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Distance Advent Calendar 2017 has concluded! For the fourth year in a row, level creators have banded together to share a new level editor creation each day during December. See the recap from Spzi here: https://youtu.be/I2t75aRxdK8
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Your First Look at Distance v1.0 Thank you once again for your continual patience and encouragement while we push toward this massive milestone!

- Jordan (@torcht)

Minor Update (Build 6009), Jan. Workshop Highlight
MINOR UPDATE: Build 6009

  • Reverted Christmas/Winter features back to their previous state
  • Added "double pivot distance" to Animator, to help longer objects travel more smoothly along tracks
  • Improved error message when you're blocked from adding an EventListener to an object
  • Fixed bug where restarting in some levels could result in returning to a broken main menu (like this)
  • Fixed bug with Dev marker in leaderboards resulting in dev marker on incorrect results, broken Spectate functionality, duplicate names, etc.
  • Fixed bug where returning to the main menu from an online game or after switching profiles would result in broken submenus
  • Fixed bug where Shuffle affected Adventure mode
  • Fixed bug where DetailedLight would sometimes not save out


Alongside the patch release I've also updated the main menu to highlight some of the latest and greatest Workshop creations. Congrats to those who were selected. Keep up the fantastic work!
- Jordan (@torcht)