Equivalent Exchange 1.4.3 (Mobupdate)
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umm im having troubles with making global singularitys, Im puting the dark matter in the top of the recipe maker 5 gold in the middle and........ no blueprint!(I waited one game day) PLEASE HELP
PurplePoison Nov 15 @ 4:04am 
nothing but gold is being made with exchangine chest and solar panels
PurplePoison Nov 14 @ 3:43pm 
My living logs won't be created with solarpanel energy
how do i craft the mobexchanger?
You mod is awesome but i just wanna say wher can i find all the emc items and how many of each does it take to make a gold nugget?
Brick_Block Oct 12 @ 4:23pm 
I think this mod could be very OP if used in the wrong way,
but can be very handy in the later part of the game, it is very well made Well Done.
☢Radioactive☢Püßßy Oct 5 @ 4:10pm 
Everything works fine except for the mulitool I crafted one and once i put it in my hand it floats away, Really annoying
☢Radioactive☢Püßßy Oct 4 @ 7:04pm 
80 thulacite in exchange chest with 3 gold at the top = 501 GOLD HOLY SHIT!
[Alt3]EVIL DR.VON TACOS Sep 13 @ 9:53am 
Actually works for me GREAT MOD
[Alt3]EVIL DR.VON TACOS Sep 13 @ 9:23am 
I used this and a FREKKNG SPIDER QUEEN came out
NudelGames  [author] Aug 23 @ 4:49am 
@SuTleo: read the mod description
SuTleo Aug 19 @ 7:49am 
when enchanted matter is changed to gold in exchanging chest or archemical chest, all of gold are all dropped and i have to pick them one by one. i want exchanged items to be in exchanging chest.
The Festive Cake Aug 15 @ 8:43am 
what is the Mobexchanger Shutdown Jar thing suppose to do?
Boomie Aug 12 @ 5:25am 
thx mate
The Festive Cake Aug 11 @ 1:53am 
The enchanted matter multitool is outta place when you hold it in your hand its like in the ground y?
The Festive Cake Aug 10 @ 10:45am 
HELP ME: the alchemical researcher is glowing just like it says but when i put my dark matter and 5 gold nuggets after 1 minute+ it wont create a blueprint problem?
Roman Fishtank Operator Jul 24 @ 6:46pm 
This is a really neat mod, a tad expensive gold wise to get started up....but worth it in the end....kinda.

The one thing that bugs me is that the list of what can be created seem's oddly arbitrary in places. Gems are A-OK, but gears are not. Sticks, reeds and grass convert, but not berries. Dark petals do, but nightmare fuel doesn't. Silk goes through, beefalo wool doesn't. Why is this?
Blackwing Jul 18 @ 9:29am 
I think I'm getting the same problem but I have everything disabled
ManTwoOneGlitch Jul 17 @ 9:23pm 
Thanks! I found the problem. It was the Link Character mod that didn't work. It works with Vanilla characters, just not with Link for some reason. Oh well, I found the problem! Thanks for the response!
NudelGames  [author] Jul 17 @ 5:06am 
if you have other mods instaled, try to test it without them (you just have to alt+f4 out of your world so that it isn't saving) this is how it should work:
-Put items in it
-close it
-after 2-5 seconds it should drop goldnuggets
ManTwoOneGlitch Jul 16 @ 10:32pm 
Hey, how long does it take for the Alchemical Engine to produce gold? It seems no matter how much Flint, or logs, or Anything I put in there, it never drops the gold. What am I doing wrong? Could it be a mod incompatibility?
NudelGames  [author] Jul 16 @ 10:25am 
it always puts emc into the global energysystem, you just hav to get the emc out again ("The exchanging chest has always a connection to the energysystem (if you upgraded it with gold)")
the master of games Jul 9 @ 4:30pm 
So how does the EMC solar panel work? Do i need to put it near a chest or out in the open because i just cant seem to get it to work.
