Marriage Mod - To Have & To Hold
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Toor Skoboviik May 23 @ 7:50pm 
How about making more people able to be the dragonborn's spouse? I mean, come on, s/he is the dovahkiin of legend, and it's quite hard to find mods that do this.
TrollLord May 23 @ 7:48am 
why is the mod not working by me
sketchashoup May 17 @ 1:17am 
does this mod not work if you get it after you already married in the game
sketchashoup May 17 @ 12:39am 
so i got this mod after my wife died. will it work or am i doomed. cant seem to get remarried
Bilbo Faggins May 16 @ 11:41pm 
where is aspect of love exactly?
Arby May 15 @ 2:44pm 
The Aspect of Love doesn't do anything when I try to talk to him ????
skully blackcrow May 12 @ 11:54pm 
it doesnt show up in my mods what should i do ????
Eliminator May 6 @ 5:28pm 
I can't fine the Aspect of Love!
Tbd730 Apr 27 @ 8:12pm 
Update: Don't try this method, the mod makes divorce perminant, and reseting the AI won't help... hope you have a regular house, then you will have no problems
Tbd730 Apr 27 @ 7:56pm 
WARNING! Avoid this mod if your family is in a Hearthfire home, the character I married, Ysolda, is broken, she no longer has the option to return to my Hearthfire home. I'm attempting to divorce her, disable the mod, remarry, and see if that fixes anything.
willymammoth7 Apr 27 @ 5:03pm 
Where is the aspect of love? I can't find it!
LarryLongBalls Apr 27 @ 5:02pm 
Okay I was able to talk to the aspect of love. I remarried my spouse because she disapeared and now the wedding is over and such. Yet, I can not get her to move into my hearthfire house. There is the option to move somewhere else in the dialog ,but when I click it the conversation jsut ends.
LarryLongBalls Apr 27 @ 4:50pm 
I can't talk to the aspect of love?
Lucky_noob88 Apr 26 @ 7:02am 
As soon as I attend the wedding to the second spouse(which must be around the very few minutes past midnight to the second day when the wedding is to be held) all NPCs spawn around me and are happy and I get the quest: Attend to your wedding. But it instantly fails the second after everyone have just appeared and everyone starts hating me, not even giving me the ability to talk to the one I tried to marry and make up for it either.

What is it that I can be doing wrong?
I do have 2 more mods installed regarding marrying and they enables me to marry more argonians and kajits(or rather force NPCs to become marryable if there is a voice for it) and that's basically it.
jaderive Apr 25 @ 11:01pm 
ohh ,and lols dont ecpect your already spouse to turn up at the next wedding >< xD lol cant see that ever happening
jaderive Apr 25 @ 11:00pm 
You cann use this mod and cast "make new home "or w/e it is, from the mod without havig to divource... in the powers tab
reb611 Apr 13 @ 4:30pm 
Guys first of all for those with hearthfire divorce your wives. Then search the workshop for Marraige adapter the mod fixes it so they can live in your build house. So divorce wife, then save and exit, then download marriage adapter mod, then start skyrim and let it update the new mod then start skyrim and continue. Then immediatly save and exit. Then start skyrim up again and let it update mods, then play skyrim and remarry your wife and it should be fixed
Schredder Apr 13 @ 3:01pm 
my women dont live withe me in my builded hom from hearthfire she goes back to her own home
Austinjacob Apr 13 @ 4:12am 
wait nvm, just move it to the bottom of your mods, but now my soon to be second spouse is not comming to the weding!
Austinjacob Apr 13 @ 2:18am 
why cant i talk to the Aspect of love? i tryed everything, it just wont let me...
GalexPk Apr 12 @ 6:16pm 
Hi, this works with Storefront mod?
Minato_Namikaze Apr 12 @ 1:42pm 
@Warsun99 all at once my freind. all at once
Austinjacob Apr 12 @ 2:44am 
does this work with Marriage Dynamic Outfits?
sadfacekills Apr 9 @ 7:26pm 
at first it worked great but now they wont live in my home they go back to their original home!!
TheMachampion Apr 8 @ 11:14pm 
It made Ysolda turn into a man how do I delete???!!!
General Ivan Apr 4 @ 5:42am 
Make it so imperial and stormcloack quests affect the marriage
DeathuponU1 Mar 29 @ 6:11pm 
Why can't i marry anyone other than the spouse i already had?
yrmama Mar 26 @ 7:48pm 
Yeah, I also had the problem of being late to my wedding because I thought "tomorrow" meant well, tomorrow. So I had to chase him down & apologize & he took me back. To be on the safe side, I waited outside the temple from about midnight & followed the arrow: apparently, it's traditional in Skyrim to get married at 1 am. Nice to see my buddies from some other locales.
My beloved was already there. Oddly, when the ceremony began he was in his underwear! Soon as we were proposed husband & wife, his wedding clothes came on. I didn't mind the nudity, it was pretty funny. At least you know what you're getting!
sagittarius Mar 24 @ 2:01am 
@staticmunk7777 : You try it, and after it you tell it us us and Send Fotos from your Mariage.
We are Sorry that we can not come to your Marriage Ceremony,
but in Our Universe ( Our Reallity ) we are the Dragonborn, so, we can not come.
staticmunk7777 Mar 23 @ 1:55pm 
does this work with more argonian love cause i want madesi for a spouse and a few others
Distracted Distraction Mar 20 @ 11:10am 
Ok, I'm confused.

