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Killing Floor

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Aliens Killing Floor
UPDATE: Ok, turns out SteamWorkshop is being a ♥♥♥♥♥. Use with the manual install.
@Hinsonator; Thanks for giving folks the heads up.

Complete collection for the WPC Aliens : KillingFloor

Having install problems? Rage in front of your computer? Want to kill your firstborn?
Here is the alternative downloadpage of all the files combined :

How do you install the zipfile, you ask? Open the folder called "AliensKF as of 30112012" and drag the entire contents (all the folders/files) in :
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\killingfloor". (overwrite all)

01] Download and install Sever Perks.
Open the rar-file and drag files in
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\killingfloor\System"
02] Download package AliensKF
03] Extract files to correct folders.
04] From Solo menu select the "Aliens:Killing Floor" Gametype.
05] Select map and difficulty of choice.
06] Turn on mutators:
"WPC Aliens Path Mutator"
"WPC Aliens:KF Server Vetrancy Handler"
"WPC Aliens:Killing Floor Detail Mut"
Steam does not always download all the files correctly. You might need to resubscribe sometimes.

Almost 2 years in the making, the WPC together with Marco bring you the most comprehensive overhaul of killing floor to date. When Braindead and Hemi created the M41A Pulse Rifle for killing floor, there was only 1 logical next step. Lets make everything Aliens. Together with Wisky a plan was set into motion that would take the entire killing floor experience to new levels of terror. After persuading Marco to recreate the speed and ferocity of the Alien, including new gameplay functionalities as facehuggers and endboss-fights with the queen, the team started working on finalising the mod were no one can hear you scream. After multiple setbacks, the end is finally in sight. The Aliens themselves looked better and better, by overhauling meshes and textures allong the way. Weapons became more balanced and got shiney new textures. And to really immerse players into the universe of Aliens, created by James Cameron, they can now even play/sound like the iconic characters of the movie.

The AKF Aliens Killing Floor mod is finally here. And we hope serveradmins arround the world give KF-players a chance to experience new terror.

About :
AKF is one of the most comprehensive mods to date released for Killing Floor. The aim of this mod was to bring the feel and scope of James Cameron's Aliens to Killing Floor while in one hand remaining true to the franchise and in the other ensuring that it still retains the feel of Killing Floor.

01] New GameType
02] New Enemies consiting of a full line up of Xenomorphs
03] New Perks
04] New and Edited Weapons
05] New Player Skins and Sounds
06] New HUD and Loading screens
07] New Maps
08] New KFEditor plugin for Aliens exporting path data

• Braindead
• Hemi
• Marco
• Whisky

02] Maps
• Swift Brutal Death
• Fel
• HaTeMe
• MrRoBoT

Instructions for Solo play
Warning: Mod is intended for multiplayer, solo play will be difficult to impossible. You have been warned. ;)

01] Subscribe to Server Perks
02] Subscribe to Collection "Aliens:Killing Floor"
03] Open killingfloor
04] Wait for the mods to download on the title menu of the game
05] When finished, restart the game
06] From Solo menu select the "Aliens:Killing Floor" Gametype.
07] Select map and difficulty of choice.
08] Turn on mutators:
"WPC Aliens Path Mutator"
"WPC Aliens:KF Server Vetrancy Handler"
"WPC Aliens:Killing Floor Detail Mut"

Rock out.

Instructions for Multiplayer
01] Install as described above.
02] Use the AliensKFGameType.AliensKFGameType gametype.
03] Activate the following mutators.
"WPC Aliens Path Mutator"
"WPC Aliens:KF Server Vetrancy Handler"
"WPC Aliens:Killing Floor Detail Mut"

04] Other recommended Mutators:
"Trader Anti-blocker"
"Max Players"

Configure "WPC Aliens:KF Server Ventrancy Handler" for database use if you use it.
An example startup line for your server would be :


For the true WPC Aliens KF experience leave the settings as is. Compatibility with other mods is unknown. If you add/remove or mod this mod and it breaks, destroys your server, sets your hair on fire and/or devours your first born don't come crying to us. This mod should work out of the box, if it doesn't you are doing something wrong. We currently offer no support to those who mod/edit this mod.

Special Thanks
Goes out to all those we've not mentioned who put up with us during this mods development including the WPC members who would drop what they're doing to test stuff out. To the members of the TWI offical boards who's excitement for this mod kept us motivated to see it through the end. Spouces and girlfriends whom we must have driven mad.

This is a big thank you from the WPC mod team & friends. We hope you enjoy this mod and we'll see you in game!

Contact and Feedback
You can reach us either at Wolfpackclan, Most Impressive, Wildcard Production Studios or over at the official TWI forums
Feel free to distribute this mod as you like under the condition this readme is included in the download and the original file structure remains intact.

