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Недавние объявления
Holidays are coming! Here's a holiday update, called 3.0.3!
Let's take a look at fixes and improvements to the game:
  • in-game and panel texts polished
  • gamepad controlling improved
  • profession doesn't reset anymore in the editor
  • stability improved!
Modding Tool & Workshop fixes:
  • you can add new recipes in mods now
  • added Delete button to remove chosen mod from the list (not from your drive!)
  • you can add crafting groups now
  • create new items that works like existing ones, i.e. new kind of crowbar
  • Modding Tool works faster now!
  • better stability of the Tool
  • you can edit or delete percentage of scavenged stuff on a location
  • uploading to Workshop works way better now

So this is it. And meanwhile:

This War of Mine - New Beginning (delivering Update 1.4)