Marriage Mod - To Have & To Hold
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Nostre The Giant Sep 13 @ 12:50pm 
does this make klepper's daughter from markarth marriable.
Darkeness. Sep 8 @ 4:30pm 
Hello, I -attempted- to marry the Argonian, Shavee. The quest popped up saying 'speak to your spouse during the ceremony' but when I did, all I could ask is her vanila dialogue and asking her to move in her house. Any ideas?
jaderive Sep 7 @ 3:02am 
Anyone know if the author JoeThinkStudio's is still active ? and working on the mods, I havent seen any replies from htem at all, I know rl can be very busy, went 5-6 threads back and no reply ?
jaderive Sep 7 @ 2:55am 
@ Maple, I do beleive teh video mentions you can divource you current spouse for someone else o.o, did you want to video
jaderive Sep 7 @ 2:53am 
I love teh whole idea of this mod on whole, just one thing when watching the video, the new npc's that are opened up for marriage, hhhmmm seem to All females ;p , will you be adding couple of males for women, the men on the wiki for availbility, "cough" rough choice, , while there are quite a few male follower / marriageable mods, just you know if This mod, hint hint, had like one or 2 , as with the females for availibility... o.o :p
Cycriss Aug 31 @ 2:13pm 
It won't let me talk to the Aspect. I get the prompt but nothing happens
VultureTim Aug 29 @ 8:34pm 
is there a divorce system?
柏崎星奈 Aug 29 @ 6:45am 
Helen.Baq Aug 27 @ 9:01pm 
This mod turned my dark elf female's body into a male orc.
Ms. Stranger Aug 26 @ 4:07pm 
Hey, in order to get the Spouces Enhanced mod to work with this, it's best to be single and then marry the person.
I just wanna let other people know.
Also, is it possible to remarry someone that you divorce?
DragonsBlood 11:11 Aug 26 @ 6:01am 
Didnt work for me.That sucks!Theres many a woman in skyrim i want to marry.Cant just stop at one.Oh well,ill just stick to divorce and re-marry with the console.
MartinBoc Aug 26 @ 2:29am 
I wanna marriage people of same gender (lesbians :3 )
Nimnir Aug 24 @ 4:40pm 
I assume the mod will work for any characters i "force" into liking me through cc. And not only for those that are available in vanilla.

(If so, Mark.20 and all you others wondering what command to use:
addtofaction 19809 1
setrelationshiprank player 4 )
Mark.20 Aug 21 @ 2:41pm 
one my save i was married to aela and wondered what it would be like to marry lydia. after the devorce and marrying again i realised being with lydia wasnt working for me, but now aela wont talk to me so we cant get back together and my last save of us together is along time ago. is there a way for aela to marry me again because i really dont want to have to go back the my last save :( PLEASE HELP!!!!
EPICDUCK623 Aug 20 @ 7:43am 
i want to live in a house i made in with hearthfire, but it won't giv me that house as an option. Is it a glitch or is this mod not compatiable with hearthfire?
Blihk™ Aug 18 @ 7:54pm 
the quest speak to ____ during the reception never gets completed no matter how many times i speak to them, and if i return to the house i told them to go to the marker for the previously mentioned quest ends up somewhere near ivarstead... plz help
lordtemplar17 Aug 18 @ 12:40pm 
how about adding a quest to invite any one you want
EKA101 Aug 15 @ 7:51am 
very good mod.
King Murrlin Aug 14 @ 1:38am 
so how do you marry multiple wivesat the same time, the aspect wont let me talk to it
Tainted Smegma Aug 14 @ 12:40am 
to make the aspect re-appear just pray at the mara altar
Captain Kraken Aug 13 @ 3:24pm 
I give the Aspect the money, propose to new wife, but then it keeps saying 'attend your wedding' no matter how much I wait. I am not sure whether its an incompatiblity issue cause I have a multi-follower, marriable serena and two other marriable NPC's. Help please.
nochoman37 Aug 11 @ 3:40pm 
how do you get anouther wife? it doesnt give me the option after i married someone
Deathbringer Aug 11 @ 2:17pm 
The quest keeps failing and i'm doing everything it's wants me to what do i do?
Captain Kraken Aug 11 @ 3:11am 
@joeThinksStudios The Aspect of Love isn't at the Temple of Mara, I have moved it to the top and the bottom of my mod list, but it doesn't work. What I am doing wrong?
