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Automation - The Car Company Tycoon Game

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Recent Announcements
Big Update Release: Lite Campaign V3
Lite Campaign V3
  • Facelifting existing car trims and engine variants
  • Engineering & factory setup
  • Modelled factories and factory add-ons
  • Project finances forecasting tools
Additions & Improvements
  • Switched to updated game engine UE4.21.1
  • Many more car bodies and fixtures to choose from
  • Many more rear- and mid-engine compatible bodies
  • Improved game mechanics and realism in car and engine designers
  • Improved BeamNG Exporter
  • Improved engine sounds
  • Additional photo scenes
  • Improved and fixed UI and UI feedback
  • Tons of bugfixes and small improvements

If you have been playing and following the openbeta branch, you might want to check out the change list since last Friday’s release candidate build RC1. Have a look here.

Your old cars and engines from the previous public version will be compatible with this one and should automatically get converted. Due to the much needed game engine upgrade to UE4.21, old mods will no longer work and will have to be updated by their creators. Note that this implies that some mods you used might be missing when you load your older cars using mod bodies or fixtures.

The new "Sea of Information" photo scene.

Game Versions & Branches
With this big update we are merging all branches of the game to the default branch. That means the game will automatically update for everyone. This needs to be done to get rid of some of the install problems we’ve been having that were created by switching between the versions. Once the update is out we will create this branch structure:

default - The normal main public branch.
open - Opt-in branch to get patches and updates earlier, with more bugs on average.
kee_and_ue4_17 - Opt-in previous public version based on UE4.17.2 including the old Kee Engine based version of the game with the LC V2.

What's Next?
In the coming weeks we will continue to update the LC V3 with weekly patches until we’re at a point where mostly bigger changes are necessary to proceed in development. This will be the point where we start work on the LC V4 features.

Thank you for your continued support and patience with these updates.


(B171027) Patch + Little Dev Update
Last Patch Before the highway to the Next Big Update
With today’s patch we’re fixing up some remaining issues and fork the builds such that we can fully focus on development for the next big update. Part of what will be in the next big update is the revamp of the car designer, adding a lot of depth and realism to it. If you are interested in hearing about some of the planned balance changes, check out the latest Little Dev Update.
Our 3D artists will continue to work on adding more fixtures and car bodies for a while, so you can expect the occasional patch with more content along the way to the next big update. Our aim is to get this wrapped up for you until Christmas, and we’ll keep you updated on how things are progressing via Little Dev Updates. There will be plenty to show and discuss.

After all the troubles with loading the game, and the countless players asking why their game only shows a black screen (making tea and waiting solved that problem), we investigated and significantly improved the loading process of the game. The loading screen should now come up a lot quicker and overall load times should be quite a bit shorter. Here is the list of changes for today’s patch:

B171027 Additions & Improvements
  • Improved loading procedure and load times
  • Improved photoscene handling of car placements
  • Added mod support for custom photo scenes
  • Added some more fixtures (head- & taillights)
  • Added tooltip to show fixture variants of a fixture family
  • Changed fixture highlight to only be an outline
B171027 Fixes
  • Fixed default fixture material not being shown in UI
  • Fixed issue of fixtures not taking paint color correctly
  • Fixed issue with Lady Bug scenario limitations
Also keep your eyes peeled, we think we might have something of a car design competition coming up in the next weeks...