Daikatana Multiplayer Association DKMPA
Daikatana Multiplayer Association DKMPA
November 6, 2013
ABOUT Daikatana Multiplayer Association

Daikatana Multiplayer Association

We play Daikatana. Online. Hop in if you want some action. Or want to discuss things. Need advice or something. We are open for everybody.

To play multiplayer you need to install community made patch 1.3:
Merry Christmas from the Daikatana 1.3 Team!
Daikatana v1.3 03/20/2018 Update -- Over 60+ bug fixes!
  • Fix Issue #214 "Dying from the falling damage in water sometimes cause swimming animation to play".
  • Fix cambot lights sometimes not turning on if you skip the cinematics very quickly.
  • Fix Column Monster from Episode 2 been "awoke" during a save restore (including autosaves).
  • Fix RTC uninitialized undefined behaviour from SidekickLoadThink for Episode 3 "Mikikofly".
  • Fix a rare instance where you can attack Stavros in the middle of his spawn and he will bypass the Idle goal, go right into attack. This normally wouldn't be an issue, but his animation never gets set to AI_IsReadyToAttack1 will always resolve to true... which means he can fire incredibly fast with perfect accuracy.
  • Fix complex particles to come back on save restores.
  • Fix bullets from Rockgats, Mishima Guards, and other enemies which use AI_AimLeading to be able to hit the player on skills that are NOT easy.
  • Fix muzzle flashes not originating from proper Forward/Right/Up angles.
  • Fix boost powerups and inventory icons to rotate at consistent speeds independent of frame rate.
  • AI_EndCrouching needed case for AI_IsStateAttacking. If not szAniamtion would pass garbage to AI_ForceSequence for mishima guards attacking. Eventually this would bomb the game.
  • Tweak C4 bbox size by request. Came to this value by experimentation and user feedback.
  • Fix boost powerups getting separated from e3 barrel explosions.
  • Fix sidekicks being stuck in vents if you saved while they were in a vent (pointed out by Knightmare).
  • Fix ambient sounds not being recorded to demos.
  • Fix doors currently moving up or down continuing past the destination into the void when restoring a save (like the big doors in e4m5a in the art gallery).
  • Fix Issue #143 "Shiny weapons bugs". Specifically, fix the distortion on the shiny weapon effect when looking down.
  • Novabeam does have an ambient animation but it never played. Looks like they forgot to remove the trap to avoid playing it while waiting on assets.
  • Fix idle animations and idle sounds not playing after you enter the main menu or minimize/alt+tab out of the game.
  • Eye of Zeus does have an ambient animation but it never played. Looks like a leftover trap for when the bolts were part of the model and not a client effect.
  • Fix weapprev and weapnext commands so they can't be used during intermissions.
  • Fix gashands shake effect to appear even when weapon bobbing is disabled.
  • Fix multi_triggers being unusable on a save restore if they were SOLID_NOT (i.e. the first big "eye" door in e1m2b).
  • Fix rockgat continuing to shoot line of sight if you go into notarget mode.
  • Fix shotshells not originating from fru player viewangles and workaround glock shells model being oriented wrong.
  • Fix smoke cloud from gashands originating from centerview.
  • Fix possible NaN in VectorToAngles and VectorToYaw. Inherited from Q2 v3.17 (see here[]. This has the added benefit of skeeters having better navigation in tight areas.
  • Fix fog values not being cleared on changelevel transitions.
  • Fix fog values not being saved in demos.
  • Fix Issue #107 "Creatures gib animations broke on certain maps (old Broken roboskeet animation)". Add gibCloudHeight and gibCloudAlpha to AIData.csv so we can set heights besides 1.0f now that gib.cpp. Use these values (with much work done by MilkeyWilkey on this).
  • Rename nextsunsmoke to nextparticleupdate in te_tracker_t. Use this to cap the weapon projectile complex particles to 40fps. Add old_origin to centity_t. Use this to track distance travelled for weapon projectiles and cap the complex particles based on distance travelled. Extra special thanks to LadyHavoc for hints on this.
  • Cap bolter trail, discus cloud, and stavros ammo particle framerate.
  • Attempt to load fog values from CM_KeyValue(map_epairs) when loading old demos with missing fog data.
  • Cap rain, snow, and drip particle framerate.
  • Fix delay between animation and hit registering for disruptor glove.
  • Fix sidewinder rockets so they lerp.
  • Set RF_NOSHADOW flag for sidewinder rockets.
  • Check PVS for rain/snow/drip particles to see if we can early out. Gives a 2-3fps boost on average on old p3 machines.
  • Fix a crash from e3q2dm1, wisp ammo, and instagib. If an ammo function has other things to do after winfoAmmoSetSpawn you need to check the pointer afterwards or else it can reassign stuff. In this case it was reassigning its think to trigger_hurt and the autosave on endmatch was triggering (and also spamming the think function!).
  • Fix bolter sometimes being able to fire too fast with attack level 3 and 4.
  • Fix shiny weapons to have a similar visual effect to the voodoo 2 mini driver.
  • Fix melee weapons being able to hit the skybox.
  • Fix HWGamma_Toggle(false) from bombing 3DFX OpenGL ICD in Win98 during a vid_restart.
  • Fix being able to select weapons during intermission.
  • Fix muzzle flashes not rendering sometimes at high framerates.
  • Fix muzzle flashes clipping into the wall, gun and other odd effects by using RF_DEPTHHACK|RF_MUZZLEFLASH.
  • Fix glock and slugger from doing scorch marks on the skybox.
  • Don't play the bounce sound for cordite grenades when hitting the skybox.
  • Fix occasional Sludgeminion missiles staying in place until fade out.
  • Fix Discus ambient animation occasionally not restarting when all are deployed. (dlls/weapons/discus.cpp)
  • Fix Thiefs in Episode 2 to play wall hit sound.
  • Fix Dwarves in Episode 3 to play wall hit sound.
  • Fix Thiefs, Dwarves and Centurions projectiles occasionally being stuck in the air.
  • Tweak the Dwarf Axe and Thief Knife throwing so it doesn't look silly when it hits the floor.
  • Fix Novabeam Laser End sprite having RF_DEPTHHACK flag set for thirdperson instead of firstperson. This was causing phantom muzzle flashes clipping through walls.
  • Fix the Novabeam and Metamaser being able to generate sprites behind players.
  • Fix +set CVARs from command line being ignored on startup.
  • Don't render fog if we're in the main menu. Otherwise the buttons and models get the fog sometimes (most obvious with e1caves.bsp).
  • Fix sky, cloud and lightning epair values only being sent down in Single Player.
  • Fix vid_gamma 1.0 not being true gamma identity. Colours should be true to the original textures.

As always, you can grab the latest updates via the in-game auto-updater, the dk_upd.exe utility or from the official DK 1.3 site[].

A big thanks to Dekonega, MilkeyWilkey and Sumea for their intensive testing!

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