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wilmer007 Apr 9, 2015 @ 10:11am
Guide on Every Stage of the Game
This guide is being imported from my kongregate topic. I have been playing since February 20, 2015 and i'm already at the very late game.

Early Game FAQs (Up to 300 for all business):

Q: When should you do your first reset?
A: This depends but generally around 50-300 is a good rule of thumb. I personally did the first reset at 107 angels. anything beyond 100 takes a long time at this early part of the game.

Q: After my first reset when should i reset?
A: Generally you want to wait until you at least double the number of angels from the total amount of angels you currently have. So if you did the first reset at 100 you would wait until 200. then you have 300 after second reset so you wait until you have 600 angels and continue.

Q: Should i reset before going to sleep or waiting until morning?
A: Generally it’s best to reset when you wake up, this way you have a few hours to get everything back to the stage it was at before you reset. A typical reset can take on average about 2-3 hours to put back to what it use to be before you can afk and let the game pile up the cash for you while your away. In short if you don’t have 2-3 hours to dedicate to the game you shouldn’t reset so you can continue to pile up extra angels rather than resetting and going afk and not getting any angels because you haven’t established the game to where it was at before you did the reset. As you continue to do resets the time it takes to establish goes down. Early on it can take 2-3 hours but later on you will notice you only need less than 2 hours to sit there and get it back to what it was before the reset.

Q: Best business to invest in?
A: That’s easy the oil company. It is the business that pays the most and also has the highest payout per second in the game. sure it takes longer than the rest but you end up with the biggest payouts in the end. Higher payouts per second = faster lifetime earnings = faster angels. I’ve heard that later on in the game lemonades and newspaper become the money makers but in this early stage of the game the oil company is hands down the best business to put all your hard earned cash into.

Q: What is the best way to approach getting angels the fastest?
A: Well this method i found took some trial and error by testing 2-3 saves at the same time using the export/import and using multiple sites to compare.

Here it is:

basically it turns out that you want to get every business to each tier before moving on to the next business. What i mean is you climb the ladder from 25 then 50 then 100 then 200 then 300 for those 50% time reductions for all the businesses.

You start with lemonade and you take it to 25 then you move onto newspaper and get that to 25 then do the same for car wash, etc.. until you get oil company to 25 aswell. However before u get each business to 25 you want to get that businesses x3 payout first. So after u get 25 lemonades it’s best to first buy the Newspaper x3 payout upgrade before even purchasing the very first newspaper. now you take the newspaper to 25 and your done. by that time you’ll have enough cash to buy everything you need for the car wash, then rinse and repeat until you get to oil company. After you reset you can do the opposite starting method. That is you buy 1 of each business and save up for the oil company and get oil company to 25 first while the other businesses are at 1 (don’t forget to buy every business x3 payout though), this method is a little slower at first but then you quickly get more cash as oppose to climbing the ladder to start because you are going down the ladder instead. After you have 1000 angels it is recommended to buy the Oil Company Manager for 10 Angels so your Oil Companies cost 10% less and you can see how much payout your making per second.

Now after you have oil company to 25 you want to stay and get oil company to 50 but make sure you buy the oil company x3 payout before u begin to invest the remaining 25. once you get it to 50 for oil company, you want to go down the ladder instead so you go bank, movie, hockey, etc… all the way down to lemonades making sure to buy each business x3 payout before starting on that business.

After each business is at 50 you want to start the process over to get them all to 100 so you start at oil company again and work your way down the ladder like before and making sure you get the x3 payout upgrade right before you start working on that business. once everything is at 100 you do the same thing again until they are all at 200.

Once they all get to 200 the game gets really stale and you have to start waiting to double your angels to do the next reset ASAP, since the cost to get to 300 is a real pain at this point without resetting due to the cash multipliers. And by the time you get to 200 you should have between 1500-5000 angels already. At this point you should also have cash leftover to buy the Holy Moola Upgrade right before u reset so you get the extra 1% per angel on reset.

Myself i have 1805 angels with another 3502 that will be gained on restart so i basically will restart with over 5000 angels and i have only done about 4 resets so far with a lifetime earnings of $1.331 quintillion. So this method works really good for accumulating angels in the least amount of time and the least amount of resets as well.

