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The Dude
Collection by donhonk
This item set really ties the room together. Thanks for the votes, please share if you want these items! :)
The General Practioner
Collection by Jukebox
Includes: Bavarian Baron The Sharp Schärpe Gilded Gauntlets
The Badwater Brigadier
Collection by EVO >:D
Set for Engineer consisting of 3 items
Pyro's Summer Vacation
Collection by Snood
It's all fun and games for the Pyro this Summer.
The Communist Cosmonaut
Collection by SedimentarySocks
The Russians win the space race.
Deep Space Nine
Collection by donhonk
One small step for Mann, one giant leap for Mann Co.
Collection by Ernest
Elegant and Fancy
The Minimum Wage Pack
Collection by SNIPA
Dell in a Shell
Collection by >>--The Heartsman--->
A collection of items for Halloween 2014, based around the idea of the 'Turtle Engie'
Vote Pyro for Mayor
Collection by Svdl
He's such a gentleman.
The War Doctor
Collection by Constructor
Hardworking Mann
Collection by donhonk
Leather jacket and a slick hair and beard for Engy!
Borski The Butcher
Collection by Ertz™
some head, apron and pants for halloween.
The Lost Cosmonaut
Collection by Sparkwire
This is the voyage of the first Russian Cosmonaut. His five-week mission: to explore strange new weapons; to seek out new life and to kill it; to boldly go where no man was strong enough to go before.
Charming Rogue Spy Item Set
Collection by Corvalho
Set of items for the spy. Top hat, shirt/tie/suit and rings.
The Worst Nightmare
Collection by Gadget
Halloween Nightmare
The Emperor Augustus Engineer
Collection by 💪 DAVE | FLEX 💪
An incredibly crafted set of iron and gold armor salvaged from ancient ruins.
The V-Day Veteran
Collection by Bapaul
Exosphere Engineer
Collection by Svdl
High above and beyond.
Kung Fu Fortress Scout
Collection by Hawf
Coming soon to retailers near you
Collection by Gadget
The Sneaky Sleuth
Collection by Colteh
some stuff that makes spy super sneaky
Mountain Lab Accident
Collection by GetGrenade
Just science!
TF2 Spaceworthy Extravaganza
Collection by E-Arkham
A collection of space-themed items for TF2. Holograms galore! Space alien abduction implied!
The Subway Artiste
Collection by Dusty Showbiz
Be the fastest graffiti legend with this pack, the subway guards wont know what hit them
Classic Zombie Hunter
Collection by Psyke
Everything you need for bustin' up the undead.
The Heavynaut
Collection by youngdrozd
1) Laser minigun (Armstrong) 2) Hat of the astronaut 3) Liquid sandwich 4) Lunar flag
O Captain, my Captain
Collection by Uncle Grumpskin
A sailor set for Soldier!
The Off-Grid Operative
Collection by Bapaul
Behind Enemy Lines
Collection by Svdl
The perfect place to get drunk and blow stuff up.
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