March 11, 2014

Official Group for the Server: [EU|DE] Rust-PVE 2.0

Welcome to the server where PVE means PVE!
As our name suggests we are an european server, feel free to join our friendly and helpful international playerbase.

PVE means you won't attack, steal and grief other players and their buildings.
And they won't do that to you. This is the most important rule. Break it and you'll probably get banned!
But still the best is to always lock your doors, put window bars in your windows and add a roof on your house!

We encourage you to play and build together, help each other and trade items/resources/whatever.
But also to respect the privacy of other players and eventual wishes to be left alone.
You can be creative and build big castles, a village or a hermit hut on the highest mountain.

And we decided to keep some AI-Bots on the server!
You can encounter Zombies & Scientists around some Monuments!
Watch out!

Live Map:

How to Connect:
- Start the Game
- Open the console with F1
- Write/Paste the following and hit enter:

Wipe Schedule:
We'll wipe once a month (every first thursday of a month).
Blueprints will be wiped every three months.
Last Wipe: 7th March
Next Wipe: 4th April
Last Blueprint Wipe: 3rd January
Next Blueprint Wipe: 4th April
Last XP Level Reset: 3rd January
Next XP Level Reset: 4th April

Server Rules & Punishments:
1. Don't steal loot from private Airdrops or called in Helis.
Please announce your own Drops/Helis in chat.
2. Don't cheat and don't abuse bugs/exploits.
3. Play fair and respect other players.
4. Feel free to grab the output ressources of a quarry if no one is waiting.
You are not obliged to put Lowgrade Fuel in to keep them running, but it is appreciated.
You are NOT allowed to take Lowgrade Fuel OUT.

Execution of Punishments:
We'll ban accordingly to the offense. Breaking Rule 1 will almost always result in a permanent ban. Taking stuff out of Tool Cupboards that are not yours will always and without exception lead to a permanent ban.
Banned players and reason will be published in our steamgroup.

General Info:
All structures and deployables of players offline more than 7 days will be removed.
For community- and "clan"-buildings see /info -> AutoRemove for more infos!

Server Features:
- active admins
- friendly & helpful playerbase
- undestructable bases
- strict PVE (PVP is off)
- high stacks
- more resources at night

Server Plugins:
- BetterLoot
- Teleport/SetHome [/tphelp]
- Sign Artist
- Remover [/remove]
- Voter: get in-game rewards for voting daily [/vote]
- Kits
- and various Admin-Plugins to protect you as good as possible

We would like to welcome you on our server.

Schwarzbrotkatze & Koalasteak

Do you like our Server? Do you want to support us and get more fun players to play with? Feel free to vote for us! Just check the links in the right sidebar. Every vote is appreciated!
Bye bye Pickles...
The wipe is done and the server is up and running!
Wicked One Mar 14 @ 12:58pm 
This probably happens when the plugin which spawns back your items can't fetch the list of items from your dead body for whatever reason.
Your body not being there anymore for example.
Everything we could find about the issue points to this. So it can't really be fixed server side.
We need to see if there is an update.

Until then:
Try to not log out when being dead.
Try not to spawn very quickly right after another. (like having your sleeping bag under the heli in the open ;)

You can also talk to CheekyMonkey. He had the same issue and managed to solve it for himself by avoiding certain situations.
sunnykoshy10 Mar 14 @ 7:04am 
my items from inventory disappeared after i died it happened twice in 4 days
Wicked One Mar 10 @ 10:23am 
/town has been set
Wicked One Mar 8 @ 8:00am 
Server is running.

/town is not yet set, but it will be around P3/Q3.
|Erzengel|Rus| Mar 8 @ 4:45am 
When will the server be updated?:lunar2019coolpig:
Ramon | 11th AMB Mar 8 @ 2:21am 
WIPE WIPE WIPE please <3
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March 11, 2014