Tadrain Aug 9 @ 8:39am 
Idk how to do the quest find out where [...] has gone~Who am I finding?~please respond quickly~
florent.perret Aug 9 @ 1:14am 
Hello everyone, I'd like to know if this mod and it's hearthfire update is compatible with the mod "Spouse enhanced"
matthunter76 Aug 7 @ 12:29pm 
needs fixing
Nyan Meister Aug 3 @ 7:49pm 
Why can't I talk to the aspect he appears and when it says e to talk it doesn't work please help
matthunter76 Aug 2 @ 2:57pm 
When I Attend The Wedding Ceremony It says I failed and the wedding doesnt happen. Help??????????
Better then your medic. Jul 31 @ 10:11am 
Its an good mod, but it need a bit of work, just install it, you will forget it, it will be worked on and eventually you will remember and then you want to never get rid of it again
kc7lzk Jul 31 @ 9:00am 
After reading all this i am going to hold off downloading this mod for now.
Better then your medic. Jul 31 @ 6:14am 
How does the Aspect of Love appear?
Big Jul 28 @ 10:38am 
The Aspect of Love appeared only once, and when i brought the money he dont appear. I try to put alpha v.esp to the lowest active mod in the skyrim launcher, but unsuccessfully.
Baryonyx Jul 28 @ 9:24am 
I have a problem with this: I talked to the aspect and was able to propse to a second wife and she accepted. Now the questlog tells me to go to Maramal but he does not have any appropriate dialog option. So I'm stuck. Anyone knows some help?
Toughmule Jul 23 @ 10:51pm 
mbrou same here I got my 5th wife and then on my 6th I couldn't attend the marriage and I am using dawngaurd dragonborn and hearthfre
tpowell647 Jul 19 @ 10:02am 
sorry to bother you, but i was at the alter of mara talking to the ghost when i was rudley inturrupped and when i got back he was gone, i tried seveal times to reconnect but he does not talk to me . i've even deleted and started over but still no words
what do you suggest
mbrou87 Jul 17 @ 12:33pm 
Im having the same problem. i find a wife and wait for the marriage but no matter how or where i wait, it fails the "attend your marriage" and i cant marry any npc. ive tried everything. i have my custom clothes, what am i doing wrong? this mod isnt working
acmedad Jul 16 @ 11:24am 
Has anyone seen a mod that expands the dialog with one's spouse? able to bring home gifts to the spouse? ...enables to the spouse to change outfits? And so on...
A Question Mark Jul 10 @ 8:52pm 
I don't know whats wrong.I did everything i let nadina leave my service to attend the wedding wore the dress and even waited outside but when i enter it ends nadina gets P.O.D and im not married halp
A Question Mark Jul 10 @ 7:03pm 
@Zacharie's Snackarie been having the same problem w/ Nadina.
Zacharie's Snackarie Jul 9 @ 6:58pm 
(i dont know if this has been asked before but im not going through 172 pages of questions.)
Whenever i book the wedding with maramal it immediately make a marker above his head and whenever i talked to him the only options were to either donate or talk about mara's beliefs.
I tryed waiting for a day till six and then i kept waiting but no other marker appeared or no quest was failed. Everything up to that worked fine, finding a person, saying yeah buddy im interested, paying the fee, booking a wedding, but then after that its crap for me. if you can help that would be great thank you.
Le Mer Jul 8 @ 4:45pm 
I'm having issues marrying a third wife. The first 2 marriages worked just fine, but when trying to marry a third, I get through the ceremony and then am told to talk to them during the reception, when you tell them where you want them to live. Well, on my third marriage the only option is 'Follow Me'. I can't finish the wedding or start a new marriage.
eklopez32 Jul 7 @ 4:46pm 
@p47lover it worked, thanks
p47lover Jul 7 @ 10:13am 
@ekiopez32 You have to leave the temple, then wait until it's time for the wedding.
eklopez32 Jul 6 @ 12:31am 
I wait in the temple until its time for the wedding, but it still says i failed to attempt the wedding. Help?
mickeyzijdey Jul 5 @ 2:28pm 
Is it possible to Disable the clothing part, because I got another mod for that.
Eduji Jul 5 @ 1:57am 
for some reason "The Aspect Of Love" is not appearing, and neither is the boob. too bad, i really wanted to try this mod.
frontroxes Jul 3 @ 9:13pm 
i cant get her to move into lakeview house is this because of the mod?
CrackHeadMcGee Jul 3 @ 5:27pm 
i cant divorce and i cant remarry
becster731 Jun 30 @ 11:41pm 
I can't even talk to the aspect of love T.T