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Crazy-Platoon -=©P=-
December 30, 2007
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Crazy Platoon = MultiGaming Clan

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Wir bieten Server von DODs , TF2 , COD 7 , L4D 2 , BF 4 , BF3

Wir sind eine Funcommunity und ein lustiger Haufen. Wir spielen keine Wars. Uns geht es hauptsächlich um Spass am Spiel.
Informative HP - alles um DODs , TF 2 , COD5 - 7 , L4D 2 , BfBc 2 + BF 4 im Forum !

Die Einladung zu dieser Gruppe erlaubt NICHT das tragen des Clantags!!
The invitation to this group NOT allowed to wear the Clantags!!

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Bei Fragen wendet euch einfach an an unsere Member, Admins oder besucht das Forum auf unserer HP.

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Unser Battlefield 4 Server !
BF4 = -=CP=- Noobs Headquarter ! German Suchtgefahr + CQ / Rush / TDM []

einfach unten auf den Link BF4 Battlelog Server Anzeige klicken und zu euren Favoriten hinzufügen ;)

simply below BF4 Battlelog Server Anzeige click on the link to add to your Favorites ;)

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Unser BF 3 Server

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Alle unsere Server sind hier aufgelistet und werden angezeigt !![]
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Frohe Weihnachten
Smissen May 31 @ 11:35am 
Why did I just got banned from the server? I tried to make an account on the forum but captcha is broken because it never accepts my entry. No other way to contact CP besides this.
Ass_Chin(IRE) May 22 @ 7:47am 
hi any chance of getting unbanned from dod source
deus_vult Apr 28 @ 7:06am 
Hi! backform doesnt working, invalid id lol. I was banned by Schumi 3 on the 27.04.2022 at 22:45:29 for not forgiving for team killing. BUT
1. its really impossible to see who ask for forgivness on small maps(was banned on small map during intensive fight). in logs anyone can see (if this option added) that i forgive people for "sorry" if I see it
2. there are no rules for ban for unforgiving: if we look at p.5 of server rules "Who doesn´t apologise after a teamkill, can be punished by available options. But must be forgiven, if earnestly apologises. Teamkills and teamattacks on purpose lead to a kick/ban."
There are no words of baning for not forgiving. That happened for second time with this admin, if he need special treatment, please add p 5.b 'forgive Schumi 3 to avoid ban'.
3. If I didnt broke the rules unban me please
With best wishes
Icarus Nov 29, 2021 @ 8:15am 
Still plays DODS
Karlssonpågolvet Oct 30, 2021 @ 6:57am 
Hello , Im so sad that the CP Zombie server on Dod source is dead. Back in the day i played there every single day. you could join the server from monday to sunday at any time and it would be alot of players. i havent seen anyone in there for years... what happend guys?? the GG game is always full, and its not even fun. i dont understand why people prefer gun game over zombie.. so SAD!!!! i remember people like Dannyboy , kadey, Shiny, cpl,scavenger, playing back in the day.. forgot alot of names tho.
Revacholiere Sep 26, 2021 @ 4:49pm 
what happened to the orange server? that shit was awesome
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