Dota 2
Swift Executioners Armor
Iskra Jun 19, 2013 @ 2:21pm
Really like the set but maybe some minor changes.
I think that your set looks pretty sweet. Way better than anything out there yet. The helm is the coolest thing ever.

However being critical and even though I give this 5 stars let me point out some things for consideration. Maybe others agree and maybe not.

The weapon does not really match your cool armor set. I actually like the starting weapon better than any other weapon for Phantom assassin that I have seen yet. Your could certainly take that weapon you made, or which I prefer the starting weapon and giving it the "heavy metal look" as someone else said about your armor. Like the armor give the sharp edges the silver and the middle parts the blue with the cool lighter blue lines in it. And possibly some red cloth coming off of it somewhere. Really like the shape of the starting weapon better than the one you have in this set though.

Also I am assuming that since you did not make some sweet boots to go with this set that boots can not be made for Phantom Assassin. That is a shame because the starting boots are just hideous. Would really like to see Valve make it possible to make her some boots. I mean I just hate her boots.

The robe I like but I would like to see it be a 1 piece robe down to the red or maybe a bit higher. That is just me though.

Your armor set is definitely sweet though and will be buying it once it is out!