WonderGamer Oct 15, 2017 @ 4:41pm
Need recommendation for new keyboard with LCD screen (non-Logitech)
I am looking for a new gaming keyboard with built-in LCD screen to move away from Logitech (seeing as they can't seem to fix this problem[drive.google.com]), however I haven't found a decent alternative with the functions I am looking for, decided to ask for some recommendations from Steam users that may know of such keyboards.

A few I've found & why they aren't an option:
  • The Razor DeathStalker Ultimate does have a screen with similar functions to the Logitech G-Series gaming keyboard, however this one replaces the numpad with the LCD screen. Seeing as I play most of my games with the numpad & even if I were using the emulated numpad on the touchscreen (which is going to feel really odd), this really isn't an option as it defeats the purpose of needing the screen in the first place if it's only being used for the numpad.
  • The Mad Catz STRIKE 7[www.madcatz.com] appears to have such a screen & would be ideal given it can be pieced together as you see fit, but the screen appears to only be for quicklaunching & possibly macros (not the same functions that the LCD screen would be used for on Logitech G-Series keyboard), so I don't think this one would be an option either...
I'm kind of running out of ideas here, any recommendation that would help in getting a new keyboard would be much appreciated (this one is already having problems with sticking keys & the number of those grows regularly).

NOTE: If there are any questions about my other system specs (possible compatibility issues), those can be found near the bottom of my profile.

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Perrywinkle Oct 16, 2017 @ 12:03am 
you are out of luck,taht gimmick died some time a go and not so much kb to choose,the razer dont have any type of support for new games and few games suport it at full the rest are just macros in emulated keys,the anorher one i dont know how it works.
Wise Guy Oct 16, 2017 @ 12:34am 
no other options... those gimmicks died quickly
Big Boom Boom Oct 16, 2017 @ 1:05am 
Mad Catz gone dodo, do not buy any thing. They are dead, no one will honour warranty.

Also who the **** thinks someone will look down at their keyboard for LCD screen gotta be shot. Well they are probably fired, nobody make keyboard with LCD screens. The new thing is keyboard with creative input dial.
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Omega Oct 16, 2017 @ 1:53am 
Originally posted by Big Boom Boom:
Mad Catz gone dodo, do not buy any thing. They are dead, no one will honour warranty.

Also who the **** thinks someone will look down at their keyboard for LCD screen gotta be shot. Well they are probably fired, nobody make keyboard with LCD screens. The new thing is keyboard with creative input dial.

Those LCD keyboards are a useless gimmicks nothing more. You will never use it, almost nothing uses it, the only reason for buying a keyboard with an LCD will be that you like the idea of owning one, not because you need it.

Keyboards with LCD are so 2012.. :P
SoldierScar Oct 16, 2017 @ 3:07am 
I would make a good use of that lcd display for msi afterburner osd, gpu, cpu temp clocks etc..it's not as useless as you make it to be..
Big Boom Boom Oct 16, 2017 @ 3:17am 
Originally posted by SoldierScar:
I would make a good use of that lcd display for msi afterburner osd, gpu, cpu temp clocks etc..it's not as useless as you make it to be..

Which you can do with your mobile phone App if you can't stand using OSD on your monitor.
Arya Oct 16, 2017 @ 3:22am 
As a writer, I'm pretty sensitive and snobbish when picking keyboards. I've gone through three in the last year, finally settling on a DAS Keyboard Ultimate 4.

I like the Ultimate because it's everything you want, and absolutely nothing else. No LED backlighting or LCD screens, no Macro keys in awkward/useless locations. Just a Cherry MX board(Gateron in my case) with media controls, and the extra money spent on expensive materials and bulletproof construction. The fact it's designed to limit vibration is also a huge plus, when you're typing 1000+ words a day it really makes a huge difference.

It's also subtle enough that I can bring it to work without feeling like a complete tool. Which is a huge bonus, since it's infinitely more comfortable than a membrane board.

