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Sullitude Jan 27, 2017 @ 2:50pm
FAQ - Controls, Create Mode & Known Issues
We've got answers! If the below doesn't resolve your query, please don't hesitate to post about it or tweet us at @awaken_game!

Awaken starts with a brief tutorial sequence to introduce you to the basic elements of the game, but for easy reference here are some basic controls.

How do I grab/move objects in Awaken?
Grab/Pull: Trigger
Point your controller at an object and squeeze the trigger to grab it. Move and rotate the controller to manipulate the object. While you’re holding an object, it will glow.

If an object is out of reach, squeeze the trigger while pointing at it to vacuum it to your grip.

You can also manipulate objects at a distance without pulling them to you by partially squeezing the trigger.

How do I move around in Awaken?
Teleport: Touchpad
Click down on and hold the touchpad to activate teleport mode. Aim the target to your desired destination and release the touchpad to teleport there.

While aiming the teleport target, swipe in a circular motion on the touchpad to change the teleport’s facing direction. When you teleport, you’ll be facing the indicated direction.

What about the Oculus Rift?
Basic support is in place for the Oculus Rift, so Steam users can play through all Awaken content with the Rift headset and Touch Controllers (minimum 2 sensors). Please note that tutorial text may not refer to Rift controls, though they largely map to similar buttons. Improved Oculus Rift Touch Controller support will be coming in future updates.

How do I teleport with the Oculus Rift Touch Controllers
Teleporting is similar to the HTC Vive, but instead of the touchpad simply push and hold the analog stick in any direction and press the Grip button (not the trigger) to teleport.

Create Mode
How do I access Create Mode?
After completing Level 10, players will unlock the Create Altar in the Sanctuary. Teleport to the rubble in the Sanctuary to rebuild the Create Altar and access its features.

At the Create Altar, players can create, edit, and play their own levels, as well as levels created by other players.

How do I create a new Puzzle?
At the Create Altar, place the white “Blank Puzzle” crystal into the empty slot in the bottom-left structure. This will send you to an empty puzzle in Create Mode. Drag parts from the Shelf to begin creating your puzzle. You can also move the Emitter and the Cauldron from their default positions.

What are locked Parts?
Locked Parts are immovable by players who play your puzzle. Anyone playing your level can’t move these Parts.

How do I lock a Part?
Squeeze the handle buttons near the base of the HTC Vive controller while aiming at a Part in Create Mode to lock it. Locked Parts are immovable in Play Mode. On the Oculus Rift Touch Controller, press the Grip button (not the trigger) to lock a part in place.

How can I share my Puzzle Creations?
You can find a step-by-step guide to share your puzzles with other players HERE. The guide will also teach you how to play puzzles others have made.

Known Issues
We will update this list if players report additional issues and potential resolutions.

  • After completing level 10 and returning to the Sanctuary, Oculus Rift players may see the teleport target rotate erratically. Please restart the game to work around this. A fix is in progress now (2/2/2017)
  • Steam sometimes thinks Awaken is still running after exit and won't allow it to re-launchStopping Steam and SteamVR in the Task Manager, or failing that restarting your PC, allows you to play Awaken again
  • Troughs can't be locked in Create Mode. All placeable parts should be lockable.

Learn more about submitting your own bug reports HERE!
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sin Jan 27, 2017 @ 9:40pm 
Originally posted by Sulli (Blueprint Reality):
Improved Oculus Rift Touch Controller support will be coming in future updates.

Please let us know when this happens! I'll hold off on my first playthrough until after you've had time to rethink the controls for Touch. I realize it may be serviceable now, but tight controls can elevant an experience like this from good to incredible.
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Sullitude Jan 29, 2017 @ 11:47am 
Thanks for the feedback sin!

We'd love to hear more about where you feel the Oculus Rift controls aren't up to par. Would you mind providing some more detail about how the current experience is held back (either here or at the feedback link):
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