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Update 20 - Steam Audio, Attachments & New Workshop API
Steam Audio & AMD FX processors
Sadly this update is not compatible with AMD FX processor line, however we added sound quality settings to mitigate the effect this might cause.

Note that if you stream or have a lot of background processes, the sound settings might come handy as well.

Complete Weapon Model Revamp
A huge effort has been put into replacing old weapons with high quality vr-ready models, i hope you guys enjoy them as we did adding them.

Workshop Nuke
A byproduct of this update is that all maps not packaged with Unreal 4.21 are not compatible now. However there's been an active effort to get new maps and game modes for this update by the community. :steamhappy:

Community Servers
Community servers are exactly that, servers hosted and managed by the community allowing more than 10 players per server. This will be available soon as a small update, in the meantime try the battle royale testing server.

Join the discord: and follow me on twitter @davevillz for updates. If you believe on what we are doing and wanna go the extra mile to support the developing effort take a look here :steamhappy:

Thank you everyone for the support! :steamhappy:

Patch Notes


- Upgraded Engine to 4.21
- Implemented Steam Audio
- Added Gun Handling sound replication
- Added attachments
- Added shooting range
- Added community servers
- Added overheating LMG
- Added new weapon models
- Added tactical ak
- Added menu as
- Improved high caliber handgun recoil
- Improved S&D economy balancing
- Improved weapon and scope shader
- New flash, smoke, and frag effects
- Workshop API

- Fixed joining private games
- Fixed AMD sound issues
- Fixed several weapon exploits

Update 12 - New Map, Workshop (Custom Maps) & 5vs5!
New Map
First Search and destroy map is fully added, there's been some major changes for balancing reasons. I hope you enjoy this as much as i did making it!

Workshop (Custom Maps)
Aside from the new map i've worked really hard on getting custom map support as early as possible. The reception has been overwhelming and there's already maps ready to download and play. :steamhappy: i'm so grateful to have such dedicated community members. Many thanks to you guys!

If you're interested in making custom maps, take a look here also join discord if you're having issues.

For a better S&D experience player cap has been increased to 10 players per server. It's fun, i'll leave it like that :steamhappy:

New Servers
I've migrated to another provider, please let me know how this servers feel like or/and if you're having issues connecting, lagging, etc, etc.

Patch Notes


- 5vs5
- New map
- Added workshop (custom maps)
- Ping display
- New Dedicated Servers