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STEAM GROUP bartervg
November 25, 2014

One gamer's bundle leftovers are another's wishlist games

Do you have dozens or hundreds of unredeemed bundle games? Want to trade those digital leftovers for wishlist games? If yes, can help you find and manage those trades.

Organize your game collections, track across multiple stores and platforms.
Match your wishlist with others' tradeables to find the most likely trades.
Trade because one gamer's bundle leftovers are another's wishlist games.

Start by signing in through Steam with a public profile:
✽ Bundles: trade accuracy
Add to tradables / wishlist / blacklist from the bundle
This better than adding games by title. Selecting games on bundle pages and adding to tradables will automatically tag the games with the store and bundle. If there are inaccuracies in the bundle, or warnings added later, it is easier to spot which tradables are affected.

The bundle pages will display relevant warnings such as region locks and expiration dates. For more details, there are links to Steamgifts, Reddit and IsThereAnyDeal.

For example, Humble Monthly #29[]

Bundle count
What defines a bundle? Does it require a minimum discount? Should it be from a reputable store? Rather than definitively answer that, the Barter database typically includes bundle-like deals with Steam keys that can be traded and then later excludes them from the bundle count.

Not counted list[]
Bundle count JSON of over 13000 games[]

Feed activity
Additions and updates are recorded in the activity feeds on each bundle page. Some bundles add keys long after the bundle has ended and you can view this on the bundle or store pages. Selected Humble Bundle updates Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy key added later

Powered by
Over the past three years, the bundle database on Barter has grown because of the work of Rowtan, theemu, and 🍓 Lilly (🌺◠‿◠). Rowtan maintained it with the barest of functionality, theemu ensured the correct versions of thousands of games, and Lilly has kept everything up to date, often with better results than the official store pages. With the additional help of dozens of contributors, adding, editing and spotting errors, this database is now possibly the most comprehensive.

Thank you for your help, and I hope that the bundle database is a useful resource for everyone.

Event on Saturday
Tomorrow, Saturday, there will be live event #30 in the Barter Discord. If you have or want any games from the recently revealed Humble Monthly, visit the chat to participate in the auctions. I'll also be auctioning A Hat in Time, OKAMI, and PANORAMICAL. Hope to see you there.

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El Eternauta Nov 7 @ 10:40am 
Good to know. Thanks for the response. Nov 7 @ 7:24am 
Yes, goplayer7 discovered a bug that was counting cancelled and discarded offers.

How did that happened? A while ago, cancelled offer status changed in order to show whether the offer was cancelled before or after it was proposed. The offer stats were counting the latter cancelled offers, despite not being visible when viewing offers. I applied the update yesterday and it correctly stopped counting all cancelled and discarded offers.
El Eternauta Nov 6 @ 7:35pm 
Hi to everybody. Has something changed in the way offer stats are calculated? I saw that yesterday my "sent offers " ratio changed dramatically although I only had a few offers sent in the last couple of days. ?!
ShadowGeckoX Sep 20 @ 5:33pm 
i found the website a complete waste of time. delete my account information from
thanks May 28 @ 3:55pm 
You have multiple unresolved disputes. Please address those before trying to delete anything.
Faiz May 28 @ 12:01pm 
No problem...i just want to deleted my account. How?
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November 25, 2014