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ZAUM_Dani  [developer] Oct 31, 2019 @ 10:50am
Disco Elysium Patch Notes History
Disco Elysium Patch notes for version 2a92c13c (viewable in the F1/Help menu, bottom right)
  • Fixed savegame name creation (no longer confusing!).
  • Fixed molotov cocktail throw.
  • Fixed audio when running the generator.
  • Blast doors no longer open randomly.
  • Updated end credits -- a good reason to get a different ending!
  • Fixed an NPC who kept showing up too late on screen. Clearly, they had better things to do...
  • Fixed general audio bugs in backyard.
  • Attention Puller circle on Paralyzer orbs is now properly hidden. Really.
  • Huge pile of optimisations for faster loading and a smoother Disco experience.

    Disco Elysium Patch notes for version 61ad72b0 (viewable in the F1/Help menu, bottom right)
    • Tare issue fixed (tare earned 1 real instead of 10 cents)
    • The Great Innocence book bug fixed (That's why it pays to read the books!)
    • Authority Spotlight bug fixed
    • We fixed MacOS achievements!
    • Fixed an issue where dialogue overlay images would disappear when switching languages.

    Disco Elysium Patch notes for version 8d9fdb10 (viewable in the F1/Help menu, bottom right)
    • Polish language added.

    Disco Elysium Patch notes for version e6fdd6fa (viewable in the F1 menu, bottom right)
    • Bigger and cleaner UI elements.
    • Lots of visual fixes for smoother, more coherent visual experience.
    • Fixes in credits.
    • Apple Silicon M1 processor support.
    • Due to optimisation, the game install size is significantly smaller.

    Disco Elysium Patch notes for version 2832f901 (viewable in the F1 menu, bottom right)
    • General Voice Over fixes.
    • Improved Kim pathfinding
    • Fixed controller interaction during Seafort Dream
    • Fixed controller interaction with The Pigs
    • Fixed Sandcastle interaction
    • Fixed car interaction
    • Fixed car texture
    • Fixed instances where the tide never receded near the swings
    • Fixes pawnshop healing interaction
    • Fixed Thought Cabinet freezes
    • Fixed save game bugs
    • Fixes for Cutscene locks and edge-case interactions with controllers
    • Improved Church interaction
    • Further improved church cutscene behaviour under certain conditions.
    • Finishing thoughts should no longer throw players into the void in certain conditions.
    • Tons of smaller bug fixes.
    Remember to report all bugs here[forms.gle].

    Disco Elysium Patch notes for version 8487D973 (viewable in the F1 menu, bottom right)
    • Lots of typos repaired. How did they get there? I guess they appear so we can find them.
    • End credits updated with names of lots of good people!
    • Fixed orb text that was running off-screen in Russian and German.
    • Improved Russian translation.
    • Improved Portuguese-Brazilian translation.
    • Fixed even more typos.

    Disco Elysium Patch notes for version 605BD7E9 (viewable in the F1 menu, bottom right)
    • Russian language added!
    • Language selection dropdown made bigger - we have so many languages already!
    • Fixed some minor visual bugs.
    • Fixed some typos in Korean language.

    Disco Elysium Patch notes for version 9024c13d (viewable in the F1 menu, bottom right)
    • Traditional Chinese! French! German!
    • Some minor fixes and enhancements, new fonts, and lots of bugs squashed.
    • But, most importantly, new languages! Maybe there should be an achievement for finishing the game in a language you can't understand...
    • Check new end credits (you have to complete the game, detective!), lots of teams and people added!

