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The Wargaming Club ✯TWC✯
March 12, 2017
ABOUT The Wargaming Club

✯ The Wargaming Club (TWC) ✯ Matrix, Ageod, Slitherine, The Lordz Games Studio, Histwar, General-Staff, Scourge of War & HPS / JTS ✯

THE WARGAMING CLUB (TWC) is a  Play by Email(PBeM) Strategy Wargaming Group.

Club games are Matrix, Ageod, Slitherine, The Lordz Games Studio, Histwar, Scourge of War, General-Staff and HPS Simulations / John Tiller Software games such as:

Advanced Tactics Gold - Global Domination 1938 (GD 1938) - (ALL) HPS/JTS TITLES! - Strategic Command WWII: War in Europe - Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm - Gary Grigsby’s War in the West & East - The Operational Art of War IV - Order of Battle: World War II - Wars of Napoleon - CIVIL WAR II - Birth of America II: Wars in America - Revolution Under Siege Gold - Rise of Prussia Gold - To End All Wars - Alea
Jacta Est - España 1936 - Thirty Years' War - Pride of Nations - Napoleon's Campaigns - Wars of Succession - English Civil War - Pike & Shot: Campaigns - Sengoku Jidai: Shadow of the Shogun - Field of Glory II – Gettysburg: The Tide Turns - March to Glory - Histwar:Napoleon/Les Grognards, Scourge of War & General-Staff.

The purpose is to have “fun” while playing pbem games in the club but also get some hall of fame points, so to promote, achieve ribbons & medals.

Victory is rewarded no doubt but also a defeat which means participation and “activity” in the club is also rewarded by hall of fame points.

Everyone interested in "PBeM wargaming" are most welcome !

Battle on ..!

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TWC is on John Tiller Software page now!
Originally posted by TWC:

Dear gentlemen of our club,
We decided to change the format of the club about """registering the NEW battles""" and """posting the pbem results""".

As you know we were using the twc forum- you were starting a new topic for your new PBEM game on related game title forum- From now on, we will use "ONLY" the "FORMS" and not the forum. FORMS can be found at our home page:

Please use the "BATTLE REGISTRATION FORM" when you are starting a new game with the club member/s and use " BATTLE RESULT FORM" when you will post the result of the battle you started.

*** Just 1 thing is important here: GAMES THAT ARE NOT STARTED, CAN NOT BE ENDED!!! What it means is, when you fill the Battle result form, admins ( get the message as an email so THEY SENT BACK TO YOU YOUR BATTLE NUMBER!!! Like FOG II GAME #12 OR ATG GAME #15 ... you have to keep this number with you till the end of the game and when your pbem finishes, you fill the BATTLE RESULT FORM using that battle number!

So games must be started beforehand, before you can use the result forum. Admins get the email about your battle result and update the club charts again on our homepage:

Hope FORMS will be easier for everyone than using the forum for our pbems. Forum will be still there as to become a club member one must register to the forum first! ^^ We continue our usual updates there no doubt.

Have fun, battle on!..

Lancier Apr 12 @ 8:23am 
"March to Glory" out now on Slitherne & Matrix stores (will be on steam in couple of days):
duane Mar 25 @ 5:17am 
joining now as DuaneClark. Looking forward to some good FOG II games
Lancier Feb 18 @ 8:52am 
Gentlemen this is our club's PBEM battles list at our 1st year: Feb 2017-Feb 2018
sPzAbt. 502 Feb 14 @ 9:42pm 
Thank you!
Lancier Feb 14 @ 8:50pm 
welcome to TWC sPzAbt. 502...check emails please for other invites.
sPzAbt. 502 Feb 14 @ 8:35pm 
I joined your club as Adelsfana