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Myzzrym  [developer] Oct 27, 2020 @ 3:44am
Ruleset differences with D&D 5e
Hello there folks,

We've noticed that we haven't put up a list of what is different between our game rules and the D&D 5e Ruleset, which have confused a fair amount of experienced players into thinking that some design decisions where bugs. Note that most often than not, when there are variations between the tabletop Ruleset and Solasta, it's not on purpose (it is a bug), but on a few occasions it's by design.

Let me share with you the differences:

Vision & Light
On Tabletop, when fighting against heavily obscured creatures (for instance in a thick fog or in total darkness without darkvision), you are effectively considered as "Blinded" - meaning you should not even be able to target them. Many DMs will accommodate with Perception rolls to allow you to fight by sound, smell or whatever it is that better fits your character roleplay-wise in a case by case scenario, but there is no clear and definite rule for that (RAW you are blinded and that's all).

In Solasta, there is a clear separation between the player and the characters, as you see everything from above like an observer - meaning you as the player clearly see the creatures on screen, but your characters don't. And that it would create a lot of frustration if we didn't allow blinded characters to attack at all.

Which is why in Solasta, even while blinded (be it in a thick fog, total darkness or even when affected by the Blindess spell), characters (and creatures!) can still attack and trigger opportunity attacks - although with disadvantage.

Advantage & Disadvantage Stacking
On Tabletop, the rule is very clear and simple - not matter how many sources of advantages / disadvantages you have, they cancel out. This is notably great because it makes it easier on the players and the DM to avoid having to track how many advantages / disadvantages are involved, making every roll faster.

However, in Solasta as the computer's the one doing the heavy lifting, we opted for a system where if you have more advantages than disadvantages, you will still roll with advantage (and vice versa). Think of it as a simple system of +1 and -1, with one advantage and one disadvantage the score goes to 0 and you roll normally, otherwise you will roll with advantage or disadvantage depending on the balance.

Dancing Light
On Tabletop, Dancing Light produces 4 different lights that you can move around certain conditions (no light can be further than 20' from another light, etc etc). On Solasta, Dancing Light produces a single ball containing the 4 different lights merged together. Also, on Solasta Dancing Light produces 10' of Bright Light + 10' of Dim Light instead of just 10' of Dim Light.

Why the change? First, micromanaging 4 additional units (light source) and adding all the rules and restrictions made the spell very tedious to use, which is why we switched it to a single (bigger) light. As a result, we increased the brightness of that light - which also make it useful to non-Darkvision characters (since having only 10' of Dim Light would do nothing for them otherwise as they need Bright Light).

Proficiency & equipment
On Tabletop, you can technically use any equipment you want even if you're not proficient with it - you just don't get any bonuses and proficiency modifier. On Solasta, we've currently disabled equipment you're not proficient with, preventing you from equipping the item.

This one is more to help the less knowledgeable players to avoid frustration when they don't understand why their character doesn't have the bonuses they should - it might change in the future, but for the moment we think it's for the best.

Weapon swapping
On Tabletop, depending on your DM you may or may not be able to swap weapons on the fly - for instance, according to the rules donning on / off a shield takes quite some time! In Solasta we allow to swap weapons once per round (free action).

Considering how often you may need to swap between melee / ranged weapons and/or get a torch out, we felt like it would slow down the pace of the fight a bit too much if we went with the actual Tabletop Rules there.

Homebrew Archetypes
We often have people asking "why aren't you adding Battlemaster / Forge Domain / Bladesinger instead of your Homebrew archetypes?"

Keep in mind that we're using the SRD 5.1 license, not the full D&D 5e license - meaning we simply can't. We're not allowed to, that's how copyright goes. We are allowed a single SRD archetype for each class (such as champion, or life domain).

Additional Spells
Similarly, some people are asking about Green Flame Blade, Toll the Dead or Word of Radiance - those spells are not SRD.

Long story short, spells that are not in the Player Handbook are not SRD (and even some that are in the PHB aren't SRD, such as Hex) - so we can't use them. As for spells like Friend or Zone of Truth, they simply aren't there because we haven't implemented anything to use them on. As you know the entire game is voiced, and creating special lines of dialogue for every "social" spell isn't possible for our budget :(

Proxy Spells and Line of Sight
Alright this one is a lot less clear, since not everyone agrees on Tabletop either. Proxy Spells are what we call spells like Spiritual Weapon, or Flaming Sphere - spells that create a new unit that you can move around as the caster (so different from summoning a wolf for instance).

