
[H] Huntsman Knife | Doppler PHASE 1 FN
[H] Huntsman Knife | Doppler PHASE 2 FN
[H] Huntsman Knife | Slaughter MW
[H] StatTrak™ Huntsman Knife | Fade FN
[H] Karambit | Case Hardened WW
[H] Karambit | Damascus Steel WW
[H] Karambit | Blue Steel FT
[H] Karambit | Stained WW
[H] Karambit | Urban Masked MW
[H] Karambit | Boreal Forest FT
[H] Sport Gloves | Arid MW
[H] Specialist Gloves | Emerald Web FT
[H] Driver Gloves | Crimson Weave WW
[H] Sport Gloves | Arid FT
[H] Hand Wraps | Slaughter FT
[H] Specialist Gloves | Emerald Web BS
[H] Moto Gloves | Boom! FT
[H] Specialist Gloves | Forest DDPAT MW
[W] Any Offers

Just comment on my profile and add me so we can negotiate!
Scammers and beggars will be instantly removed/blocked.
ereeo 9 minutes ago 
[H] Survival Knife Slaughter FN 0,03 FV [W] Karambit Autotronic

Mainly looking for a Karambit Autotronic but feel free to send a offer, only looking for knife trades.

Angel pattern on playside.

Float: 0.03306630626321 (Rank #35)
Paint Seed: 358
MaK17 21 minutes ago 
[h] Falchion Marble Fade fn 0.009
Hydra Gloves Mangrove ft 0.28
Navaja crimson web ft 0.22

add me ONLY if you're interested to trade
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February 12, 2017