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Monster Hunter: World Official Steam FAQ (Updated 8/9/2018)
"Any of these Jaggi-brains up for a challenge!?" – The Admiral, Monster Hunter: World

Can my PC run this game?
For a list of System Requirements for Monster Hunter: World, please visit the game’s Steam Store page.

You can also run a third-party app such as System Requirements Lab[] for more information regarding compatibility with your hardware. Please note that System Requirements Lab is not officially supported nor endorsed by Capcom.

If you do meet the minimum specifications but not the recommended specifications, you may want to try turning down the graphics settings, if you haven't already. Please note that most graphical settings changes require the game to be restarted in order for the changes to take effect.

Capcom does not warrant nor officially provide technical support for PCs that do not meet the official, minimum system requirements.

Where can I find a manual for the game?
The game’s digital manual can be found here[].

I’m having trouble running the game.
Please follow the steps outlined in the initial post of the Official MH:W Bug Reporting Thread to help resolve your issue.

I’m experiencing a Network / Connection-related issue with the game.
Please follow the steps outlined in this Troubleshooting Network Connectivity Steam Support Knowledge Base article to help resolve the issue.

What kind of controllers does Monster Hunter: World on PC/Steam support?
Monster Hunter: World on PC/Steam natively supports keyboard and mouse, as well as DirectInput (PlayStation 4) and XInput (Xbox 360, Xbox One) devices and Steam Controller. A controller is recommended for optimal play.

Some PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 controller users may need to toggle a setting within Big Picture Mode to enable its usage. To properly enable DualShock 4 support within Steam, please follow these steps:

Note: Prior to launching Monster Hunter: World, please ensure that any external controller re-mapper programs/apps such as Joy2Key, X360CE, XPadder and DS4WINDOWS are disabled, as they may interfere with the game.

  1. In the Steam client, click the controller-shaped “Big Picture Mode” icon at the top-right corner of the window.
  2. Select “Settings” > “Controller Settings” in Big Picture Mode and checkmark the “PS4 Configuration Support” setting.
  3. Reconnect your PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 controller.
  4. Your controller is now ready to be used in Monster Hunter: World. Please note that on-screen button prompts will still show up with a XInput layout.
  5. Optional: You can select Monster Hunter: World in Big Picture mode and select “Manage Game” > “Controller Configuration” for more intricate DualShock 4 configuration.

How do I remap controls?
For gamepad:

You cannot change gamepad settings in-game, however certain changes can be made like switching the 'Confirm' button from X --> O / A --> B.

Remapping your gamepad controls can be done via the Steam client:
  1. Log on to Steam client account
  2. Select "Library"
  3. Move your cursor to the appropriate field then right click > Select "Edit settings for Steam controller"
  4. Remap your controls

For keyboard:
Press “Esc” key > Press “Q” key then select “System” > Select “Option” > Press “E” key once then select “CONTROLS” > Remap controls

Where are the save data and configuration files for the game located?
Steam Cloud Save Data Location – *We do not recommend removing or altering save data in this folder*

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\[YOUR STEAM ID HERE]\582010\remote

Config.ini / graphics_option.ini / graphics_option_preset.ini

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World

How does Steam cloud / Monster Hunter: World save data work?
For a comprehensive breakdown of how Steam Cloud save data operates, please read this Steam Support Knowledge Base article:
Steam Cloud

If save data is corrupted, deleted, or saved over, the data is not recoverable. Please note that Monster Hunter: World save data is only stored on the local hard drive of your PC and/or Steam cloud storage, and not on a Capcom-side server. Capcom is unable to provide replacement save data in the event it is lost.

Can I transfer my Monster Hunter: World PC / Steam save data / hunters to another account?
Monster Hunter: World hunters and save data are permanently tied to the Steam account that created them, and cannot be transferred to another account.

Can I transfer my PlayStation 4 and/or Xbox One Monster Hunter: World save data to the PC / Steam version?

Save data for Monster Hunter: World is unique to each platform, and save data cannot be transferred between the PC / Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One versions.

How many hunters can I create?
For each Steam account, you have one save file which can have three different hunters. Hunter progress is stored separately but the friends list and block list are common as they are handled at the Steam account level.

What languages are supported?
Interface / Text: English, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Arabic
Voice: English, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Monster Hunter Language

The in-game text size is too small, can it be made bigger?
Yes! From the Title Screen, select Options > Interface > Change the “HUD/Help Text Size” and “Subtitle Text Size” from ‘Default’ to ‘Large’.