Fungui Jul 6 @ 3:37pm 
My current favourite don't starve mod, a compliment to the original :)
Blackwing Jul 1 @ 6:51am 
<insert random comment here saying I love EE in Tekkit and I'll definately try this>
willibix Jun 25 @ 8:20am 
Hi there, love this mod a lot..... I used the multi-tool in another world and the same caracter it was working peachy, now the animation is displaced so the tool is floating in front of the caracter.
It works anyway (digging-choppin-hamering just fine) but it does look weird. Tought I'd let you know....
TheUltraMinecraftGamer Jun 23 @ 2:53pm 
simmile Jun 20 @ 2:44pm 
@ NudelGames Thank you for clarifying that for me.
NudelGames  [author] Jun 20 @ 12:33pm 
there are two recipes, because this items just simple has two recipes, so decide which one you want to use, the multitool needs this altar thingy in the ruins
simmile Jun 18 @ 12:38am 
I am a bit confused because in my game I have the Dark Matter Axe twice and a Dark matter pick ax, one needs a 4 dark matter+ dark sword+luxury ax, the other needs 4 dark matter+tentacle spikes+and 2 purple gems. They have different recipes so how are they different. I unsubscribed and resubscribed after noticing that you updated it and I also noticed that I do not have any of the recipes for the enchanted matter multitool. What am I doing wrong, was I suppose to build something else?
Renovartio Jun 17 @ 7:52pm 
The Exchange Chest isn't working for me...
NudelGames  [author] Jun 15 @ 1:50am 
hitbox update
Maxdamage A.F Jun 14 @ 5:22pm 
Can you please fix?
Maxdamage A.F Jun 14 @ 5:22pm 
Nudel Games!
when i download Mr mod of yours. it shows: Out of date! might have some issues
NudelGames  [author] Jun 14 @ 5:19pm 
Maxdamage A.F Jun 14 @ 5:15pm 
think so.... ill check if its up to date...
NudelGames  [author] Jun 14 @ 5:11pm 
what, there was a mod breaking update again ... D;;;
Maxdamage A.F Jun 13 @ 4:35am 
Maxdamage A.F Jun 11 @ 2:37am 
Please update with Rain of the Giants update! i can't use it at the moment.... ;-;
NudelGames  [author] May 25 @ 2:11pm 
-use the exchanging chest to create items from the energy network
-what expansive is wrong, FU notepad++ it's not showing me that it is wrong (I guess I have to check everything with another program)
Dr. Clumpy May 24 @ 12:28pm 
Great mod! However, i find it hard to select some of the structures in this mod. Fox example, to opean the researcher, you have to click below it, and that makes it a little annoying to use. Next, this can be replyed by anyone, how do you get the gold from the EMC Solarpanels. If anyone tells me thanks! Last, spellcheck. There are several spelling errors in this, and that annoys me a little. for example, Wolfgang says to dark matter "hmm expansive" Either this is intention because Wolfgang is suppost to be dumb or its a error from the modder. If so its "expensive" That is all!
W00t May 18 @ 3:36pm 
Thanks! :D
NudelGames  [author] May 18 @ 3:00pm 
W00t May 18 @ 7:11am 
There's a little bug with the researching machine, it does the same thing blowdarts used to do way back in beta and dumps all the used materials in the world's origin coordinates, which happens to be in the savannah right next to my base lol can't say I dont mind exploiting it but its quite game breaking
NudelGames  [author] May 14 @ 5:48am 
for now this mod is on its' end, maybe some smal things, but no big things in the near future, because I'm now making woodricity (buildcraft for DS)
[TK] Taco Kat May 13 @ 5:43pm 
thanks for the name and the update
NudelGames  [author] May 11 @ 4:59pm 
@Barrel Dash "The energysystem is global, so you don't have to connect the machines through wires!!!
If the alchemical researcher has created 5 recipes (used 25 gold) it will start glowing brighter, try to make a dark matter recipe and you will get a global singularity recipe...global singularity = 35 gold"
Pyromailtraindragon May 11 @ 4:42am 
Barrel, do you mean the global matter?
[TK] Taco Kat May 11 @ 4:40am 
something like that beacuse i cant craft it :(