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Collection by nabique
The Worst Nightmare
Collection by Gadget
Halloween Nightmare
The V-Day Veteran
Collection by Bapaul
The Emperor Augustus Engineer
Collection by 💪 DAVE | FLEX 💪
An incredibly crafted set of iron and gold armor salvaged from ancient ruins.
The Frankenstenian Curios pack
Collection by Napy Da Wise
The Frankenstenian Curios pack is a mad scientist pack for the engineer.
The Love Doctor
Collection by Gadget
The Melee Enthusiast
Collection by DrSlowking
Pull out one of your many axes 'cause its time to use something besides flamethrowers. The SFM renders were done by Dilly Dong (he changes his name alot don't worry about it), and the models where made by DrSlowking. I know a few really good knight ...
Collection by GetGrenade
The Intellectual Invader
Collection by Psyke
It came from beyond 2Fort!
The Western Welder
Collection by JPRAS
A welder set for the Engineer!
The Medical Lab Equipment
Collection by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Following the work of Friedrich Miescher, but unlike the Medic; he can't remove all your DNA ========================================================================= NOTE: The Map in the screenshot is KOTH_DROGENTOTE by '{Benjamoose} The ThunderMoos...
The Subway Artiste
Collection by Dusty Showbiz
Be the fastest graffiti legend with this pack, the subway guards wont know what hit them
The Captain
Collection by boomsta
He can be a captain if he wants!
Collection by Dewzie
Yo Doe!
Pyro's Picasso Pack
Collection by SgtR007
Who knew paint was so flammable? Apparently, this psychopath did. Collect all of the items in Pyro's Picasso Pack and show off your mercenary-style performance art. Then cut off your own ear, 'cause you're frickin' insane.
The Death Dealer
Collection by RetroMike
Why should the Heavy get to have all the fun gambling at the Inventory?! With this set the Scout can have a night of high stakes gambling too! Those concealable weapons sure will come in handy if the game goes sour. NOTE: For people unfamiliar with ho...
The Fisherman
Collection by Sparkwire
Fisherman stuff
Captain Conaghers Space Gear
Collection by Hawf
Now you too can own your very own CAPTAIN CONAGHER space suit! Just in time for Halloween too! You'll be able to dress up like everyone's favourite intergallactic mercenary scientist! A set including 1 Hat, 2 Miscs, and 1 weapon! WHAT A DEAL please wai...
The Bushman Bandit
Collection by Ertz™
Let Your Enemies Know To Get The Hell Outta Dodge, with this spaghetti-western ensemble. Some items that work together . Proposed Set Bonus: +Special Musical Cue When Respawning, -Tumbleweeds Follow
The Old Man Of The Rooks
Collection by Nugget
"Don't be silly, Toto. Scarecrows don't talk."
The Knife of the Prom
Collection by Bapaul
The Blast-proof Bombsuit
Collection by MultiTrip🎀
A bombsuit for special bomboccasions.
Supernova Scout
Collection by Jukebox
Sukeban Boy
Collection by SedimentarySocks
The Pet Thing of Sakurascout.
Collection by MultiTrip🎀
Real Australian operations.
Tomb Raider Winter Gear
Collection by Sparkwire
Engi's parka for the Tomb Raider contest.
Snipin' Space Man
Collection by ᛟᚡᛖᚱᛈᛟᚡᛖᚱᛖᛞ OverPovered
The complete set of workshop items necessary for archery in space with LASER ARROWS! Included are the Astral Assasin, the Laser Impact Quiver, and the Meteoroid Debris Protector. P.S. The laser arrow is peculiarly different, for it has a moving band o...
Mortician's Accessories
Collection by DeRosaJ
Funerary things!
The Alcoholic's Armaments
Collection by Eedo Baba
The Alcoholic's Armaments is a collection of brilliant new advancements in tactical blowing-things-up-and-looking-cool technology.
The Musketeer's Equipment
Collection by Fettgondel
This collection is a Musketeer themed set for the demo, but it could fit in with the soldier, too (excepted the musket).
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