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Urban Professional
Collection by Svdl
The sniper takes his murders to the city, and he makes sure no one can hear him.
Sons of Arsonry
Collection by Corvalho
A biker themed set of items for the Pyro
A Child's Plaything
Collection by boomsta
You. Are. A. TOY!
Quantum of Silence
Collection by SNIPA
Download the mod for The Secret Service (Knife): Download the mod for Dr. No (Hat, Toupee): Download the mod for License to Kill (Revolver):
The Stylish Spy
Collection by Ayes Dyef
The Stylish Spy. A subtle gambling themed set, featuring a stylish open coat, a tipped down rigid Fedora with card belt, a hidden sleeve card/knife combination & a poker chip/roulette table watch.
The Tacticool Weapons Pack
Collection by S3pirion
A collection of weapons for the engineer
Analytic Attack
Collection by invisibleButts
Tired of your buildings always breaking right after you upgrade them? Well the Engineer built himself an upgrade! This set is pretty "outdated" to my standards. I've learned some new modeling/texturing tricks and I'm working on redoing this set. Ver...
Cold-blooded Hunter
Collection by GetGrenade
No one can hide from him.
Downtown Sleuth
Collection by Sky
Leather Coat, Leather Pants and scarf + Soul Patch combo for spy.
The Stranger from the East
Collection by boomsta
A few Western items for the scout!
XL Scout Set
Collection by Ruskeydoo
Shotgun Heavies of the world unite! Fat Scouts, now is our time! For too long have we had to suffer people's narrow minded preconceptions of what a Heavy should do. Medics telling us "You wasted my uber", Soldiers saying "Stop pushing the cart". Cast a...
Collection by >>--The Heartsman--->
A collection of all the crazy bird heads I made for Halloween 2013! They all talk (have facial flexes).
Triple Agent
Collection by Svdl
Dress up warm for the cold war
The Space Odyssey
Collection by Wowza
A set of space themed items for the Pyro.
Intergalactic Outlaw
Collection by donhonk
Appealing apparel for the well worn space cowboy!
The Energy Pack
Collection by juiceböx
The Energy Engineer! This is the "official" collection of Energy items for the Engineer. Concepts/Texture: Druida Modeler: Juicebox Compiler/SDK Wizard: Jalcober Special thanks: Junkyard
The Winter Sniper Pack
Collection by Populus
A winter themed pack for the Sniper. Don't forget to comment, vote, favorite and post your stat ideas! :) Don't forget to check my other packs! :)
Collection by Ernest
Elegant and Fancy
Fortunate Son
Collection by GetGrenade
War never ends
The Old Salt
Collection by maniac™
This is hardened seaman's set for heavy, which I called 'The Old Salt'. It contains of 5 items and here they are: 1.Hat: 'BESKOZYRKA' 2.Misc: 'SAILOR' 3.Primary: Minigun 'MARINA' 4.Secondary: Shotgun 'WHALER' 5.Melee: 'ANCHO-RAGE'
The UnHoly Mackerel
Collection by >>--The Heartsman--->
"My leg!"
The Rum Runner
Collection by Jetstream Sam
It's important to look your best when you're running booze across the border, dodging cops, dodging bullets shot at you by cops, and dodging the friends of the cops you just shot. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise. A couple of gangster-themed items ...
The A-Plan
Collection by BANG!
Sir! I have A-Plan!
Defender of DeGroot Keep
Collection by MultiTrip🎀
Nothing gets past you.
New England Ninja
Collection by Svdl
Go Ninja Go Ninja Go!
Heavy Commander
Collection by Svdl
Congratulations, you are now the new commander of an entire division of fat men.
Mountain Lab Accident
Collection by GetGrenade
Just science!
The Honcho Set
Collection by heinous
The SpecialEffect Charity Set 2013
Collection by SpecialEffect
Since 2007, our mission here at SpecialEffect has been to enable anyone, whatever their disability, to enjoy computer games and leisure technology. To help meet our goals for this year, we've partnered with some stellar community artists to put togethe...
Tools of the Trade
Collection by [m00] Elbagast
Love bombs? Hate swords? Want to actually blow things up? Well here's some gear straight off a demolition site that should get you started! Full pack promo: All items now available as mods (I have the be...
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