The game keeps pretending I've left my spouse at the altar. I tried waiting waiting 23 hours so I'd be on time, but apparently 'tomorrow' means 'Sometime around 1 am'

I then tried to wait one hour each time until the temple was suddenly full and Mjoll and everyone called me a prick for being late. When I figured out between which hours it was supposed to take place, I waited and waited, and then Mjoll teleported in at the last second, changed clothes and then once again called me a prick for leaving her at the altar. I was waiting in the bloody temple!

Am I supposed to walk out and enter just as the prompt goes up? Do I need to talk to anyone? The marker keeps floating over Maramal, but I can't say anything special to him. Am I supposed to get Mjoll to follow me to the temple?
sublime40oz7 Mar 15 @ 11:08pm 
I just subbed to this mod and the other Hearthfire Marriage mod together and they seem to be working fine. Great work! I use Hearthfire too so my 3 different spouses each live in a different house. No problems so far. Reading the book may help with being able to talk to the Aspect of Love, but I find that when I take off the Amulet of Mara he speaks to me. Also for anyone else out there, make sure you speak to you spouse right after the wedding ceremony without speaking to anyone or taking anything else, otherwise they get stuck and the quest doesn't update. If you speak to them 1st when its over, smooth sailing!
sublime40oz7 Mar 14 @ 1:32pm 
My spouse can only move to my home in windhelm. Is there a reason for that? Is there any way to get her to move to another house, vanilla or Hearthfire? The other option to move "somewhere special" is still there but I haven't tried that yet. It would be cool to have spouses move to different houses with this mod, any help would be appreciated.
nicnac98 Mar 8 @ 6:41pm 
This solves the worst fear of someone, (100% not me) who foolishly marries Lydia.
ZalrokChaos Mar 8 @ 1:01pm 
Added to Nexus?
Leondarkfury Mar 5 @ 11:10am 
How can you get your spouses to move to houses added in Hearthfire
spagnier.roran Mar 3 @ 7:48am 
spouses are with the mod or it may be Lydia or follower mods?
zevonovich Mar 1 @ 7:25pm 
I can't seem to get this to work. Any suggestions?
hill.john45 Feb 24 @ 11:30pm 
jaderive Feb 23 @ 12:48am 

please Read previous posts from people , you should get an option to ask them, and I have explained another way you could do it as well, with this , and trial and error with this, on 2nd or 3rd marriage, but you do need to wait and speak to love aspec to achirve another
hurricanethor Feb 21 @ 1:51pm 
how do you divorce
jaderive Feb 21 @ 2:07am 
and for those who dosnt see or cant talk to aspect of love , console command tcl and dont move to much till you see teh blue glow aspec seems stuck between floors, while tcl active you slowly move to him and speak, I dont think this mod fully does teh whole 11 spouses, after 2 i think its or the marrigae system becomes glitchy
jaderive Feb 21 @ 2:04am 
So far from Ive read, if you recieved courier letter thingy yes, although after telling spouse no2 I wanted a divource with this mod active, still doesnt work so I had to do the
completequest 0007431B
resetquest 0007431B
resetquest 00021382
and trying for spouse number 3 but maramal and aspect of love keep giving me the same bs chat , aspect say "perhaps you should venture out more, and find thos those who would be potiential spouse" =/
♔ Pigglet Feb 20 @ 9:20am 
Wait....Does this mean I can marry once again after my spouse's extremely mysterious death that I had nothing to do with what so ever???
jaderive Feb 17 @ 3:23pm 
Also to I would like add the first time the marrriage part of the quest " talk to spouse during ceromony, goes thru ok, but second time, it fails, or wont update where you tell them where you'll be living so unfortunately I had to use console command to finish the quest and self update, just so long as the arrow dissappeard from the heads,
try one of these or both,
tild key ~ the type completequest 0007431b or setstage relationshipmarriage 250
it will probably say fail but thats for quest only, you will still have married your in game spouse
jaderive Feb 17 @ 3:14pm 
Secondly be patient about love aspect takes a few minutes for him to show depending on game , if he wont speak to your try goinng outside the temple wait a minute then go back in,

For me I'd done the love book quest, from the priest there as well, so when I wanted to try and get married to a New Hubby,
I Bought Another amulet of mara from Maramal, once I had the Love Aspect showed up, and thru certain chat choices like "you mentioned something,"one I was able to go married again

BUT this time IT COST ME 10.000 septims LOL so be careful about getting married again, be happy with your choice of spouse xD , I'm guessing ti's going to Really cost more each time =P
SIDE NOTE ran into ex hubby and its like were still married, , he says " ah good to see you dear" lol o.O
jaderive Feb 17 @ 3:14pm 
Firstly in using this with a fresh playthru and was at lv 35-40 ish everything went fine, altho none of companions turned up did the bard quest with this and raidient rainment quicky quest, that all went fine, but 1st hubby bugged out and kept try to return and did so , to thriskmead hall, spent a lot a time try or suing console command to find where he was, so in the end I asked for a divorce, ( the option was there .. he walked off , thats fine,

jaderive Feb 17 @ 3:12pm 
I dont think joe is even working on mods or this at least anymore, so therefore has replied to anyone , but have had this awhile and will try to answer your questions,

is the later mod made yet?
hurricanethor Feb 13 @ 5:30am 
how do you divorce