The Friendly Fire (TFF - SS) TFF - SS
The Friendly Fire (TFF - SS) TFF - SS
December 26, 2016
ABOUT The Friendly Fire (TFF - SS)

All-In-One point of call for my Killing Floor server(s) - now that I have my own box!

Thought I might I wanna make my own group where players can go to to check on server changelogs, ask questions and see answers that they might have been pondering about.

The group's completely public, anyone can join to get notifications for any announcements, events and stuff; or if they don't want to join - that's cool too (if you don't want any of that) - you can still view and or ask questions and post stuff in the forums of this group.

My KF server list(IP:PORT and truncated name): Boltte's Friendly Fire Range Story Maps KF Legacy Mod ++ Skell's (unreleased) Toy Master V4 Skell's (unreleased) Toy Master V4 Skell's (unreleased) Toy Master V4 Stock Zeds Only Stock Zeds Only Stock Zeds Only Summer Zeds Only Summer Zeds Only Summer Zeds Only Hillbilly Zeds Only Hillbilly Zeds Only Hillbilly Zeds Only Xmas Zeds Only Xmas Zeds Only Xmas Zeds Only Proving Grounds Perk leveling and Achievements 24/7! Testing Shit Out Since 2017 Testing Shit Out Since 2017 Testing Shit Out Since 2017 Testing Shit Out Since 2017 Portal Gun Test Server Dead Space KF Aliens KF Pure Aliens KF Vehicle Mod KF DeathMatch Pure Doom 3 KF Halloween 2011 Zeds Only Halloween 2011 Zeds Only Minimal Downloads Hell On Earth Server For Perthians Minimal Downloads Suicidal Server For Perthians Minimal Downloads Hard Server For Perthians Minimal Downloads Normal Server For Perthians Minimal Downloads Easy Server For Perthians Deep's Server

I wanted a way to link each server to another page with more indepth details about them but of course the 3k character limit had to kick all my fun away...but was able to *just* squeeze this (rather quite long) link in:

....I guess I could use URL shorteners, but I bet they're all blocked/censored (at least the ones I use...) so you won't even be able to click on it...

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Index Home Page (Secure)[]
Discord (...though I rarely am on this, but just here in case anyone wants to know...)[]
It's been a while since I was last's a quick fix...heehee....
Alright, about time I had this prepared and ready to go!
MD5: 292a21ad61867073ead7201ab356651b
SHA1: df9fb657a10c56a07bd2703188c91466b4c4a375
CRC32: 449276a6
SHA-256: 5da21e459ff6208075e094aa31a961b91d10ac47fc19508c17a77381f2a7f4cf
SHA-512: b2740f89685128a16c241ac5729944601537c2b3299c2d1a9791d28bfd3942834ae73a799de79d3f81798dd9a5e4b6c3e28911f625f3434ad8fdf53a52e6d36c
SHA-384: 49761211efa277ac8154c945e1b5e39a294b775fa0bc4883c190c2cc7152d0c08412797ffb9df6ca7661a28f45256a14
File Size: 1074939146 bytes!SKhB2SZD!GrhfyZ26izyegALR4sQmdNxr4UbuBg6fdCUV7wJn728 >> (
{LINK REMOVED} >> (mediafire)
MD5: b2888693e8131ada5102e1dfee8019a5
SHA1: 07d28e6d3ba423c3952b1fb2c6e3e9ce7b00ca14
CRC32: 85f100d2
SHA-256: ef4e116e1ec2ae29b08272275f1fef2bbb9e374a1bcf8b6be9cb3bb9d5634dae
SHA-512: eb0f4a285072f2da7b99e52714171084a9068fe7e1d478dfc324b2d91d363c6d147f711df6eb1a271e5b3dc2154c18cd5bc68ca503bcc1c476f36b3312a58b93
SHA-384: 8285c0f33096f6a135765b0d894e0b6c0cc4465f0d1f8eef3f95a76ad400136aa1642e27b692bd9379718de6bfea8db6
File Size: 1937791793 bytes!zC4xSYwT!gUy-v6jU4tLr_3qc5elhFjl96ylQHwYRHOdwm-E1sTo >> (
{LINK REMOVED} >> (mediafire)
MD5: ac23e9a50fb42492e78c75e46f0e3126
SHA1: b2f8e2a38cf56ee0e0d1e44c3dab7ae4fe66b6e6
CRC32: e2f6367c
SHA-256: c94465eccb7a0b9c651cf3ec8542cf4b3d23c5ec838a4878a52459ff0c9abc99
SHA-512: 29cf7b1dc153fbbf9aad5dcd6fcd9ec15bbbcfec9e8d62b352f15343ff014c269f9936544d2109685c397a114a3e8ab950bc91170ce41c97b6b1edc413b97afe
SHA-384: 01629bae211634a22c31a7d9739f5f82f3e502a4ac49b8f0793d33f16f3ae1ae9b1931c466879ace9720e8a86672dc56
File Size: 1723226093 bytes!vSgVGApA!MBGZWoEt7SbEz-xNIrK4SNGkGoODK4BdFsR_Lbq3_TA >> (
{LINK REMOVED} >> (mediafire)
MD5: df92652b5e6e7b29cf7a04b881d7f7e4
SHA1: ca0c411c2a718555223deb41606f8f90e29f2c72
CRC32: 2c1e9994
SHA-256: 4b8c0ba3ac084467b0c9c5476c233f6837d4c78f02cd547e5e2ba9754d6be6f5
SHA-512: 26af60f86d3111aeac563e4e488ff1a3f8da626a122cea3acd6e4caba1657f1af64de79e8c4ed9e416d27530d3a60855afd0a5b0e80deb5ebda3c979992d3122
SHA-384: 3c90cb88f062ce15265a2a4282aa1e8f19704f9956b6ee58e5fef8807660c033a5ebfb028dbb8c3ef7528de3d8fbf497
File Size: 39692938 bytes!CG5D2STT!p4IMILuYGEFMD7w7bOSYne2D9UAYF5DjIhOPAASfYyU >> (
{LINK REMOVED} >> (mediafire)

