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Custom Monsters Balance
Balances WPC-made Brute, Shiver and Jason Voorhees to fit better all together in the game.
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Jason Voorhees
Created by [WPC] Braindead
A mutator that adds the infamous character Jason Voorhees to the spawn list....
The Brute
Created by Hemi
Horzine’s first experiments included worn down boxing champions of the london districts that had long forgotten their glory days as reigning masters of the sport. Degraded to simple street-thugs they had little left to live for and applied thems...
The Shiver
Created by Hemi
Teleporting Zed by Benjamin and Hemi. No this is not just a Stalker variant. This Zed will actually teleport from the end of the corridor to right up to your face...or even worse...behind you!

When Horzine created the Stalker, they soon found out that...
Zed Manager (ex. Custom Monster Balance, ScrnMonstersMut)
Created by [ScrN]PooSH
Replacement mutator for ScrnMonstersMut (a.k.a. Custom Monsters Balance)
Version 4.10
  • Adds new specimens: Tesla Husk and Ghost
  • Balances community-made monsters (Brute, Shiver, Jason, HardPat) for
Female Fleshpound
Created by Whisky
This is in BETA
- As such you may experiance some bugs, please leave feedback and constructive criticism below.

Overtime you've grown stronger; we gained access to weapons cache's, upgraded gear, developed new tech ...