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Crystal Scavenger Meepo Set
Fnatic's Meepo set includes five items, three custom ability icons and a loading screen.

Lately, things in the Riftshadow Ruins had reached an all-time low; food was scarcer than ever. In these desperate times, a few brave Meepos began to delve deeper than ever before. They donned new sets that would allow them to dig to depths unheard of and there, miles below the surface, where the sun’s rays have never reached and the air is difficult to breathe they stumbled upon a new mineral. Here, far beneath the world we know, they found the Fnatic Crystal. Stunned by its beauty and attracted to the immense power trapped in these minerals the geomancers began mining the remarkable orange gems. They made a map to find their way back and set out to get a single Fnatic Crystal appraised. There are few things more valuable than Riftshadow Crystals to a Meepo, but once they saw the true power that the Fnatic Crystals possessed, no minerals matched the strength and stability of them. They went back with advanced technology that allowed them to utilize the power within the gems and forged fearful weapons, precise tools and a myriad of other items that left the world in awe. The Fnatic Crystals spread like fire through the Meepo populations and soon they perfected clothing and technology to allow them to mine these minerals in abundance. The geomancers were stronger than ever. Those that already owned the minerals were highly respected and feared by their many foes. To this date, the powerful geomancers continue to mine and for as long as they can find the Fnatic Crystals; their futures remain secured.

Check out Crystal Scavenger video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtCrndpvy7o

The set created by Fnatic and ARLEKINS.
Items (7)
Crystal Scavenger's Galvanic Mining Headware
Created by Team Fnatic
Crystal Scavenger's Galvanic Mining Headware...
Crystal Scavenger's Transducing Contraption
Created by Team Fnatic
Crystal Scavenger's Transducing Contraption...
Crystal Scavenger's Augmented Mace
Created by Team Fnatic
Crystal Scavenger's Augmented Mace...
Crystal Scavanger's Reinforced Pads
Created by Team Fnatic
Crystal Scavanger's Reinforced Pads...
Crystal Scavenger's Digging Gloves
Created by Team Fnatic
Crystal Scavenger's Digging Gloves...
Crystal Scavenger Custom Ability Icons
Created by Team Fnatic
Crystal Scavenger Custom Ability Icons...
Crystal Scavenger Loading Screen
Created by Team Fnatic
Crystal Scavenger Loading Screen...