In Solasta, you can't attack with your Proxy Spell if your caster doesn't have line of sight on the target - meaning you can't move your Spiritual Weapon around the corner to attack an enemy you can't see.

Casting multiple Proxy Spells
Although some Proxy Spells such as Spiritual Weapon do not require concentration, Solasta only allows one active proxy spell per caster. This means you can't have both Spiritual Weapon and Flaming Sphere active at the same time - casting one will remove the other.

Some Spells have minor adjustments
You may have noticed Spiritual Weapon does not deal damage on the first turn after being cast. This is currently due to a technical limitation, as both summoning the Spiritual Weapon and attacking with it takes a bonus action, with the exception of the turn it is summoned. This exception has not been implemented.

If you find anything that deviates from Tabletop Rules that is not mentioned above, please make sure to post here so I can either add it to the list - or add it to the Bug List :p
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Piano Horse Oct 27, 2020 @ 4:12am 
Fighter currently cant take athletics as a class skill is that intentional or an oversight?
Myzzrym  [developer] Oct 27, 2020 @ 5:09am 
Originally posted by Piano Horse:
Fighter currently cant take athletics as a class skill is that intentional or an oversight?

Hmmm I'm pretty sure that's a bug if it's the case, are you sure it's not because you're already proficient in Athletics due to your background?
Piano Horse Oct 27, 2020 @ 5:33am 
Yep if you fire up character creator you can see its not even listed in its class skills. Here you go added screen.
Last edited by Piano Horse; Oct 27, 2020 @ 5:37am
Myzzrym  [developer] Oct 27, 2020 @ 5:52am 
Good catch, adding that to the bug list
DeLastOne Oct 27, 2020 @ 10:09am 
Proficiency & equipment should be an option to be fair. I mean this is one of the good part of the rules :) Will you consider ?
eRe4s3r Oct 27, 2020 @ 10:18am 
Darkness (spell, ability) vs Daylight (cleric spell) interaction is a bug yes? Currently Darkness can cancel daylight effect if it is cast after Daylight. Daylight should however always cancel out Darkness (not even on your turn, it's instantly as long as it is in effect). So vampires shouldn't be able to run into daylight cast Darkness and then sit cozy in Daylight (Spell) range. Well, probably an often reported bug.. just making sure is all.
Ratsplat Oct 27, 2020 @ 11:10am 
Some of these things seem like they could work as a toggle. Along with difficulty options, could some things become a toggle later, like the light changes? Off, current rules. On, darkvision affects darkness as well.
arashinotamashi Oct 27, 2020 @ 2:00pm 
A question:
I am new to the 5.1 settings (being a fan of 3.5), but my fighter has a longsword/shortsword combo and is only getting the attack and damage rolls for the longsword. Am I missing something?
Draco Oct 27, 2020 @ 2:08pm 
You can only dual wield two light weapons (two shortswords, two daggers, a shortsword and dagger, ect.)
jypz Oct 27, 2020 @ 7:30pm 
Halfling Ranger (or any class): longbow has the Heavy property. Should have disadvantage attacking with longbow (or any Heavy weapon).
jypz Oct 27, 2020 @ 7:32pm 
Wizard: seems the requirement of using a focus is not being enforced yet. Don't have to have a focus in a hand, slot, item slot, or even in the backpack. No materials are required.
Originally posted by jypz:
Wizard: seems the requirement of using a focus is not being enforced yet. Don't have to have a focus in a hand, slot, item slot, or even in the backpack. No materials are required.
There is no such requirement in 5E, contrary to popular belief.
ReapersHeaven Oct 28, 2020 @ 7:27am 
Just reporting a bug, In the crafting menu the scroll of jump is misnamed as the scroll of mage armor. So is the crafting book.
Legende des riz Oct 28, 2020 @ 7:53pm 
Great job, love what u'r doing !
Silverthorn Oct 28, 2020 @ 11:42pm 
Thanks for the info.
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