Hadean Lands

Hadean Lands

couiccouic78 May 23, 2023 @ 11:01am
Difficulty step very early ?
Just passed the heavy door and got to the Nave and around, without any difficulty, and then, I came across multiples objects and formulas and problems to solve I'm feeling completely lost. It seems I came on a big difficulty step here. Did you feel the same ? Have you any hint how to behave from now on (not what to do, but how do you cope with some much informations ?)
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zarf_home  [developer] May 23, 2023 @ 11:23am 

In some ways the Nave is the *third* difficulty step. (You escape the starting room, then you get out into the Lab Hall, then you get to the Nave...) Each of these steps expands the size of the map, the number of puzzles you face, and the amount of stuff you have on hand.

So, I guess, the answer is "keep doing what you've been doing". Just more so. You made it this far, so it's working...

Work on one thing at a time. If it doesn't work, take note of what you're missing and come back to it later.

Good luck!
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couiccouic78 May 26, 2023 @ 4:17am 
To be honest, I roughly got to where I am now basically applying the different rituals I had in hands, step by step, as written.
Now I'm wondering if I need now to understand precisely what's the purpose of each step I already performed if I want to be able to progress further. For example, why "categorical imperative" is needed in universal tarnish, or why "counterbalance" is needed in fire resistance or resonant oculus.
I thought this kind of thought would came naturally progressing in the game ; but they still seem very obscure or vague for me.
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