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Flint_6  [developer] Jul 25, 2014 @ 3:02am
Son of Nor Devs Are Listening
Hello everybody!

I'm Chris, the sound designer on Son of Nor and I also do PR and trailers. Yesterday we hit this important milestone with the release of Early Access. Thanks very much for your support during that time. Of course, the journey only started here.

I wanted to let you know that many members of our stillalive studios team are monitoring the forums here, identify and fix the bugs you are reporting, and look at the comments you provide! It helps us greatly in improving all aspects of Son of Nor! (Which in my opinion is the whole point of Early Access.)

If you're adventurous and like finding quirks and bugs in a game, this will be a great experience and there is a lot of fun to be had. I even thought of making a competition of recording videos of the most sensational and strange things you encounter. Physics-based games in general have the tendency to produce weird results sometimes and we regularly have a good laugh when playing multiplayer.

I hope we can provide the solid support and fixes you expect. Having said that, we're already working on many fixes and want to send out regular updates based on your feedback and comments. The first update is coming today!

Thanks for undertaking this journey with us and we're looking forward to having a great time!

Chris and the whole team at stillalive studios :)
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