Early/Mid Game FAQs:

This portion of this game is what i like to call Early/Mid Game because you just got out of the early game (300 for each business) and are still in the early stages of mid game.

Q: Ok so what changes now in Early/Mid Game?
A: The short answer is that only a few things change now. You are still relying on Oil Company to make the most cash per second but now the smaller businesses such as Newspaper and Car Wash are way more expensive than the bigger businesses such as Bank and Oil Company. The key thing to remember here is that now every dollar you make really starts to matter. You have to analyze and look at each business and say to yourself:

“this business cost xx times more than this other business, is it worth putting the money into this business when the other business might pay more cash per second”.?

An example would be a comparison between Bank and Oil Company. The cost of 1 bank would cost let’s say 10x less than 1 oil company, but now we have to look at the cash per second for both bank and oil company. If the oil company is producing more than 10x what the bank does than no you don’t want to purchase the bank because that is a bad investment (basic economy 101). On the other hand if the oil company produces 4x more than the bank than yes you want to buy the bank instead because you’ll get a better return on investment rather than dumping the cash into the oil company and getting your money back alot longer as a result.

Q: Can i still get all the business to the same tier at the same time?
A: No, that worked in early game but now you can’t do that anymore. This is because of what was said earlier about the smaller business costing a lot more than the bigger businesses. In short if you tried to get every business to 400 at the same time you will quickly notice that the money you invested into the 100 newspapers would have been better spent on buying 100 oil companies.

Q: Ok so if i can’t get all the business to the same tier at the same time than what should i do now?
A: You have to really take the previous answers from this portion of the game and combine them all to figure out what business needs your money next because every dollar counts now. You have to do math analysis and sacrifice angels to get past this portion of the game. I’ll give you an example my businesses are as follows:

760 Lemonades, 350 newspaper, 350 Car Wash, 360 Pizza, 370 Donuts, 370 Shrimp, 400 Hockey, 410 Movie, 440 Banks, 500 Oil Companies.

As you can see i no longer try to get everything to 400 because at this point it is way too expensive to do that. Generally you want to invest more into the bigger businesses and less to the smaller businesses with the exception of Lemonades because they are cheap for the entire game so you can easily purchase lemonades in batches of 100 easily because you will end up having a lot of extra spare cash laying around and will say to yourself for example: “hmm i have $1 septillion and it only costs $16 sextillion to purchase 100 lemonades”.

Q: Can i still use the tips from early game for the cash upgrades?
A: Yes and no, short answer is that you still can but as you progress closer to 400-500 oil companies it becomes alot harder to get the cash needed for that oil company and all profits x3 upgrades.

You still need to save up for those but sometimes you will notice that the oil company upgrade will cost $800 sextrillion and that you can purchase 100 oil companies for around $160 sextillion. You just have to do some quick analysis now and say to yourself: “If 100 oil companies costs about 80% less than the cash upgrade than why should i save up for the cash upgrade first”. And the answer is you don’t save up for it because in that situation you will benefit more from getting a quick x2 from buying the 100 oil companies and saving a quick 80% of your cash at the same time rather than saving up 80% more cash to get a x3. once the oil company gets too expensive than you go and buy the cash upgrade for it like you were doing in early game.

Q: Ok so now that i know all this is there anything else i need to know?
A: Yes make sure you start sacrificing angels at this point. Don’t be afraid to spend more than 1% of your angels in order to get over humps a lot more quickly. As long as you don’t spend more than 25% of your angels you are doing fine. Make sure you purchase the angel managers and the angel upgrades that you can afford. like for instance if you have 50k angels don’t be afraid to buy the 10k angel sacrifice because it will give you the x3 payout to all your businesses and you will need it at this point. You will quickly gain back those 10k angels lost so have no fear about this.

Hope you find this quick guide hopeful. Will post further follow ups as i progress in the game (currently at 500 oil companies with the other businesses around 350-400 in 7 days).

Mid Game FAQs:

Q: What is different now?
A:Not much other than Lemonade at this point surpasses Oil Company.

Late Game FAQs:

Q: Any big changes in Late Game?
A: Yes now Shrimp takes over all the other businesses with Doughnuts coming in close behind it for 2nd. Lemonades drops to the middle of the ranks and Oil Company is now the 3rd worst businesses.

