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no saved games??
I twice saved games in Machinarium in one of those slots, both times when I restarted the game my saved games were gone. That's noooo fun!
Anyone a solution?
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It happens to me just right now. Had a 6hs saved game and it's gone...
The lazy devs just post this ♥♥♥♥ almost 4 years ago:

They took so much time creating ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ad-games to have time to waste with us, cause they take the money already.
Now they are porting Machinarium to PS Vita, but we still losing our saved games.
They have addressed the issue almost four years ago and haven't fixed it yet. What makes you think they suddenly will now? Just make CCleaner exlude the save directory and start over now that you know what the problem is. The puzzles you've already solved shouldn't be that hard the second time around so you should get back to where you were pretty quickly.
I don't think they will, and that is exactly what makes me so mad.
I don't like to be disrespected, specially when i buy something that will never be delivered.

We almost just hear good things about Amanita and his games, but developers that doesn't even care about your customers doesn't deserve my money.

I'll fix this thing alone, of course, but i feel that i have to just come here and talk about it.
It is a shame when indies or small studios start to acting just like the aaa industry.
Gamers community doesn't need that.
I totally agree with you eric. I'll move on to another game, NOT from this developer.
... and I do NOT use CCleaner, by the way
So the problem is really quite stupid. The game puts its saves in a temp folder. This folder gets deleted every time you restart your computer. This is at least true for windows 7. I have found a way to get around this with a bit of work. You need to find where Machinarium hides its saves on your computer. If it has deleted your save, the folder will not exist.

1. You need to start the game, make a save and then close the game.

2. Next, find the save file location. I use the following address:

C:\Users\[name of user]\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects

and then click on the folder named a string of random letters and numbers then local host and a bunch of other folders that are the only ones available until you find Machinarium.exe (which I can't seem to search for even when it is there). Alternatively, google a file path for your system.

3. If you can find this file, you can save your save games. Simply copy the Machinarium.sol file and paste it somewhere safe, like the desktop. DO THIS WHENEVER YOU FINISH PLAYING MACHINARIUM.

4. To start from where you last were, load the game, make a save file, quit. Find the newly created save file folder, delete the .sol file with your 0 progress game save and then copy the .sol file from your desktop or where ever and paste it into the newly minted save data folder.

So yes, it is a major pain in the butt, but it technically works.
Bizzenya suggestion is right, but it easier to do this with saves.exe, it can be downloaded from amanita website LINK -
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thanks, I 'll give it a try!
My saved games dissapeared as well, thanks for fix! :D
I'm glad to hear there is a better way, but the game is worth the trouble.
I played it for a couple of hours a while ago and now my saves are gone because of a sloppy dev? Sorry, great game, but I ain't playing it again.
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