Hey, I play Killing Floor/Dota 2 and have some video's of gameplay and tutorials and strats for KF if you want to watch, visit my Youtube profile.
I also play some other games, if you want to play with me just send me a message =)
I also cleaned up my friends list who don't play much or I don't really know anymore + play on the low difficulty Killing Floor servers or from another country 8D.
Bit bored of Killing Floor now you might see me playing a few other games.

Poo Muncher: hey have you heard of devante
Darth Schumy: yes
Darth Schumy: a suspected cheat
Poo Muncher: ah whys that?
Darth Schumy: he'
Darth Schumy: he's too good
Poo Muncher: so do you suspect him or someone else?
Darth Schumy: kind of like Lance Armstrong...of course he's on drugs...miracles don't happen
Darth Schumy: just watch the stuff he does....questionable
Darth Schumy: actually no question
Darth Schumy: it's not possible
Poo Muncher: ah k i was just watching a video of him soloing patty with m14
Darth Schumy: it['s reported that he can solo 6 player HOE with any perk
Darth Schumy: that is a cheat
Poo Muncher: how is that a cheat?
Darth Schumy: he does it all the time....that too good
Poo Muncher: ok
Darth Schumy: like deep
Poo Muncher: oh so deep cheats too i dont like that guy much
Darth Schumy: no...who does
Darth Schumy: but when you solo 360 at west london on HOE
Darth Schumy: as a SS with m14 and rifle
Darth Schumy: that's cheating
Poo Muncher: so m14 is a cheat?
Poo Muncher: sorry i know your playing
Poo Muncher: not a good time to talk
Darth Schumy: no, not m14
Darth Schumy: aimbot
Darth Schumy: and the like
Darth Schumy: zeds have a moving hitbox
Darth Schumy: which is not visible
Darth Schumy: hence headshots are a little random
Darth Schumy: there's never ;miss
Poo Muncher: ok so they both use the same aimbot?
Darth Schumy: something like it
Poo Muncher: ah k
Darth Schumy: what they idea
Poo Muncher: that's not very fair!
Poo Muncher: wonder why the aimbot doesnt show up in this video
Poo Muncher:
Darth Schumy: no, it's not fair, but look at it
Darth Schumy: it's too good
Darth Schumy: look at cycling...they argue same things
Darth Schumy: yet 10 years later, evidence comes out they were all on drugs
Poo Muncher: well looks like he misses shots so aimbot must break sometimes
Darth Schumy: all of them....all cycling winners
Darth Schumy: alot of peopl

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