Want to check it out?
Go to "Multiplayer" on the menu. Select the tab "Favourites", rightclick with your mouse on the empty space and select "Add to favourites". Type in and your good to go.
Items (8)
AKF - Aliens Killing Floor Part1
Created by WPC Mods
UPDATE: Ok, turns out SteamWorkshop is being a bitch. Use with the manual install....
AKF - Aliens Killing Floor Part2
Created by WPC Mods
The stars of the mod....
AKF - Aliens Killing Floor Part 3
Created by WPC Mods

Part 3 : The Playerskins

Complete collection for the WPC Aliens : KillingFloor

Having install problems? Rage in front of your computer? Want to kill your firstborn?
Here is the...
AKF - Map Hadleys Hallway
Created by WPC Mods

Get them here :

Rework of KF-TheHallway
Original map by Mr RoBoT

* Entire map is the sa...
AKF - The Music
Created by WPC Mods

These are the music files for the Aliens : Killing Floor maps. These include music from Alien/Aliens/Alien3, to give that extra edge once your motiontracker goes "BEEP"

Want to check it out?
Go to "Multiplayer" ...
AKF- Map Atmosphere Processor
Created by WPC Mods

Get them here :

Rework of Elec-Fields for UT2004.
Original ported by : K-2

Want to check...
Server Perks
Created by Marco
Serverside perks tracking system for server hosts.
This mod contains following features:
- Allows you to add new perks, custom perks progression etc.
- Security fixes to prevent people from cheating or even crashing the server.
- Added fixes for HUD to...
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♫®〖ErronCowboy〗®♫ Apr 9 @ 11:23am 
Yeah, lol. Your welcome. If you can't find active servers just use the bots mutator
Boltte Apr 9 @ 10:56am 
Becaue you know, WPC's servers are dead....unless you can point me to a valid WPC that's still alive? Or even any other public servers running Aliens KF? No....I just checked all 650 or so servers from the serverbrowser in KF and none are on Aliens KF game type......or maybe there are some servers with it but jsut hiddent in the map vote options.....but I wouldn't know unless I join all 650 or so servers to find out.........
Boltte Apr 9 @ 10:53am 
Just that the last time the motion tracker spawned with you when I last played this mod, so yeah that's why I thought it was strange, perhaps they updated it to remove that and so it is only bought from the trader? Or at least that's what I recall....thye should have a changelog to let us know what were the updates and when so I can go "Ahhh, so on the 14th of Jan 2016, they did remove the motion tracker from being spawned along with you and your starter weapons and moved it to the trader menu so they can only be bought after wave 1."....kind of remark...hahaha
Boltte Apr 9 @ 10:53am 

Yes it helped, thankyou very much! Perhaps this will also help those others who want to play this game mode solo or with friends/randoms - just host a server with it! :D Actually speaking of which, I might actually host a couple of servers on this if anyone's even remotely keen on this....if so, bump this comment thread and I'll update ya'll on it....or if not, I'll just pretend I never said anything of the sort...hahaha

♫®〖ErronCowboy〗®♫ Apr 9 @ 10:46am 
I myself couldn't get the manual to work. So i used the tatic i told you. also i figured out the motion tracker is bought from the trader once you get the shop fix. either way i hope i helped.
Boltte Apr 9 @ 10:40am basically just use the manual download method because it has everything, except the shop fix?

And yes you're right, weapons pack was/is still missing and the shop fix needed to be fixed, perhaps ServerPerks was updated and Aliens KF never got an update to reflect any changes ServerPerks made that could have broken it? this needs an update so all we have to do is just download it via steam workshop and should be good to go without doing any extra least that's what the workshop was/is supposed to be, a way to install mods without any exxtra work needed....or at least any extra *hard* work needed....
Figured it out. You need to download workshop and the manual. Make sure the workshop one is fully intact. After that open your manual file (extract it in anywhere but your steam/killing floor folder.) and find all the files for the alien weapons. So, in your manual files find all the animations/things for the files. Then, go to your killing floor steamapps file thingy, and extract the files from the manual to correct folders. (i.e the weapons file in animations gos to animations, the animation in staticmeshes gos to staticmeshes) and after that not only should weapons work, so should marine models. If the weapons dont apper in the trader, find the download for the trader fix on ModDB.
I haven't tried it yet. gotta identify where just the weapons are, planning to drag the weapons in only, as it makes it more scary with no tracker.
Boltte Apr 9 @ 4:34am 
Ok well go do that and see if it fixes the workshop or not......if it does, then that confirms that the workshop is missing the weapons pack....