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Dota 2 Launcher Error
It seems like there is a problem with the launcher after the last update of DoTA 2 in conjunction with Norton Internet Security.

The game gets updated all fine and dandy, then in the end, Norton Internet Security pops up and tells me that there is a file which is infected, the file being the following:
c:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\bin\vstdlib.dll

Type of infection:
Suspicious.Cloud.7.F (Heuristic Virus)
Norton moves the file to quarantine automatically, even when I run the "check game files for errors" option in Steam.
I tried to contact Norton, and the information I was given was that this files doesn't have a signature to pass the heuristic scan, yet I can keep plugging the file out of quarantine whenever needed untill it becomes whitelisted by them.

As to this point I haven't done anything in regards with Norton, but when I try to enter the game, I get that the following message:

Launcher Error
Failed to load launcher DLL:
The stated module has not been found

Any advise would be appreciated....thanks in advance
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I truly hope someone can help me before this thread dies....
i have the same problem too
i'm guessing that since there is no response from Valve on this topic that it is a truely a virus that was spread by the Dota 2 dev team. I am not playing this game until they either respond to this virus or they provide an answer to the findings.
simply let the norton restore this ♥♥♥♥. maybe it has properties of a virus but dont stop your passion just because there's a virus or a like one. its plain stupid. valve will fix this! + if there's a virus, then its most probably from a lol or hon player.
i found a simple solution go into app folder go to computer search system 32 delete that folder its the folder that has unnecessary program files that make startup faster and some computers cant run it once you delete it you will be good to go.
Are you kidding delete system32 thats like the most important thing in the PC
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