Do you remember 29/07/2019 A.D.?
Dear Devs&Community! On that day came out the last UP-Date for Toxikk.It's been a while since 3 years ago.Just sayin.As long as I'm livin I wont give up hope that someday in the future comes surprysingly new content,maps etc for my First Love Arena-FPS Toxikk..................
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I remember they added a really terrible FREE(tm) mode that insulted everybody so much that they didn't tell their friends about the game. This would then be repeated by virtually every other HARDCORE ARENA TRUE GAMER FRAG LIKE IT'S 99 RAAAA project for the rest of time, dooming the genre to a life in the trash bin.

Many years later, the process was perfected to create diabotical, the most soulless, cynical, hipster, e-sports cashgrab ever, and it's effectively killed "arena FPS."

I hear you can still play virtually every single shooter ever made in some kind of deathmatch mode, so there was never actually a demand for the genre to exist.

I remember Xonotic, Warsow, quake champions, blacklight, reflex arena, warfork, dirty bomb, lawbreakers, mid-air (the super cynical version), mid-air (the relaunched forever never released version), tribes, quake like with ads, paladins, bleeding edge, battleborn, toxikk, the unreal tournament that got cancelled in favor of fortnite, despite being a player run project, laser league (salvaged), splitgate (did something new, but sucked. Patched to not suck, because the developers aren't stereotypical e-sports drones), deus ex: breach, and diabotical coming out in constant streams.

They very rarely rival quake 2. That's the second quake, with the actual singleplayer story mode, objectives, items, secrets, big maps, mod support, expansion packs, and something that resembles player feedback when you get hurt. Everybody says they want to frag, but they don't - they want to load up quake 2 on LAN, and play the campaign with 4 other guys on hard+ and see how far they can get before the game stonewalls them.

This extremely simple lure was later used to great success to make Serious Sam a very popular series for many years, and they took that a step above, since it allowed you to play splitscreen.

No one wants the cynical and soulless hardcore deathmatch 30 dollar games that would be in the 3.49 euro section if they were sold in the 90s. No one cares that your tank junior clones are moving their 10 polygons at 700 frames a second.

Paladins, despite its huge number of flaws and many downgrades, still has the best deathmatch mode in the industry, because it has all the elegance of unreal and quake, with all the experiments that followed, like simple classes ripped from team fortress, and winning isn't 100% about having the fastest draw in the west. You need your resources, your ammo, a good position, maybe an ability or special ammunition, so on. Stack advantages then be rewarded.

The parkour shooters, like crysis and titanfall, are the ones that deserve to be brought back, but they're tainted by arena FPS cynicism ties. If they make an F2P version of crysis 4's multiplayer, they could bring it all back, but then the hardcore deathmatchers will start whining that people are having fun in a way that deviates from the sacred quake 3 formula, so developers never bother.

tl;dr it was never alive to begin with, and self-destructed like all the other ones.
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700 frames a second is very important.
SO you're talking about "most soulless,cynical,hipster,e-sports cashgrab ever"? Hhhm and how do you call Fortnite,Overwatch,Raid of shadow legends etc? I confess I never played those games because I'm NO fan of Multiplayer/Co Op only FPS:steambored:. I'm FFA/Deathmatch "Team LoneWolf"Player.Question of taste I know.I prefer Games with bots PUBG could be a thing for me maybe. I like Wolfenstein E.T.,Half Life 2-Deathmatch,
Unreal Tournament,Serious Sam FFA or TOXIKK's Deathmatch with Vehicles R-rated gory mature Arena FPS.
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All those games have tons of singleplayer material, lore, wikis, high production youtube things, and characters that people remember.

No effort whatsoever was made to push the arena FPS garbage games. Quick and blatant cashgrabs. No one cares because there's nothing to care about.
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