Q:Anything Else?
A: Yes from this point forward all the businesses all the right side all now only reach the next tier upgrade at every 250 instead of the 100 like before. The same goes for lemonades. The other remaining 4 businesses (Newspaper, Car Wash, Pizza, and Doughnuts) still have their upgrades at 100 so take advantage of these changes and make sure not to be dumping cash into the businesses that require 250 if you don't have the 250 to get the upgrade when using that cash on a 100 tier business would be a better choice.

Very Late Game FAQs:

Q: Wait there's a Very Late Game?
A: Yes this is the part where it will take you a few days just to get over the Very Late Game Hump because now everything gets really longer and slower because now each money tier only has 4 upgrades (example 1 ,250, 500, 750 then repeats for every money tier after).

Q: Okay so what is different now?
A: Not much has changed. Doughnut is now the complete king of all the businesses with Car Wash coming in 2nd, Bank is 3rd, and Newspaper at 4th. Newspaper gets very expensive now so to buy the next 100 upgrade is a very long and slow process but eventually newspaper will start climbing the ranks until it eventually becomes the new king on the block.

Q: Anything else I need to know?
A: Yes, waiting to double your angels is very hard to do because you start getting angels very slowly now. sometimes it's best to reset when you are close to the your current angels because of how long it takes now. at this point it's almost impossible to sit there and wait to double your angels like before.

End Game FAQ:

Q: What is different in End Game?
A: I don't know haven't gotten there yet will edit this when i get there :)

that's it for the FAQs now on to my stats for each stage of the game after Mid Game:

Mid Game (reached these stats on Day 15):

1100 lemonades = $13.867 decillion / sec
650 newspaper = $6.581 decillion / sec
600 car wash = $13.123 nonillion / sec
600 pizza = $52.493 nonillion / sec
700 donuts = $734.912 nonillion / sec
600 shrimp = $86.614 nonillion / sec
600 hockey = $259.844 nonillion / sec
700 movie = $165.355 nonillion / sec
700 banks = $496.066 nonillion / sec
800 oil = 5.215 decillion / sec

as you can see it takes 1100 lemonades to almost triple the payout of 800 oil company. until this point they were pretty much even with oil always having a slight lead. now lemonades is the money maker. This is calculated with all the cash upgrades, angel upgrades, and angel managers i can possibly get to this point.

Late Game (reached these stats on Day 29):

4500 Lemonade = $38.209 quadragintillion / sec
2500 Newspaper = $334.534 quadragintillion / sec
2600 Carwash = $5.569 quadragintillion / sec
2600 Pizza = $33.417 quadragintillion / sec
2800 Doughnuts = $647.777 quadragintillion / sec
2900 Shrimp = $922.504 quadragintillion / sec
3000 Hockey = $169.656 quadragintillion / sec
3300 Movie Studio = $21.845 quadragintillion / sec
3600 Bank = $3.351 quadragintillion / sec
4100 Oil Companies = $7.022 quadragintillion / sec

as you can see Shrimp at this stage in the game is the big money maker followed close behind is Doughnuts. At this point Oil company is the 3rd worst company producing my cash flow while Lemonades dropped all the way to the middle of the pack at #5. I was a bit shocked to see Bank as the worst business at this stage aswell. Even newspaper shocked me that it is now 3rd highest money maker.

at this point when a business gets to 3000 you no longer get bonuses and unlocks every 100 it now becomes every 250 instead which means you have to manage your businesses and your money that much closer.

This is with all the managers purchased and all the angel upgrades until you get to Rotten Potatoes which is 300 septendecillion angels. As for the cash upgrade i am currently at Car Sweaters ($2 duoquadragintillion) since i am waiting to even get $1 duoquadragintillion.

