Portal 2
Flying High
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Benzolamps 2017年8月28日 21時27分 
Easy, but I love the environment
Warbear 2017年5月22日 20時12分 
OMG! The first of your puzzles I solved without youtube help! wooo hooo!

Good map dude.
bullfrog 2017年3月21日 3時06分 
Excellent puzzle. I believe I did as intended :)
Phaaze 2016年11月21日 0時01分 
This one seems easier than all your others, or I'm too used to your way of thinking lol
adamu 2016年6月15日 10時19分 
I also skipped most of the second area. If you ninja-fire a portal into the far wall as you come out of the high portal, just before you hit the blue gel. you can then portal from the orange-gel directly to the far area, skipping the button, the box, and the rotating blue gel platform.
King 2016年5月23日 0時12分 
Great map, but on the first jump with the angled blue goo panel, I was able to somehow gain a type of speed boost by jumping on the bloo goo then jumping on it a second time. This launched me into the white panel behind me which somehow propelled me forward into the angled blue goo panel and over the gap. This doesn't seem to be the intended way to solve the puzzle because I got the speed boost out of nowhere. Again, great map, but that is definitely a bug.
Gemarakup 2016年4月27日 12時03分 
In the last chamber, I did what Limeiliz isDecent did. There were some things there that I didn't use, so maybe you should fix that if you can.
TS_Mind_Swept 2016年4月11日 20時43分 
I know I already played this one due to my comment, but since I'm going through ALL of your maps on camera I played it again, still fun, here's the link to the video https://youtu.be/Bnm2AITwiUk?t=24m46s
Limeliz isDecent 2016年4月10日 13時42分 
Fun and challenging! I don't know what was the use for the cube, as I could simply portal my way over to the other side. You should fix that!
WK2Trailhawk 2016年1月6日 16時57分 
On my first run I was able to open the correct portals without ever using the cube. I knew this wasn't right so I went back and figured out the "correct" method. Probably just need to block the far surface. BTW, I really like your maps. Visually stunning and challenging.
zazaza 2015年12月26日 8時02分 
Most of the test elements in the chamber can be bypassed! It's a single jump really... I liked the intro puzzles though.
Erinacio Feromius 2015年2月11日 4時55分 
Maybe a bug: It's possible to make a portal to another side (with observation room) when flying through the portal on the plate with orange mark.
quatrus 2014年10月24日 12時45分 
Outstanding again....
Chelliste 2014年10月24日 8時53分 
Very enjoyable, and a bit of a challenge setting things up to make that big bounce. I can do without the potato, though, if GlaDOS isn't going to talk to me.
TS_Mind_Swept 2014年8月23日 22時42分 
another great map with a fascinating pre-map puzzle, so far, I love all of your work! 9/10
Petutski 2014年7月31日 13時32分 
Logical and flying! Excellent!
lfairban 2014年5月30日 13時40分 
Great map. Took a great deal of thought.
Malfaction 2014年5月29日 18時11分 
Very Nice! Thumbs up!
BEN 77  [作成者] 2014年5月20日 3時42分 
@ RectorRocks : Great video , as usual :) Thanks !

...Three days later... xD
RectorRocks 2014年5月20日 3時17分 
Awesome puzzle! Loved the details too :)
Here's my playthrough:

Thumbs up! Thanks for mapping!
Cheers! :)