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December 2, 2016
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**TG_Captain_Battle** New mode started
New battle server event with bots! 7 pm GMT
Sugimoto Emiko May 14 @ 9:15am 
Please don't talk about politics in the game.
Von Rekt Mar 13 @ 2:50pm 
hello, what's wrong ?
Rozthov Jan 3 @ 4:18pm 
Part 5

Omen told me in July - after I apologised - that he will give me a chance to play.
He then went back on his word because the guy from TrollWatch and these topics above was apparently myself.
Admins were simply not interested in even listening to what I had to say. They wouldn't believe me at all.
I thought now that I have proved it not to be myself I will be simply unbanned and left alone. I didn't even care for apologies or anything like that.
But yeah. I guess I expected too much.

So here I am. Hoping that perhaps an owner or someone will look into that and unban me personally, because there is no other way.
Rozthov Jan 3 @ 4:16pm 
Part 4

Look. This is the exact same guy as in TrollWatch #0 and #3. THE EXACT SAME GUY! The same face for Christ's sake!
The guy they all thought was ME! But I proved it was not me by making videos.
And I am still punished for being him :D What a joke.

Even on 24th December admins still had a problem with me on discord that I was denying to be him. Now that I proved it to them... Well. No mention whatsoever. And forget about apologies hah.
Rozthov Jan 3 @ 4:07pm 
Part 3
I am very disappointed. I mean come on. I made videos to expose trolls and make the game better for everyone, and this is what they do in return? Wow. What a bunch of jokers.

If you don't look into that then clearly this community doesn't deserve players like me.
Shame really. Because other than retarded admins the experience on the server is mostly positive. But unless someone takes the ban off I won't experience it again.
Rozthov Jan 3 @ 4:06pm 
Part 2
And the reward for posting video evidence with people trolling on the server? Well. Apparently I was only doing it to make admins look incompetent and "exaggerated" too much, which means I have not changed (?) and deserve to be banned.
Oh yeah. And "fake ban requests" even though I linked video evidence. But yeah, it was fake somehow.
(Probably only because it was ME who posted it.)
And so I am banned. Again. Even from the server - not having broken any rules.

The ban is unfair, and unless someone higher looks into that, I am just going to stay banned.

It is a shame really. There is someone making videos exposing trolls and helping ban annoying trolls, and not only there are admins and ex admins trying to provoke me all the time hoping I will somehow break some rules and give them a reason to ban me, but when I don't give them that reason they ban me anyway for some imaginary offences - fake ban requests, making videos to make admins look incompetent, etc.
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