Flying High
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Einbert di Korinia 2月11日 4時55分 
Maybe a bug: It's possible to make a portal to another side (with observation room) when flying through the portal on the plate with orange mark.
quatrus 2014年10月24日 12時45分 
Outstanding again....
Chelliste 2014年10月24日 8時53分 
Very enjoyable, and a bit of a challenge setting things up to make that big bounce. I can do without the potato, though, if GlaDOS isn't going to talk to me.
TS_Mind_Swept 2014年8月23日 22時42分 
another great map with a fascinating pre-map puzzle, so far, I love all of your work! 9/10
Petutski 2014年7月31日 13時32分 
Logical and flying! Excellent!
lfairban 2014年5月30日 13時40分 
Great map. Took a great deal of thought.
Malfaction 2014年5月29日 18時11分 
Very Nice! Thumbs up!
BEN 77  [作成者] 2014年5月20日 3時42分 
@ RectorRocks : Great video , as usual :) Thanks !

...Three days later... xD
RectorRocks 2014年5月20日 3時17分 
Awesome puzzle! Loved the details too :)
Here's my playthrough:

Thumbs up! Thanks for mapping!
Cheers! :)