I wasn't able to upload to some of my usual mirrors(I didn't want to upload to Moddb since this is group/server specific files) because catbox is limited to 200MB files, and box is limited to 250MB per file and I don't feel like splitting my archive up into little chunks.......more hassle for me, I prefer mine to be big so ya'll can choke on! Heeee hee hee......... I'm sure you understand... :steammocking: But those with godly connections will make short work of my miniscule sizes anyways... *waves clench fist at you* ....yes even mine is too small for today's standard.....oh well what I can I do?

Hope the new mirrors aren't dodgy....hahaha....I know mediafire fucks you with ads unless you have an adblocker or a script blocker that cleans the download page for you...I think bdupload and zupload does it too though can't remember for sure....just run adblockers and script blockers and you should be good, I make no money (or at least have no intentions anyways) from these downloads anyways(more than welcome to use the other non-ad infected download sites though to ensure this if you want? :cozybethesda:) so blocking these ads would feel nothing to me; all of this is out of my free volition(hell even this group and all my servers are for ya'll! Of course me procrastinating and being lazy doesn't help the situation....hahahahaha:lunar2019laughingpig:) since I feel for the players who either are unable to download the files for whatever reasons(and yes there were a few valid reasons as I experienced in one(or more than one...) of the changelogs if ya'll reddit - get it? heh....) through the game or don't wanna wait and prefer to preload all of this and *then* later play so you don't have to worry about all this waiting to download shit.... I just happen to come across them coz I couldn't find anymore other legit looking cold storage file hosters.....plenty of (some dodgy looking) hot storage file or temporary hosters though, but what's good about the files being deleted after 30 days of inactivity? Yeah.....anywho...

Now if there wasn't a 32k character limit for announcements, I would be able to fit the contents and file/folder structure of the archives too in this post but unfortunately there is so I have to keep it short.....

Anyways, enjoy, hopefully I haven't missed a file but you can help test that out yourself for me, just download all these packs, install them into ./steam/steamapps/common/killingfloor/ and start the game. Join one of servers and if it starts downloading something, then take note of whatever it's downloading, that is before you even get to the lobby screen(music loader by marco should still be included as I've added all the music files in one of the packs so you won't need to worry about letting marco's broken ass loader do its, and let me know....and I'll fix that up... Actually before you do this, best to clear your cache folder or even delete it entirely (or rename it to something else works too if you prefer to keep your cache...) and a fresh KF install would be nice too. Cache folder is also located in the killingfloor directory described above.

I'll create a forum topic post on this in the group and link it back here later... Done, check it out here!

Boltte Dec 5, 2021 @ 5:36am 
Hey there Decepticon! I just joined and spawned fine. Must be a bug. Try again or vote for a different map or vote the same map so you can restart it.
[Autobot] Perceptormedic Dec 4, 2021 @ 6:12pm 
i'm not spawning in to the perk levelling..?
Boltte Dec 20, 2017 @ 11:34pm 
...into more specific groups of course....than just "Officers, Moderaters and Members"....
Boltte Dec 20, 2017 @ 11:29pm 
I wonder if group members can be further broken down......
Boltte Jul 6, 2017 @ 12:16am 
a Jul 5, 2017 @ 10:15pm 
Enter chat room
December 26, 2016