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Jun 9 @ 3:46am
In topic what massively upsets and pisses me off
I mean, we're French but we don't have our news in French either. Nor in Chinese, Russian, Portuguese which are also supported in-game.

It's just not viable at our size and with how often we communicate, we don't have in-house translators.
Originally posted by Corrosion:
You're not lacking ideas but you can't even do a level 20 campaign. IN 2022. Wtf?

That's not a problem of ideas, it's a problem of being a lot of work to implement. Having extra levels mean extra features, extra spells, extra monsters as well (unless you want to be bashing recolored trolls and orcs at level 18), etc etc... And that also means new locations and story, because you aren't going to level up to 20 by playing the base campaign (nor Lost Valley)

Keep in mind we're like 20 people in the studio, not 200^^;
Originally posted by NightThorne:
Can we discuss the predatory nature of Article 11.2 of your contest contract: [...]

In short, how dare you.

Everyone that submitted content to this contest should write formal letter retracting your consent, and terminate your involvement with this contest. Do not allow this kind of practice to perpetuate.

Hey there my man, let me stop you right there. We could very well just do every subclass on our own, we're not lacking in ideas. The reason we're doing this is because a lot of players have been very excited about getting their ideas implemented in the game and have been super happy about the previous event with Druids & Barbarians. If anything, processing this many submissions makes it much more time consuming for us to implement the class.

We're not forcing anyone to participate, and the legal documents are just here to protect the company from any legal complications. It's not like we're going to make money off attacking individuals with lawsuits because they made a book with the design they submitted in this event (where would we even find the time to do that).
Jun 1 @ 7:52am
In topic Patch Notes - Version 1.3.57
Originally posted by FroBodine:
And another ending spoiler in response to the comment about spoiling the ending! :TheSmiley:

Maybe not a good idea to be so specific with ANY sort of game ending events in patch notes.

It's literally in the description of the DLC that it has multiple endings and we've stated multiple times that you could go full murder hobo if you wanted.
Jun 1 @ 7:51am
In topic Patch Notes - Version 1.3.57
Originally posted by Fane~:
Maybe I didn't read it closely enough, but does that mean the spirit wolf not scaling its attacks properly upon loading a save is still here? One of the 4 players in our game is pretty sad every time we have to spend time to kill his wolf just to reset its scaling.

Could you send us a save file where this occurs ( Is it only in multiplayer or also in single player?
Jun 1 @ 6:55am
In topic Patch Notes - Version 1.3.57
Originally posted by EverydayHiro:
Whelp, I'm on my first playthrough, so thanks for spoiling the ending for me in the freaking patch notes

Uh... You do realize that you can kill any and all NPCs in Lost Valley? There isn't just one ending.
Jun 1 @ 2:52am
In topic Patch Notes - Version 1.3.57
Jun 1 @ 1:16am
In topic Solasta Future DLC Survey: What's Next?
Originally posted by Cloudy:
Would you plz try to fix the bug of multiply mode in China? If you ever checked with the feedback you would find It is not even possible for Chinese players to connect with each other with all methods they've tried. To me, it is really annoying as a game company to consider about a new DLC content while leaving some of your costumers who still can not play the game! If you add Chinese in your languages and sell it in China, YOU should be responsible to let the players there enjoy all your game content.

China blocks Google and our multiplayer relies on Google Cloud, so we can't do anything about that :(
May 25 @ 10:01am
In topic Solasta Future DLC Survey: What's Next?
May 18 @ 12:41am
In topic Patch Notes - Version 1.3.55
Originally posted by RecordScoreRon:
Last weeks update says "Fixed Finaliel's Lab doors being closed when battling Orenetis"
But I'm there now and theres no Finaliel (or Orenetis, because I killed his "twin"
That's not a bug^^
May 17 @ 11:17am
In topic Patch Notes - Version 1.3.55
Originally posted by SaulD:
Sadly, with the latest update, our MP save won't launch anymore. We've shared the file to test it in single player mode on 4 different rigs, but the game stays hanging on the loading screen after loading the save. I guess that the the file isn't compatible with v1.3.55.

Does one of you have mods installed? Mods usually break after an update.
May 17 @ 7:08am
In topic Patch Notes - Version 1.3.55
May 11 @ 9:40am
In topic Patch Notes - Version 1.3.53
This should be fixed @Baraz in this version afaik, if not please report it!
May 10 @ 8:00am
In topic Game Over After Defeating Green Dragon
Sent you a way to get back your save by mail!
May 5 @ 12:45am
In topic [Beta] Massive Beta Update 1.3.52
Originally posted by Yang:

我们的多人游戏使用谷歌,而中国封锁了谷歌 :( 你将需要一个VPN来玩
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