Very Late Game (i'm on Day 48 and I've been stuck here for a couple of days trying to get out):

6000 Lemonades = $6.126 quinquinquagintillion / sec
3400 Newspaper = $46.181 quinquinquagintillion / sec
3400 Car Wash = $113.500 quinquinquagintillion / sec
3500 Pizza = $5.257 quinquinquagintillion / sec
3800 Doughnuts = $308.254 quinquinquagintillion / sec
3800 Shrimp = $8.613 quinquinquagintillion / sec
4000 Hockey = $16.924 quinquinquagintillion / sec
4500 Movie = $4.584 quinquinquagintillion / sec
5000 Bank = $80.594 quinquinquagintillion / sec
5500 Oil = $28.999 quinquinquagintillion / sec

as you can see Doughnuts is #1 now by 2.5 times the Car Wash. but Newspaper is starting to catch up and threatening to take the throne soon. And Bank is now putting up a fight coming in 3rd. Lemonades is now the 2nd worst and Oil is in the middle of the pack. this was accomplished yesterday or the day before (today is 4/9/15), but trying to get out of this hump
is such a long and slow process now. since trying to get the last 50 upgrades is a real pain now.

that's it for now will follow up with end game when i get there.

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重剑 Apr 9, 2015 @ 12:15pm 
Now I dont't see where this game is going.
Russ Apr 9, 2015 @ 12:21pm 
Originally posted by Omens:
Now I dont't see where this game is going.
There's more to it that hasn't been released in the steam version yet.
wilmer007 Apr 9, 2015 @ 2:05pm 
Originally posted by Russ:
Originally posted by Omens:
Now I dont't see where this game is going.
There's more to it that hasn't been released in the steam version yet.

where is the most up to date version?

i thought steam had the latest version since it was more updated than kongregate and miniclip.
Hey I added you to ask a few things!
Sanity Apr 27, 2015 @ 3:48pm 
Good guide, just one small complaint: you failed to account for / mention compound rates. Analyzing money/sec is too superficial, smaller businesses compound significantly faster which leads to quicker investments thus quicker returns. The same way that 10k invested at 10% interest for 10 years gives 25.9k compounded annually vs 27.1k compounded monthly.

It's probably not significant enough to warrent movement towards the smaller businesses, but I think it's significant enough to mention and account for in testing / considerations.
Soulplay Apr 27, 2015 @ 4:22pm 
Movies is the biggest maker atm for me at all items between 2500-3200 ....... Oil is 700 more than my moives and is 3x less in value, movies also begins to tick the same as Lemons. it's the highest earner by far in the 2500-3200 range, check my screenshot
alveolate Apr 28, 2015 @ 1:58am 
why don't you post this as a guide and format it nicely? this is steam, not kong... you aren't limited by their silly textile tags. (you are instead limited by steam's limited bbcode.)
luckz Apr 28, 2015 @ 7:32am 
Originally posted by NAscav alveolate:
why don't you post this as a guide and format it nicely? this is steam, not kong... you aren't limited by their silly textile tags. (you are instead limited by steam's limited bbcode.)
I think it's better that this game has no real 'guide' available :D
Last edited by luckz; Apr 28, 2015 @ 7:32am
Eva Foxglove Apr 30, 2015 @ 1:59am 
Originally posted by luckz:
I think it's better that this game has no real 'guide' available :D

I kinda agree that there shouldn't be a fixed guide for this game. I'm just a casual player but this game's eaten most of my time the past 2 days. It's good reference however.
luckz May 1, 2015 @ 6:16am 
>2 days.

Wujo_gm Aug 16, 2015 @ 4:15am 
I'm just starting to play this game and I have one question. I have found an information that after earning billion player is getting an Investor, but then you have to reset the game. Here is written that:

'I personally did the first reset at 107 angels'

So I have to do this reset after getting an Investor, or after getting an Investor I can make a reset anytime?

Last edited by Wujo_gm; Aug 16, 2015 @ 4:15am
Thraxzan Aug 16, 2015 @ 6:34am 
You can reset once you have your first investor. I would suggest waiting till 100-400 investors before your first reset.
Wujo_gm Aug 16, 2015 @ 7:07am 
Blade Aug 17, 2015 @ 10:23am 
I exchanged currency for 100 Megabucks, thinking that I could unlock the second launch button, but no dice. What does the second launch button do, and how do we unlock it?
Locke Aug 22, 2015 @ 6:54am 
I believe they will be unlocking the second button as well as the use of Megabucks on their next update.
Last edited by Locke; Aug 22, 2015 @ 6:55am
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