What are all the graphical options?
  • Screen Mode Settings: Full Screen / Windowed Mode / Borderless Window
  • Resolution Settings: 640 x 480 / 720 x 480 / 720 x 576 / 800 x 600 / 1024 x 768 / 1152 x 864 / 1176 x 664 / 1280 x 720 / 1280 x 768 / 1280 x 800 / 1280 x 960 / 1280 x 1024 / 1360 x 768 / 1440 x 900 / 1600 x 900 / 1600 x 1024 / 1600 x 1200 / 1680 x 1050 / 1920 x 1080 / 1920 x 1200 / 1920 x 1440 / 2048 x 1536 / 2560 x 1440 / 2560 x 1600 / 3840 x 2160 / 4096 x 2160
  • Frame Rate: 30 / 60 / No Limit
  • V-Sync: On / Off
  • Graphics Settings: Low / Mid / High / Highest
Advanced Graphics Settings
  • Resolution Scaling: Low / Mid / High / Variable (Prioritize Resolution) / Variable (Prioritize Framerate) /
  • Texture Quality: 256 / 512 / 1024 / Full
  • Ambient Occlusion: Off / Low / Mid / High
  • Volume Rendering Quality: Off / Low / Mid / High / Highest / Variable
  • Shadow Quality: Low / Mid / High
  • Anti-Aliasing: Off / TAA / FXAA
  • LOD Bias: Low / Mid / High / Variable
  • Max LOD Level: -1 / No Limit
  • Foliage Sway: Off / On
  • Subsurface Scattering: Off / On
  • Screen Space Reflection: Off / On
  • Anisotropic Filtering: Low / Mid / High
  • Water Reflection: Off / On
  • SH Diffuse Quality: Low / Mid / High
  • Dynamic Range: 32-Bit / 64-Bit
  • Z-Prepass: Off / On

Does Monster Hunter: World support 21:9 aspect ratio / Ultrawide resolutions?
No announcements have been made to include 21:9 / Ultrawide support, but we greatly appreciate the fan feedback.
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I’m not digging my hunter / palico’s look. Can I change it?
Character Edit Vouchers are not currently available for the PC version, however please follow and the official Monster Hunter Twitter and Facebook[] for all the latest news.

Can I change my hunter / palico’s name?
Once a name for your hunter and palico has been created and finalized, it cannot be changed.

Can I pause the game?
The game cannot be paused, regardless of whether one is playing online or offline.

Why is NPC dialogue only sometimes audible?
While characters shown in cutscenes will generally have fully-voiced dialogue, many NPCs scattered throughout the world of Monster Hunter: World may only have partially-voiced audio, with a majority of their dialogue being written instead. This is by design and is reminiscent of previous Monster Hunter titles.

I’ve attempted a specific quest MANY times and still haven’t gotten my desired item!
Item / material drops and drop rates in Monster Hunter: World vary significantly. In the event you were unable to receive a certain item or material drop in a Quest, or receive an undesired item, the Quest will need to be replayed until the desired item / material is gained.

I forgot to claim a log-in bonus for a previous day. Can I still claim it somehow?
The daily log-in bonus must be claimed by pressing the Triangle (DirectInput) / Y (XInput / Steam) / Spacebar within the time period of its availability. Once the time period expires, it can no longer be claimed. Please keep in mind that most log-in bonus rewards include items / materials that can be gained through normal gameplay.

Why hasn’t a specific item / tool / piece of equipment / feature unlocked for me?
Some specialized items, tools, and various equipment pieces, as well as additional features from the various NPCs in the Astera Hub require several prerequisites to be met in order for them to be made available. This may include your current Hunter Rank (HR), current inventory, completed quests, natural story progression, etc.

If you seem to be stuck, try talking to all the NPCs within the Astera Hub, particularly ones with exclamation marks over their heads. Try completing additional Assigned Quests, Optional Quests, Investigations, and Expeditions as well.

Capcom Customer Support can only provide technical troubleshooting with the game, and we are unable to assist with game tips, advice, or inquiries regarding the mechanics and/or unlockable secrets of the game. For the best possible assistance with these types of inquiries, we recommend consulting a free online game guide or asking a question on the General Discussion Sub Forum. We apologize for any inconvenience!

How do Special Arena Monster quests work?
Special Arena quests are unlocked by capturing a Monster first. Once captured, the Arena Quest will appear on your Quest Board. After completion of this Special Arena Quest, the Monster will need to be captured again in order to re-access the Special Arena Quest.

How do Item Shortcuts / Radial Menu work?
Monster Hunter: World on PC / Steam supports two different styles of item shortcuts: Keyboard and Gamepad. This setting can be changed via Options > Radial Menu Type.

The default setting is the Keyboard style, which allows you to map items / tools to a bar. Pressing F1 – F4 will give you access to different item menus. The items within these menus can then be accessed by pressing 1 – 9 on your keyboard. Please ensure you are using your correct menu preset prior to starting a quest.

Using a controller / gamepad, pressing Up / Down / Left / Right on the D-pad will give you access to different radial menus. These menus can then be accessed by holding L1/LT and using the right analog stick to make a selection. Please ensure you are using your correct radial menu preset prior to starting a quest.

