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FPS Drop after ALT+Tab
Hello, the game runs normally at 160fps (160 hz Monitor), but when i ALT+TAB out of the game and then back in, my Framerate drops to Painfully 6 fps and it stays there.
Sometimes I can fix this issue by Alt-Tabbing in and out of the game several times but it doesn't work every time. Restarting the game will fix the Framerate until I ALT+TAB again.

I'm playing this game on 1440p with a xbox one Gamepad

Fullscreen fit

Pixel size x4

and every checkmark checked

GTX 1080, I7 6700k
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So apparently the problem is been caused by my Xbox One Gamepad.

If this happens just go to your Bluethoot settings, Remove your Xbox One Controller and add it back again. The Framerate should jump back to normal. Until you ALT+TAB again.

I would also recommend not to use ALT+TAB.
Instead use WIN+D
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