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Collection by Populus
When your team needs support, but the old fashioned maniacal health care you provide just doesn't cut it quite like sorcery does.
Yeti Weapons Guy
Collection by >>--The Heartsman--->
You know what they say about a guy with huge feet? Huge head. Also hands.
Pizza Delivery Boy (Now with video demonstration!)
Collection by Olright
We will deliver your pizza to control point B for 2 minutes or your pizza is free! Also you will get some free fire shoots!
The Big Bang
Collection by Jukebox
The Zero-G Sniper
Collection by E-Arkham
The Zero-G Sniper's Set
Collection by Cipher
Is your neighborhood subject to some strange activity? Could said activity be described as being "weird" or "not good"? If so, you may want to give this guy a call...
Mmph Street 125
Collection by Mopo
Some nutjob's built a house inside pyros head! This won't end well...
New England Ninja
Collection by Svdl
Go Ninja Go Ninja Go!
Pyro's Picasso Pack
Collection by SgtR007
Who knew paint was so flammable? Apparently, this psychopath did. Collect all of the items in Pyro's Picasso Pack and show off your mercenary-style performance art. Then cut off your own ear, 'cause you're frickin' insane.
Jukebox's Invasion Items
Collection by Jukebox
Behind Enemy Lines
Collection by Svdl
The perfect place to get drunk and blow stuff up.
Adventurer's Stuff
Collection by She Said Destroy
Fancy outfit and a best friend - that is all what a real adventurer needs. And maybe some sword too. But this sword is imaginable, so no swords for you, silly pyro.
Arctic Engineering
Collection by Populus
Comfy and Deadly at temperatures below 273.16 Kelvin
Heyo's maps
Collection by heyo
Hey guys, I'm heyo (known for the maps: koth_harvest, cp_egypt, cp_junction). This is a collection of all my non official maps.
Camptown Killer
Collection by Taco
Slasher set for Sniper.
Mountain Lab Accident
Collection by She Said Destroy
Just science!
The Structural Engineer
Collection by Wrench N Rockets
Problem's Halloween Haunts
Collection by Problemagic
Problem's set of TF2 Workshop Halloween Items for Halloween 2013
Welded Warrior
Collection by Sky
Set 3 of the "New Tuefort Wasteland" Collection. Spy or engie will be up next.
Intergalactic Outlaw
Collection by donhonk
Appealing apparel for the well worn space cowboy!
The Country Conquerer Set
Collection by SedimentarySocks
You wanna run this @#$%? Step 1: Dress like me.
The Cleansing Flame
Collection by Merczy
All ye plague-ridden fools be warned! A fell demon of the flame approacheth to set many a soul ablaze. And ye be next...
Collection by Colteh
When espionage fails, you need a backup plan.
The Call of Captain Cthulhu
Collection by Dr. Shenanigans
a collection of villanous items for your nefarious deeds, based the man- er monster himself from his namesake mythos by HP lovecraft! a helmet in the shape of the cthlhu himself a massive cape the size of a couch that makes other capes weep in inadequ...
The Future Fashion
Collection by MultiTrip🎀
The future is here. He has arrived.
Boston Boy
Collection by Sky
The Army Accessories
Collection by CoBalt
In and out in a flashbang.
Spoils of Liberty
Collection by Mr. 3nigma
A collection of all the items that Engie managed to escape with, when he was abducted by Gray Mann for his nefarious schemes.
World War Soldier's Gear
Collection by Sexy Robot
ZombiePlasticClock's Arms Race Submissions
Collection by ZombiePlasticClock
Arms Race is a contest where people make weapons for TF2. These are my submissions for the contest
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