General Improvements (Advanced)
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onetofollow 3 hours ago 
i cant crawl or use throwables or meelee wile incacipatedddddddstfecrcef
Fungi375 Sep 17 @ 5:15pm 
it would be nice if you can ad a slot for melee weapons so we now we have them
Ziggy ±PGD*±  [author] Sep 1 @ 10:38am 
Both addons modify the radial menus. Nothing I can do about that, sorry.
[TaG*] Blammos Sep 1 @ 7:28am 
Why does this conflict with VXL Vocalize?
pigbear Aug 29 @ 6:34am 
@Ploopz_Poopz It includes it.
Ploopz_Poopz Aug 26 @ 5:51pm 
this conflicts with the improved bots please fix
MASTER_C44 Aug 17 @ 4:27pm 
Not sure how to make the crawling work. Not sure if this is just a bug or something conflicting the in-game file for it (which it shouldn't be)
Sammy Aug 13 @ 2:08pm 
can you make it so you can eat pills and self revive when downed by pressing the use button? can you also make it when your jokeyed smoked pummeled pinned to shoot and kill the infected?
Sammy Aug 13 @ 1:58pm 
can you fix them none crawling downed issue?
Chiron Maximus Aug 11 @ 1:40pm 
Something is wrong. My friend and I both have the mod, but it doesn't work when we play together.
Gonfet Aug 6 @ 2:28pm 
Some of the features don't work with my other addons, for example, when i subscribed to melee weapons from the workshop, the melee slot feature doesn't work anymore.
Buttass Jul 30 @ 10:53pm 
Throwables work but melee's don't show up when incapped.
Can't crawl at all either.
Marry me <3
Mr. Scolex Jul 28 @ 10:40am 
Awesome, thanks!
Ziggy ±PGD*±  [author] Jul 28 @ 10:32am 
Steam will keep all of your subscribed addons updated automatically.
Mr. Scolex Jul 27 @ 9:51pm 
Will this update automatically? I mean, when you update it will it reinstall? Or do I have to keep checking back?
SuperLoneFox Jul 25 @ 4:00am 
@Francis Franchis
Noremorse M42 Jul 25 @ 2:38am 
Can't play a whole session with this. Bug maybe? Other than that I like this add-on.
Doctor Who Jul 18 @ 8:30am 
how did you get that gun?
烏賊 Jul 12 @ 2:40pm 
Messes with everything, sorry, but I hate this.
NikZgaming Jul 12 @ 10:55am 
nice (-:
Ziggy ±PGD*±  [author] Jul 12 @ 10:52am 
Yeah, several people have reported that. I will try to look into it this weekend.
NikZgaming Jul 12 @ 10:48am 
ok thanks (-:
anyway. the mod didnt seem that bad but many of the features didn't work (the reason why i tried to turn the addon off in the first place) maybe you could give it an update
Ziggy ±PGD*±  [author] Jul 12 @ 10:42am 
No, it's not possible for the addon to cause that, it would be an error on Steam's end when it's supposed to remove it automatically for you.
NikZgaming Jul 12 @ 2:51am 
i got rid of it by deleting it manually, however something like this has never happened to me before, so i asume its this mod that's a little broken.. i dunno
Ziggy ±PGD*±  [author] Jul 11 @ 3:04pm 
@NikZgaming: Sorry to hear that. If the addon is still installed after you unsubscribe from it then you might have to go to your Left 4 Dead 2 directory and delete it manually.

@wildbabykicker4: Yes, I have heard an update to the game might have broken some of this addon's features. I will look into it and get it updated soon.
Walmart'sLowLowPrices Jul 11 @ 2:58am 
Hey, great mod. It worked for a while, but as of late it stopped. Kind of sad about this :( Can you update it?
NikZgaming Jul 11 @ 2:51am 
yes, i know that but for some reason i could'nt turn it off.. so yeah, you can tell im not pleased with this mod
Ziggy ±PGD*±  [author] Jul 10 @ 3:53pm 
If you don't like the changes this addon makes you can disable it in the addons menu in-game, or just click the button above to unsubscribe and Steam will remove it automatically.
NikZgaming Jul 10 @ 3:53am 
it doesent work and i cant turn it off! for some reason!
=Slither=[Knight] Jun 30 @ 4:19am 
@MunkeyThrust I agree.
MunkeyThrust Jun 19 @ 2:13pm 
Crawling don't work
Glaceon's Magic Parcel™ Jun 17 @ 10:11pm 
Was this updated recently?
Because several things've broken. The Ammo upgrades go back into the medkit slot now. And it now conflicts with mods it didn't before.
IronPool Jun 10 @ 5:40pm 
Why can't i crawl? it does everything but the crawl, any help?
ThaMan Jun 7 @ 9:11am 
i tried picking up a ammo upgrade and i droped my first aid kit and and the same happens the other way round.
banansa47 Jun 3 @ 12:08pm 
it seems that all game altering scripts arn't working now..... any one not seeing any changes when they are using script mods?
GROOT Jun 1 @ 8:48am 
Worst Encounter May 31 @ 10:41pm 
Is this compatible with Space Mod?
Hot Shot 217 May 31 @ 4:43pm 
Really? Well that's a bummer. You might consider improving that, maybe making an even more advanced version of general improvements. I'm sure by now you've thought of one or two things you regret not including. It always seems to happen, no matter how good you make something there's always room for improvement!
Ziggy ±PGD*±  [author] May 31 @ 10:33am 
No, the new menu is required for the Improved Bots to work.
Hot Shot 217 May 31 @ 9:47am 
Could you change this so that the main menu is unaffected? Anytime I want to play a vanilla campaign, I select it and go straight to the game without getting to select my character or difficulty. Also machine guns don't have an eight second cool-down.
[TAC] 21st Century Schizo Man May 28 @ 12:14pm 
please make the smgs " Silenced SMG" and "UZI" in the secondary slot soon, thank you.
Samuraismus May 28 @ 4:43am 
Can you make a mod where you only give the pump shotguns more ammo?
Reliable_Alpaca May 25 @ 3:17pm 
well, i guess ill try. this is one of the best mods i have so ill keep on trying
Ziggy ±PGD*±  [author] May 25 @ 3:14pm 
The addon menu isn't 100% accurate at detecting conflicts. Have you tried disabling your other addons to make sure?
Reliable_Alpaca May 25 @ 3:12pm 
nope, i checked and nothing is red
Ziggy ±PGD*±  [author] May 25 @ 3:12pm 
You probably have a conflicting addon installed.
Reliable_Alpaca May 25 @ 2:03pm 
this addon isnt working at all, any suggestions?
Chiron Maximus May 25 @ 5:20am 
I don't crawl when I'm incapped.
VoIPSpa May 24 @ 3:19pm 
Everything works great in this addon exept for one bug that i haven't seen listed in the comments, when i die the game ends and resets to the saferoom, it happens with this addon and the Improved bot (advanced & simple) addon (all 3 not used at the same time) any help?