I actually owned an LCD keyboard as a teenager. Not for the LCD panel but because it was bolted to a really serious gaming board, and great value for money. The keyboard itself was fantastic, but the LCD screen was just a menace. I normally switched it off manually because the light at the bottom of my peripheral vision annoyed me.

It wasn't even a usable screen. Temps and clocks were of no interest because I had temps visible on my case. And because I was running a 24/7 stable clock. Usages weren't of interest because my PC was unlikely to be threatened by any game at the time. And game specific functions were useless because what sane person is going to look away from their main screen to view stats that are probably visible from the main screen?

The only time it actually made any twisted sense was Aliens: Colonial Marines. In which it had this amazing Wallhax function. It displayed your Motion Tracker even when you didn't have one equipped, and had a better range and response time than the game's actual tracker.
WonderGamer Oct 16, 2017 @ 4:47am 
My main reason for getting the Logitech G-Series gaming keyboards (ones with LCD monitors) was specifically for the LCD screen (which was more important when I didn't have a second monitor on the system).

I use it mainly for the standard Performance Monitor (which monitors CPU & RAM usage, the CPU usage has been a great tool to monitor system lag & when I needed to start killing processes, however it's been broken for approximately a year on various models with newer versions of LGS), media (music & video) information & occasionally the stopwatch & timer (never really cared for the clock itself or the profile manager controlled through the screen itself); I haven't really bothered with any of the other standard apps provided through LGS itself.

I've also used it with TeamSpeak (both 2 & 3; 2 requires a 3rd-party plugin), Ventrilo & am intending on also using it in Discord (once I figure out how to enable it); even used it with Xfire in the early stages, however that support was dropped not long after I got a G-Series keyboard.

Of course there are the games also. I've used it in Unreal Tournament 2004 (requires 3rd party plugin), Evolve, Borderlands 2, various others I haven't played for some time (can't remember which ones I used & which I didn't) & I've noticed it in various games & software as well (I recently wiped the majority of the installed games from my Steam drive to make room for some other data I didn't have another drive for, so I can't really list the number of games that were in that list, however there was well over 30 non-standard apps at one time).

If I could find a 3rd-party Performance Monitor that actually worked (so I don't have to stick with an old version of LGS to have a working Performance Monitor) I don't think I would be in such a hurry to get a new keyboard from another manufacturer, but this is where we are now & Logitech hasn't been able to fix the issue since it was broken after the working release in 2016, I need to consider going with a more dependable company (especially since they are now using BlueTooth through your phone to display those functions on newer G-Series keyboards & I don't really have that option until I get a decent battery in my Samsung Galaxy S6).

As for those who say it's useless, worthless or won't ever be used, they obviously haven't ever used one before & don't know how helpful they can be (even in cases where gaming is not the primary function & most of the time it isn't on my system either). If they have nothing helpful to contribute to the thread, their opinions don't matter as far as I'm concerned, which is why I added the indexes to the end of the OP, to point out replies that actually have relevance to the thread, so others can avoid the comments that don't really contribute to it.
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Big Boom Boom Oct 16, 2017 @ 5:01am 
Sure, go ahead and purchase Mad Catz keyboard. They are neither supported nor do warranty any more, because you know, they went broke. The company is finished 7 months ago. This is TOTALLY IRRELEVANT to the topic.

Also there's this thing called mobilephone that people can use Apps to do whatever your keyboard LCD screen can do, and better. It's also IRRELEVANT.


Extremely irrelevant link.
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WonderGamer Oct 17, 2017 @ 6:28pm 
Originally posted by Big Boom Boom:
Also there's this thing called mobilephone that people can use Apps to do whatever your keyboard LCD screen can do, and better. It's also IRRELEVANT.