    Disco Elysium Patch notes for version 001f62c3 (viewable in the F1 menu, bottom right)
    • (Spoilers!) Newspaper endgame, when the player is damaged and not healed, fixed.
    • Pressing F1 brings up the help menu and version number, again.
    • Some actors were missing from the table.
    • Updated perception Portrait. Go perceive it!
    • Fixed typos, translations in Spanish, Korean and Chinese languages.
    • Fixed typos in English language - who invented so many typos!?
    • Language switch with Q or L!
    • New language added: Brazilian Portuguese
    DISCO ELYSIUM Patch notes for version 4510a8c6 (viewable in the F1 menu, bottom right)
    • Korean language added!
    • ¡Spanish language added!
    • Fixed some inventory inconsistencies.
    • Credit scrolling fixes. You will see. Plus, Korean team added to credits. Cheers!
    • Some dialogue fixes. Always good to have a dialogue!
    DISCO ELYSIUM Patch notes for version a35ab0b9 (viewable in the F1 menu, bottom right)
    • Upgraded to the latest and greatest Unity, which makes everything smoother and fixed many little bugs.
    • macOS version: Various enhancements and bugfixes. No, seriously
    • Some sentences were not completely shown under certain circumstances, so we fixe … fixed it.
    • Skill portraits weren’t showing their whole beauty.
    • Stops walking when checking inventory - can’t find anything while walking, can you?
    • Made some animations better. You will notice, either when playing for the first time or the tenth.
    • Oh, happy days, when you can play with a mouse only!
    • And please, try the keyboard: WASD is now an option!
    • More keyboard additions: arrow buttons on the character sheet, Inventory, Journal and Thought Cabinet. Try it out!
    • Some new thoughts and achievements! Don't want to spoil which ones, but you will figure them out, detective!
    Patch notes for version PC version c9a92687 and Mac version 0cfead62 (viewable in the F1 menu, bottom right)
  • First - moved to a new version of Unity, which itself has tons of optimizations and goodies.
  • Hunted, found and fixed weird cases on some resolutions where the last word of the sentence was missing. Like …
  • Corrected some typos and some wordings, to mean things. To say stuff.
  • Literally, hundreds of optimizations throughout the game and graphics engine, to streamline the code and to make it less resource hungry. To reach a wider audience.
  • Fixed some animations - like fixing out of sync hands.
  • Fixed some other animations - running and walking around after consuming various liquids
  • Fixed broken menu navigation functionality. All that was accessible is still accessible.
  • Updated end-credits. Play it through to see some new names!

    Full patch notes for update 03e7ef2d:
    • Fixed weird menu behaviour when clicking left and right.
    • Fixed wrong music level - by turning it up and down based on the situation.
    • Removed the unwanted sounds. Not like in real life.
    • Fixed the sweet-sweet background tunes changing abruptly.
    • Added some nice animations when idle. You shouldn’t be idle but it’s ok this time.
    • Added proper 16:10 support.
    • Those who thought that some tree shadows were wrong - your eyes are correct, it was a bug.

    DISCO ELYSIUM Patch notes for version 38b5ff55 (viewable in the F1 menu, bottom right)
    • Fixed some empty lines in formatted text. No character says a single empty line.
    • Fixed some long text scrolling issues with different text sizes.
    • Some items look different when they are empty and when they are not. Now it shows correctly in game.
    • Underscore consistency fixes - underscores are now all proper underscores . If I may underscore it.
    • Some non-important message missing in some cases, like “Heal yourself”
    • Multiple thoughts appeared out of bound … we all know what that means, no?
    • And last but not least: Improvements in text layouts when changing text sizes. Not a small print.
    DISCO ELYSIUM Patch notes for version 6d543183 (viewable in the F1 menu, bottom right)
    • Changed all sounds to Load In Background to prevent spikes on the main thread - let's see if anyone notices :)
    • Added finger-snapping sound to the Paledriver dialogue - let’s see if anyone doesn’t notice :)
    • There are certain kinds of orbs that tend to disappear, which was not good. We are obsessed with finding them all.
    • Fixed a nasty bug related to some graphics cards.
    • Multiple typo’s fixed.

    DISCO ELYSIUM Patch notes for version a28efdcb (viewable in the F1 menu, bottom right)
    • Removed plaza fog post tribunal. Air should be much clearer now.
    • Fixed issue after certain dream wake up animation triggering.
    • Missing localized name in announcements when changing language fix - No more nameless characters in game.
    • Thoughts text bugs (missing localization for passive modifiers) - errors while thinking? never happened!
    • Fixed anonymous warnings - those are the worst! In some rare cases errors pop up in game with no clear source. Like “Dialogue not found! It’s like getting calls where the number is unknown.
    • Removed missing scripts and broke asset references, removed some unused assets - so when you don’t use something you didn’t know that you had... will you still miss it?
    • Make sure the last mark in one sentence or paragraph can be fit in the same row - super!
    • Fixed fridges sound behavior - remember those weird noises coming from the kitchen? No more!
    • ResponseText awake override warning fix - no-one will hear you arguing when the other party is asleep.
    • Removing ":" at the end of smokes "Intellect raised" notification - so it’s just . or !
    • XML Update - Doorgunner Mega Mix Fix - Lets hope the error we fixed in text and it’s description is not a spoiler!
    • XML Cash Update - We fixed something money related!
    • Missing localization on substance tooltip in Main Character’s portrait
    • Removing auto archetype selector on New Game and log message - so you have to choose by yourself.
    • Fixed flickering trees - they only flickered when you blinked…
    • Fixed bottle not hiding when buying new from frittte and drug effect not resetting.
    • Fixed the issue if more than 10 dialogue options appear, the last one would not be shown if the font size is set to the biggest - for those who like to keep their dialogue options wide and long and open.