“Equipment / Gear Loadouts” are tied to Weapon, Armor, Charm, Specialized Tools, and Decorations. This type of loadout is not associated with the item shortcut / radial menu.
“Item Loadouts” are tied to item organization within your item inventory, as well as item shortcut / radial menu assignments.

My Item Shortcuts / Radial Menu has reset for some reason. What happened?
When an Item Loadout is saved, the settings of the item shortcuts / radial menu shortcuts are saved with it, so if an Item Loadout preset is loaded, whatever shortcuts assigned to the item shortcuts / radial menus are replaced with what was set when the preset was saved.

I received an item from the Elder Melder and then exited the game. When I logged back in, my item is no longer there. What happened?
The game will automatically save prior to the generation of the gem / jewel at the Elder Melder. In the event the game is exited after receiving the item and the game wasn’t manually saved by the user after the item’s creation, the generated item and the materials used to create it will be lost and cannot be restored. Please ensure the game is manually saved after receiving the item to be on the safe side. The loss of materials and items due to improper saving cannot be undone.

Why does my Level 1/2/3/etc. Jewel only provide one additional point to my skill?
All decorations attached to equipment will add one point to a skill, up to the maximum amount, which varies depending on the skill.

Decorations in Monster Hunter: World follow a specific naming scheme to tell you what kind of socket they fit; for example, a Handicraft 3 jewel will require a 3-slot socket, and provide 1 point to the Handicraft skill. Meanwhile, a Defense 1 jewel requires a 1-socket slot and will add 1 point to the Defense Boost skill, but can be equipped to 1, 2, or 3-socket slots. Each type of jewel comes in a specific size; for example, there is no Handicraft 1 or Defense 2.

You can customize your hunter by using charms as well; combining equipment decorations and charms are a great way to tailor your hunter to your style of gameplay or to combat a particular monster.

How can I have friends and fellow hunters join me on an Assigned Quest?
In order to access multiplayer for a story-based Assigned Quest in Monster Hunter: World, players must have already viewed the cutscene that appears during the quest. If a player has not seen the cutscene yet, they will have to progress through the quest until SOS Flares become available for use. Once the SOS Flare is available, you can fire it off by going into the Options menu > Quest options > “Fire SOS flare”. Other players can then join the story quest after they’ve begun via the Quest board, and players can send out SOS flares to call for backup during a quest – that way another player can join to aid in your Quest.

How do I access / utilize Squads?
Squads in the PC / Steam version of Monster Hunter: World operate a little differently from the console version. By default, your Squad in the game is defined by what you’ve set your “Primary Group” as in your Steam profile. You can change your group from within the in-game menu, under Options > Info > Primary Group. To see who’s online from your group, select “View Steam Group Information” and go to the Steam page for the group.

I'm having trouble sending invites to friends.
User whose accounts are set to limited privacy cannot send invites to friends. Please change your user profile to "Public" or "Friend Only" then send an invite to your friend(s).

To modify your privacy settings:
  1. Log into your Steam account
  2. Click on the top of your profile (right next to 'Community') and select 'Profile'
  3. Edit profile > Choose "Privacy Setting"
  4. Modify your private settings

Does Monster Hunter: World PC / Steam support cross-platform play with the PlayStation 4 / Xbox One versions?
Monster Hunter: World does not feature cross-platform play across the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 versions of the game, however for the first time in the series' history, each version of the game has cross-region global servers for multiplayer.

How do I access additional Face Paint / Hairstyles / Cosmetic Armor / Gestures / Stickers DLC?
Face Paint / Hairstyles
  1. Ensure the Face Paint / Hairstyle DLC is checkmarked and downloaded via your Steam DLC tab.
  2. Launch the game;
  3. Go into your room, in Astera;
  4. Talk to the Housekeeper;
  5. Select “Claim Add-on & Bonuses”;
  6. Select and accept the add-ons / bonuses
  7. Access the Item Box in your room in Astera
  8. Select “Change Appearance” > “Change Appearance”
  9. Look for your desired Face Paint / Hairstyle
Cosmetic Armor
  1. Ensure the Cosmetic Armor DLC is checkmarked and downloaded via your Steam DLC tab.
  2. Launch the game;
  3. Go into your room, in Astera;
  4. Talk to the Housekeeper;
  5. Select “Claim Add-on & Bonuses”;
  6. Select and accept the add-ons / bonuses
  7. Access the Item Box in your room in Astera
  8. Select “Change Appearance” > “Layered Armor Settings”
  9. Look for your desired armor
Gestures & Stickers
  1. Ensure the Gesture / Sticker DLC is checkmarked and downloaded via your Steam DLC tab.
  2. Launch the game;
  3. For Gestures, press ‘Options’ > Communication > Gestures > Newly added gestures will appear on the last page
  4. For Stickers, press ‘Options’ > Communication > Stickers > Newly added stickers will appear on the last page
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