Seems like a decent alternative to the broken Logitech Performance Monitor, however as I stated before, with the bad battery in my phone, using a phone app is not really an option, which is why getting a new Logitech keyboard (one that uses Arx Control on a smartphone over BlueTooth) is also not an option (some people on the Logitech Support forums have even stated that the Performance Monitor in Arx Control is also broken). My option if I want to stay with Logitech (seeing as they seem to be the only manufacturer that makes keyboards with LCD monitor functions) is to purchase another G19 (likely off of Amazon) & stay with Logitech Gaming Software v8.85.215 (released in 2016). If I could find an app that can display over the G19 monitor (which I know there are some, however most are broken & no longer supported or cost money in one way or another), then continuing to purchase from Logitech would be less sickening (based on the fact they obviously can't fix the issue on their own, it's likely going to require another developer to create a 3rd-party app to do what the official Performance Monitor is no longer capable of).
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Big Boom Boom Oct 17, 2017 @ 6:34pm 
Unfortunately nobody support kB LCD screen anymore, it's a dead end.

New rage is now transparent LCD screen side window on case.

Display W/e you want.
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WonderGamer Oct 17, 2017 @ 7:12pm 
I'm considering the possibility of my friend (although he's being kind of a d♥♥♥ lately & hard to get a hold of) modding the screen from my G19s (the one that is wearing out & I'm attempting to replace) into an external USB case so that the screen can still be used, if not the keyboard itself; the only reason I even considered this was because he's been known to put backlit, high-definition screens into old handheld game systems, so he's pretty smart when it comes to this, but it might require leaving the entire board for the keyboard in one piece (if anything, I suppose I could keep the old keyboard connected to the computer for the screen only & use another keyboard that isn't having the sticking problems)... Of course I still have to use old software/drivers regardless, seeing as Logitech still can't seem to fix the issue... And just FYI, the G19 also has the capability to play videos (even online videos & live streams) & picture shows on it, however I've never used it for that purpose (it was always used for informational purposes in my case). There were a number of functions that were also available, however I didn't particularly want those running while running games or streams of those games, using more processing power/bandwidth than is necessary.
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Orangemilk May 5, 2018 @ 1:37pm 
I know this is a few months after the discussion, but a new option came available recently. EVGA released the Z10 keyboard. Not sure if you ever found a solution, but it could be worth looking in to.

Personally, I like and use keyboards with a display. I practically always game in fullscreen, and being able to see the time with only a slight glance is huge for me. I also make good use of the media/volume indicators, as well as the stopwatch & timer.

Luckily, I bought a second G510 many years ago to hold as a spare, but the first is still going strong. It also has the best volume control position and knob in my opinion.

I hope this trend comes back, or at least EVGA gets enough sales on their new model to continue the line.
WonderGamer May 5, 2018 @ 11:05pm 
I looked up the keyboard you were talking about & this is similar to the Logitech G15 keyboard with a monochrome display, not really what I'm looking for, but it is a step in the right direction (just a step back from what I had, I actually started my purchases of gaming keyboards with the G15).

I still need to replace the keyboard I have, it's still slowly losing functionality & will only be a matter of time before it shorts out or key gears start breaking (they are already sticking, not bad enough that I've been forced to replace it yet, I do have some USB keyboards I've been holding onto I can use as a temporary replacement however), I'm considering perhaps the only option I'm going to have will be to purchase a new keyboard (from another manufacturer) & have the old G19s still hooked up (if only for the monitor & macro keys, still using Logitech Gaming Software v8.85.215 on 2 of my 3 computers) & use primarily the new keyboard as an actual keyboard...
huckjam Jan 20, 2019 @ 10:30am 
Hey, I know this is an old thread but I was looking for some info on how to rearrange the profile chooser on the lcd screens and came across this thread and figured id let you know what I've been using. I wasn't sure if you bought a new keyboard yet but if you haven't and you're still using the G19 maybe you could try using LCDsirreal or LCDhost. LCDsirreal is in black and white and lcdhost is color but they both contain performance monitors for everything including CPU, GPU, ram, network traffic and more. There is also a stopwatch, volume, sound device picker, a task manager to kill frozen programs when your mouse keyboard are unresponsive and a ton more it's pretty cool and completely customizable, you can even code your own applets for it.

Its been a while but I figured if you went the route of buying another Logitech keyboard like you mentioned or haven't replaced the old one yet this might help you. Anyway good luck have a good one.

Black and white small footprint version (this is made for the g13/g15 but it works for the g19 also)

Color version
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