    DISCO ELYSIUM Patch notes for version 1db6ba64 (viewable in the F1 menu, bottom right)
    • Annoying tab bugfix in character sheet
    • Added additional checks to game start up sequence to make sure when you want to get into game you can get into the game.
    • Thought Cabinet formatting fix - clearer thinking comes handy
    • Inventory text formatting fix - you gotta know what you have
    • Fixing issue with players being able to load initial level multiple times and cause esc menu to bug out and fixed pressing enter to start game in archetype selection. No escape of the escape key spamming.
    • Changed engage, interrupt triggering to prevent some and some other characters from being stuck in animation. Cannot tell which ones - spoilers!
    • Adding localized name in announcements when changing language
    • Adding localization for revert buttons tooltips in charsheet and substances notifications

    DISCO ELYSIUM Patch notes for version 64538B61 (viewable in the F1 menu, bottom right)
    • Improved animations!
    • Fixed issue where opening the journal would open the map tab.
    • Fixed issues with that darn plastic bag.
    • Fixed issue where Karaoke scene would get stuck if you passed or failed.
    • Fixed over saturation issue when using ‘Modest’ Shader Quality.
    • Added all whitechecks to the journal map.
    • Improved cutscenes and optimized them.
    • Graphics tweaks and UI improvements.
    • Fixed various clipping issues.
    • Gamma adjustments for better visuals with higher dynamic range monitors.
    • Improvements to textures in the game.
    • Tweaks to sound effects.
    • Tons of typo fixes.

    DISCO ELYSIUM Patch notes for version 579003ab (viewable in the F1 menu, bottom right)
    • Fixed issue with getting stuck if you opened the journal while closing the Kineema door.
    • Fixed issue with getting stuck if you tried to spend a skill point while Kim is taking a photo of the corpse.
    • Fixes for dialogue getting stuck in various situations eg opening other menus.
    • Fixed issues with the continue button disappearing.
    • There are now less typos.
    • New animations, fixes to existing transitions.
    • Fixed cost ordering tooltip.
    • Made fixes for camera positioning and zooming issues.
    • Edits to end credits.
    • Fixed issue with player unable to launch the game.
    • Fixed clipping issues.
    • Fixed issue where the game would perform an autosave while MC is passed out after reading the note in the ledger.
    • Fixed missing music.
    • Fixed issue with spirit bomb sound effect continuing after loading game post tribunal.
    • Fixed issue with the inventory from another save continuing to a new one.
    • About 50 small fixes to make your experience smoother.

    DISCO ELYSIUM Patch notes for version 5bad0c96 (viewable in the F1 menu, bottom right)
    • Multiple wirral dies allowed in inventory (you can obtain the die from box or dicemaker both)
    • Infinite dice exploit fixed. You were able to get a new dice every time after selling it in pawnshop.
    • All visual appearance of FYS should read now read Physique.
    • Fixed issue with restoring position of spirit bomb on load after object was disabled by cutscene.
    • Fixed many bugs related to the behaviour when loading a save.
    • Fixed a bug when a player finds all their “consumables” are gone. As if it wasn’t already a bad day.
    • Implemented a feature to ease the Carpal-Tunnel Syndrome. Now you can hold the mouse button to Run (same as double-click)
    • Fixed a state when creating a new game and all visuals are wrong.
    • Fixed a bug where thoughts that were already researched, appeared as thought notifications again. Basically a deja-vu fix.
    • Fixed a bug where “pile of clothes” weren’t where you left them. At least where you thought you left them.
    • Dialogue system updated from 2.4 to 3.0! You, you smooth talker.
    • Fixed the bug where the drug capsule was still in hand after unequipping them. That’s the last thing you need.
    • Fixed Measurehead states resetting.
    • Fixed cutscene movement stuck bug: Cutscenes are now much more smoothly cut.
    • Fixed bug where store options were not visible. Now they are, so much choice!
    • Fixed a bug where some items weren’t returned to inventory after use. It’s like losing a whole pack when lighting one cigarette.
    • Fixed issue where player could get stuck at 2am in the end game.
    • Fixed an issue with a dream - when loading the game after dreams, it looks like you loaded somebody else's life.
    • Fixed a bug where the dialogue would get stuck. It wasn’t you, it was a bug.
    • Fixed a bug related to switching a game between fullscreen and windowed.
    • Fixed a bug in the very end of the game where if the player had 0 morale and created a new game before they died, they would get stuck in a weird loop.
    • Ultrawide mode - it really is wide.
    • Ultrawide mode touch ups - all over the place.
    • Added more fog. Because - fog!
    • Fixed Money Time hud - now we know where the money goes. And dust comes.
    • Fixed tare bag. More exactly how it holds its “contents”.
    • Added new widescreen loading screens.
    • Fixed issue where opening the Thought cabinet during the dialogue would continue your conversation.
    • UI Fixes.
    • Fixed audioplay ignoring volume options. Can you believe it!?
    • Fixes for issues related to saving and adding error messaging.
    • Fixed the missing talk-to-Kim notification. Kim notified us that it’s not working correctly. And polished some of his dance moves.
    • Puking screen effect fix and Measurehead no longer appears in the middle of the screen when using widescreen.
    • Fixed issue where the dialogue would get stuck when progressing through the interaction with the Mattress Nest. That’s like fighting with a pillow and losing.
    • Fixed hangover persister - working on real life fix.
    • Fixed missing Kim.
    • Fixed issue with Klaasje dialogue and door punching.
    • Fixed missing substance notification.

