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Caine  [developer] Aug 3 @ 11:33am
To continue discussion please visit our Discord: https://discord.gg/VY95TKZ and use the #warfork or #warfork-suggestions channel.

Can I connect to Warsow servers with Warfork?

Originally it was planned to offer client compatibility with Warsow 2.1.2 servers, however after further evaluation we've determined there is minimal community benefit in doing so and it would eventually hinder game development.

How can I support Warfork?

The #1 way you can support Warfork at the moment is by joining our Discord server and interacting with our Community. The invite code is: VY95TKZ. If you have any questions please direct them to caine#4092.

If you're a modeler, texture artist, sound engineer, or mapper and want to contribute please let us know in the #warfork channel.

All map texture work must be licensed as CC0 1.0 and not derived\remixed from non-CC0 1.0 sources. All other assets can be licensed as CC BY-SA 3.0.

Those who might be offended if their work isn't approved should avoid contributing because this project is a labor of love and shouldn't be stressful.

Why has it taken so long for a Steam release?

The Warsow intellectual property owner to the best of our knowledge is opposed to a Steam release. We respectfully find this to be poor decision making and hurtful to the growth of the community. It limits new players from discovering the game, hinders new content such as guides, game modes, screenshots, maps, models (players and weapons), and much more from easily being shared with the masses. Warfork has made a Steam release reality.

What are your development goals?

Abbreviated List of Short Term Goals:

1. To make Warfork easily modifiable (now and in the future) with standards that are current, widely supported, and well documented.


A. Remove Inter-Quake Model (IQM) support in favor of glTF™ (GL Transmission Format).
B. Remove libRocket support in favor of ImGui.
C. Remove KTX (Khronos Texture) support for in favor of PNG.

2. New player models: Player models will be the first visual change made to Warfork. All Warsow models will be removed in favor of a Dog, Fish, Cat, Pig, Turtle, and Bird. A backstory is already in works along with preliminary character designs.

3. New Weapon Models: After all player models are replaced we will begin on Weapon models and effects. The new sounds you hear which are different from Warsow will remain in-game until we leave Early Access*. What the weapons look like is still to be determined.

* Before leaving Early Access the sounds will be revamped again. Please consider them placeholders for the time being.

4. Community tools for free worldwide server deployment, matchmaking, match statistics, downloadable demos, and more to follow down the road.

Long Term

1. Retexture the entire game: While Warsow has aged gracefully, the textures still need a 'new coat of paint' regardless of the games story being completely changed. We're leaning on having vibrant colors and cleaner surfaces without grit for easier enemy visibility.

2. Implement extensive in-game customization via server side variables and player voting: It's a never ending debate about what weapon to nerf, changing the firing rate of a weapon, re-adding strong ammo, disabling stunning, limiting ammo, etc. and we believe people should be play Warfork exactly how they want to.

3. Implement Steamworks to allow for Workshop support; Custom Maps, Player Models, Weapon Models, Game Modes, Achievements, etc. (This might become a Short Term goal based on Legal Research).

4. Implement a practical Anti-Cheat solution.

5. Address critical bugs that are discovered.

6. Implement community suggestions (visit the Discussion Forums for more information), which fit our development goals. If a suggestion does not fit our goals then we will suggest a path to modding Warfork, add it to the list we maintain for volunteer modders that want to take up projects, and advise the suggester of the outlook.

7. Make the game easier for newcomers through tutorials in and out of game. Potentially through new gametypes and server configurations as well (submitted to the workshop), but never included out of the box as Warfork prides itself on having an extremely high learning curve.

8. Replace all Textures with CC0 1.0 assets. Replace all Player Models and Weapon Models with original CC BY-SA 3.0 and\or CC0 1.0 assets. Sounds have already been replaced with CC0 1.0 assets.

What are your community goals?

Abbreviated List of Short Term Goals

1. Complete rudimentary game survey, compile into analytical data, and share findings with Cocaine Diesel & Warsow Development Teams.

2. Establish non-toxic community on Discord.

3. Launch website to access Warfork community features.

4. Launch test servers to benchmark necessary server requirements for different upcoming community needs.

5. Discuss match rule sets, community guidelines, tournament formats, etc. with the community.

6. Begin to market Warfork and discuss upcoming weekly events and tournaments with the community.

Extremely Abbreviated "List" of Long Term Goals

1. Maintain Community Support for many years to come.

2. See #1.

What is your path to profitability to keep Warfork afloat?

There is no path to profitability for Warfork and we’re opposed to any business model which collects money from players, whether it be for access to the game, private servers to play on, entrance fees to competitions\events, custom skins, etc. The game should be free to play period. Thanks to some wonderful sponsors we’re in the process of finalizing arrangements with, we have a path to sustainability for many years to come.

Arena FPS (AFPS) is dead. Stop wasting your time!

We agree that AFPS is in turmoil and Warfork won't be [most] gamers preferred day-to-day choice, however we feel it hasn't been properly showcased in the gaming community. Our goal is to help change negative opinions of AFPS in upcoming months.

I want to compile the game myself, where is the source code?

The Source Code can be found in the Tools section on Steam. Please carefully read license.txt to remain in compliance with the terms set forth by the Warfork and Warsow development teams.

How do your assets compare to Warsow?

Warfork has removed all NON-FREE assets (textures + sounds) and created new CC0 1.0 ones. We've also taken it a step further and created CC0 1.0 replacements for all in-game sounds and music.

When will Warfork support Steam Workshop, Achievements, and other Steamworks features?

Our legal team is researching how Steamworks can be implemented without violating GPL. The last thing we want to do is fail to comply with the terms of a license agreement, so please have patience in the meantime.
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