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Grey Goo 2™
Hi all,

I was wondering when we might see this bute ?


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Soon ?
HOPE1134 Jan 29 @ 9:37pm 
Lord Haart Jan 30 @ 11:11am 
I say that they should give it a try and maybe market it better to bring more attention
DaBa Feb 5 @ 5:23pm 
RTS is dead, so sadly no.
RTS is not
meh rts isnt dead. that being said it is never going to last long due to nich. the thing is rts players love balanced games with mechanics, however they too also want new content. so how to get this? well luckily for rts players all rts games are pretty much the same game but with different twists, art, and mechanics so they can simply change game if it starts getting stale and they will still have pretty much the same experience just fresher. i will always buy a new rts game and add it to the list of rts i rotate around whenever it peaks my interest.

The problem lies with the fact that the more sucessful rts' released the less time the nich community of rts players can give to a new game, particularliy one that hasnt had bugs ironed out.
As for the actual topic of the discussion, i dont think there will be a grey goo 2, and i hope that if there is going to be one that they will make universe at war 2 first :P
however dispite pretty much the same amount of people wanting it universe at war 2 never came so sadly i can almost definately say that grey goo 2 will never happen (although ill be happy if im wrong)
all Grey Goo failed at was its factions and the most generic unit design imaginable.
They lack personality and uniqueness and a RTS with factions only lives when they are interesting, not only to play mechanical-wise (which they achieved in my eyes), but also in their personality.
When i choose a faction in an RTS, i choose it because of said personality, maybe because i identify with it or want to roleplay with it.
When i pick Zerg, then i want to overrun, swarm and spread like a desease. And the faction has that personality as has every single unit a personality that i remember, it sticks.
But when i pick lets say Humans in Grey Goo, i just see drones that look the same. Neither will i remember what unit did what, nor its name, or ofcourse its personality.
They all feel like placeholdes.

Playing interesting factions in an RTS is what primarily keeps me returning to the RTS and sticking to it. I dont play Starcraft 1 or 2 because i really dig micromanaging and using unit abilities, i play it frequently because i dig the factions and their unit designs.
I play Warcraft for the same reasons (and its high quality in sounddesign and music ofcourse).
But Grey Goo feels too blant and generic in that regard.

If they put a lot more work into shaping solid factions, with an agenda, a motivation, a personality, then i will remember that faction and play it.
Without, i just wont.
A game like that can only carry so far, but at one point it has to provide enough personality to have people stick with it. Grey Goo was just not enough. Great looking, well playing, but blant.
Wow and I though I'm the only one who still play this game.
MaxGregor Mar 27 @ 11:57am 
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