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Wolf bytes Nov 3, 2013 @ 2:50pm 
Also a favorite.
Wolf bytes Nov 3, 2013 @ 2:49pm 
Nice. I'm not complaining, but I've seen red fizzlers before, and they were usually a combination of emansipation grills + deadly laser fields... I have seen a detection grid that was green before, but up to you. I only say this because I was nervous to touch the field until I knew what it was. Still brovo and nicely done!
dalbozofgurth Oct 19, 2013 @ 2:36pm 
neat ideas, a little short.
Gemarakup Oct 15, 2013 @ 12:30am 
Interesting puzzle.
2001str Oct 13, 2013 @ 10:00am 
I like it for the concept, very well put together map, but you need to make make more levels like this, but only harder.
Escaper  [author] Oct 13, 2013 @ 9:43am 
@Unique PotatOS: Because than I can use the same principe at the start of the map!
Solig Oct 13, 2013 @ 8:35am 
0 portals :)
kacper.slezak Oct 13, 2013 @ 12:16am 
super test(:
^1|HS|HamsterLupe Oct 12, 2013 @ 9:15am 
Destined Potato Oct 12, 2013 @ 8:36am 
why do you all way have the player fall at the end?
[λG] MisterAddy Oct 8, 2013 @ 12:19pm 
A good concept, but far too short!