    DISCO ELYSIUM Patch notes for version bbe2afa0 (viewable in the F1 menu, bottom right)
    • Added badge falling sound.
    • Added closed container door sound
    • Fixed it so that you can see Roy when switching the Shader Quality to Modest
    • Made fixes to saves post Tribunal that were loading in a broken state.
    • Made additional fixes to prevent black screen issue after endgame.

    DISCO ELYSIUM Patch notes for version 4801e0fb (viewable in the F1 menu, bottom right)
    • Fixed autopsy dialogue when asking Kim about wounds you caused causing the player to get stuck in dialogue.
    • Fixed issue where Kim leaves the party when entering the tent under certain conditions.
    • Kim VO in Joyce intro volume boosted.
    • Abigail VO volume turned down.
    • Idiot doom spiral VO volume turned down slightly.
    • WCW VO at plaza volume boosted.
    • Fixed visual issue when dying from morale loss with Evrart.
    • Game will now return to the main menu if there is an issue with loading.
    • Fixed issue with save file giving out error on loading null item.
    • Fixed inventory issue where clothes would go missing but were actually stacked on top of each other.
    • Fixed issue when equipping two of the same type of bottle, only one is visible.
    • Fixed Tare bag "contents" line formatting.
    • Added backup art for save games which don't have screenshot image included.
    • Fixed issue where tooltip on the health boost seemed to be missing.
    • Implemented new rich guy, money effect.
    • Improved tutorialization of Hardie first confession hub.
    • Fixed issue where if the player tries to remove the boots while Kim isn't there before conducting the autopsy, they'll lock themselves out of getting the boots.
    • Player can no longer lose chain cutters during the autopsy.
    • Fixed issue where the necktie orb pops up and a dialogue is initiated mentioning Rosemary even though he is not present.
    • Fixed incorrect END dialogue in tent.
    • Fixed empty dialogue option when reporting back to Morell.
    • Fixed Titus camera transition.
    • Fixed issue where dialogue ends early in day 1 debrief with Kim on balcony.
    • Fixed Vicquemare feet clipping through the floor.
    • Vastly improved Mailbox petting.
    • Improved cat clock material.
    • Fixed Infinite loading screen encountered when quick loading after failing the "Savoir Faire" red check in the dialogue with Garte.
    • Fixed issue with Reset Settings still changing settings after canceling it.
    • Fixing further errors with resolution switcher at the start of the game.
    DISCO ELYSIUM Patch notes for version 1be313bc (viewable in the F1 menu, bottom right)
    • Fixed delay when main character stands up after waking up in the morning.
    • Fixed camera issue where the camera was not centering on main player when using various menus.
    • Fixed issue where if the player had already paid rent for the night, they were still unable to sleep.
    • Fixed text inconsistencies when using bigger font size.
    • Fixed issue where gaining new ledger caused inventory to open on empty slot.
    • Fixed issue where inventory slot remained blank when throwing away card.
    • Added an error message for the player to check their timezone settings if they are unable to save the game.
    • Tweaked Hardies Whirling VO.
    • Fixed Bugs where Thought Bonuses weren’t awarding bonuses. (Actual Art Degree, Wompty-Dompty Dom Centre, Anti-Object Task Force, Kingdom of Conscience.
    • Fixed bug where the user's health bar is displayed incorrectly if he caps his endurance skill.
    • Fixed issues with notifications.
    • Fixed snoring dockworker VO issue.
    • Fixed Kim dialogue issue with mural.
    • Fixed Gaston dialogue loop.
    • Fixed Island Dream dialogue loop.
    • Fixed issue where the user can lose all access to the Harbor under certain circumstances.
    • Fixed dialogue where Elizabeth appears in a dialogue between user and Titus although she is not present.
    • Updated fix for end game electrochemistry check if Cuno is present.
    • Fixed Kim disappearing issue.
    • Fixed white checks map issue.
    • Fixed issue where item bonuses remain on character after their values have been changed.
    • Fixed issue where ‘Actual art degree thought’ bonus resulted in getting endless bonuses in a specific situation.
