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Tenby Apr 25, 2018 @ 1:05am
[Read before posting] Official forum rules
Welcome to the official Minion Masters Steam forums

The Steam forums are an official place where our community can connect, interact and discuss everything Minion Masters. The forums are also a place for suggestions and bug reports.

We ask that you follow the following rules to ensure that the forums have calm, constructive and productive conversations. These rules and guidelines are enforced by BetaDwarf employees and moderators actively, and at their discretion, they may close threads, delete replies or whole threads without warning that do not comply. These are the rules:

  • Be respectful and nice to everyone, even when they have a different opinion
  • Take disagreements unrelated to Minion Masters to PMs
  • Keep the discussions clean and safe for work. Also, don’t spam or we will have to remove them
  • Promoting all kinds of abuses (Hacks, Bots, etc.) is forbidden
  • Don’t impersonate others or share private information
  • Don’t report exploits publicly. Send an email or message us on Discord
  • Don’t "hijack" forum threads by changing the subject
  • When in doubt, the staff holds final and complete judgment
  • Turn off your caps lock
  • If you disagree with your content being closed/removed or your account being banned, feel free to write us an email or drop us a message on Discord (privately)

These rules are subject to change without prior notice! Please make sure to check back regularly.

Please keep in mind that the global Steam forum rules apply in addition to all these rules.

How to reach us?

Cheers from BetaDwarf
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