    • Evrart’s phrases tweaked.
    • Smallest church tape edit.
    • Fixed issue with endless loading screen if you saved before the Tribunal.
    • Fixed issue where THC sorting reset after clicking internalize.
    • Fixed issue where pressing space caused a cutscene to break.
    • Fixed issues with white checks and insulindian miracle.
    DISCO ELYSIUM Patch notes for version C50F6815 (viewable in the F1 menu, bottom right)
    • Fixed duplicate thoughts bug
    • Fixed Win7 game boot bug
    • Item and description changes
    • Adjusted text for Ultraliberal
    • Fixed Thought Cabinet “Problem” persisting upon finding a Solution
    • Fixed character creation stats not showing correctly bug
    • Fixed Kim badmouthing issue
    • Fixed misplaced area names
    • Fixed Dicemaker VO
    • Fixed Pigs spacebar bug
    • Fixed map white checks showing incorrectly
    • Fixed red tint after red check bug
    • Fixed gun not disappearing correctly after looting bug
    • Fixed boombox not playing
    • Fixed issue causing Kim dialog to lock
    • Improved character pathing and navmesh
    • Fixed Cleaning Lady visual glitches
    • Fixed Tequila getting stuck after sleeping on island
    • Fixed orbs in various places
    • Fixed cutscenes hovering over checks
    • Fixed quick-save/load breaking menus
    • Reduced max text size
    • Fixed player getting stuck in Dicemaker dialogue
    • Adjusted text for Overproductive Honour Glands
    • Fixed jackets sometimes hiding shirt items
    • Fixed HUD icons open state override
    • Fixed major nerd glasses bonus
    • Fixed Thought Cabinet white texture bug
    • Fixed inventory grid alignment bug
    • Fixed Egg Head animation glitch
    • Fixed Karaoke UI bug
    • Adjusted Church rumble VFX
    • Fixed the other shoe bug
    • Fixed issue with save file after player discovered the insulidian miracle
    • Fixed skill points negative accumulation
    • Fixed Frittte typo in area name
    • Fixed Tequila stops for inventory fix
    • Fixed whirling doors no longer bleeding light
    • Improved saving games.
    • Fixed issue caused by the thought “Insulindian Miracle.”
    • Fixed resolution switcher
    • Fixed internalized thoughts remaining highlighted in selection menu
    • Fixed camera weirdness in certain conditions pertaining to journal and character sheet
    • Adjusted ESC key for specific in-game segments
    • Solved the mystery of the disappearing shoe.
    • Fixed Kim remaining in a holster position under certain conditions
    • Fixed visual part of stat resets upon new character creation.
    • Fixed waking up bug
    • Fixed certain keyboard combinations breaking the HUD
    • Fixed Cindy camera lock issue
    • Fixed Gary's apartment door lock
    • Improved GOG achievements
    • Fixed karaoke crowd and loot
    • Fixed Doomspiral outline issues
    • Fixed Unity light artifacting issues
    • Improved weather changes during dialogues
    • Improved FPS all around
    • Fixed electrochemistry smokes bug
    • Fixed health bar displaying incorrect amounts
    • Fixed getting stuck at phasmid after electrochem check
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76561199035935728 Apr 17, 2020 @ 1:50am 
DISCO ELYSIUM Patch notes for version 38b5ff55 (viewable in the F1 menu, bottom right)
  • Fixed some empty lines in formatted text. No character says a single empty line.
  • Fixed some long text scrolling issues with different text sizes.
  • Some items look different when they are empty and when they are not. Now it shows correctly in game.
  • Underscore consistency fixes - underscores are now all proper underscores . If I may underscore it.
  • Some non-important message missing in some cases, like “Heal yourself”
  • Multiple thoughts appeared out of bound … we all know what that means, no?
  • And last but not least: Improvements in text layouts when changing text sizes. Not a small print.

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ZAUMPOPPY  [developer] May 10, 2022 @ 8:10am 

Version 9ea75212 (viewable in the F1/Help menu, bottom right).

  • Huge amount of framerate optimisations.
  • Marvel at how smooth running around Martinaise is, how delicately the snow falls and how effortless the idle animations now are.
  • Various other bug fixes to improve performance.
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