The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Artifacts Of Ultima
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Update: May 21 @ 3:20pm

Update: Mar 24 @ 7:22am

Ver. 1.8.1

Added Protector

Added the Jeweled Weapons

Fixed an issue with the shields where they'd be invisible if used by vampires

Update: Dec 28, 2016 @ 4:05pm

Ver. 1.8

Added the Blade of Striking

Revised the Magebane's textures

Spruced up the Door Shield

Removed the casting effects from the wands and Firedoom staves. For the fire wands, the casting effects have been replaced with a shrunken-down torch effect

The blue Firedoom staff now uses a blue version of the fireball projectile

Redid the fire swords. They now have new textures and a revised model, and their old scabbards have been removed and replaced with the Dragonslayer scabbard. The light spell they cast has also been conditioned so it doesn't turn the light on if it happens to still be active and you draw another weapon.

Spruced up the Tomb of Khumash-Gor

The Hoe of Destruction's head now slowly pulses and does more damage, plus it now ignores 50% of an opponent's armor.

Revised the glow on the Death Scythe's blade, adding a chromatic blue glow on top of the wispy shimmer it had before. The scythe also does much more damage than before.

Relocated Enilno and did a bit of re-positioning on some hint notes. Enilno's hint note has been modified to help point to its new location.

Update: Nov 8, 2016 @ 4:39pm

Ver. 1.7.3

Added in the meshes for the spiked shields, which I brilliantly neglected to add to the BSA. Derp.

Added the Coldfire sword, a rare variant on the blue fire sword. This takes more after the fire swords in Serpent Isle, dealing frost damage instead of fire.

Update: Sep 3, 2016 @ 10:51am

Corrected an old texture used by the Great Dagger's sword form, which should hopefully fix any issues with it appearing when it shouldn't.

Update: Jul 17, 2016 @ 9:44am

Ver. 1.7.2

Redesigned Enilno's pommel and made the gems slightly emissive.

Flamesting has been given a bit of a makeover. All of the textures have been revised somewhat and the normal maps improved. The blade deco is now also separate from the blade and everything's a bit shinier overall.

Fixed a problem with the Firedoom Staff that'd cause a CTD if it was dropped or put on a weapon rack.

Update: Feb 10, 2016 @ 10:44am

Ver. 1.7.1

Corrected the impact sounds for the projectile and the bow occasionally firing an Incinerate projectile as well as its normal one.

Update: Feb 7, 2016 @ 9:09pm

Ver. 1.7

Added the Infinity Bow and a hint note for it

The Scimitar of Khumash-Gor and Bonecrusher have been material-classed as silver, so they'll jive with mods like Truly Undead.

The standard and Magic bow both have lost weight and gotten a new texture.

Update: Dec 4, 2015 @ 7:01pm

Ver. 1.6

Added conditions to Enilno's effects so it doesn't disrupt dwarven automatons or spiders

Added a smattering of notes to provide clues to weapon locations. Almost all of them can be found in hold inns.

Increased Bonecrusher's swing speed and slightly reduced the scale of its mesh, and revised its textures some. It's now also especially effective against Mr. Skeltal.

Did some tweaking to Enilno. It's a bit faster now and one of its effects has been strengthened.

Fixed the Great Dagger's enchantment effect. Before it used a rather roundabout method that had inconsistent results and required unequipping and re-equipping the weapon for it to work, now it should behave correctly.

Added the Spiked Shield in two flavors, steel and bronze. One is heavy armor and the other is light. The Spiked Shield is an upgrade of sorts to the Targe of the Blooded, causing a bit more bleeding damage and both offer better protection, and UNLIKE the Targe the Spiked Shield(s) can be enchanted.

Added the Scimitar of Khumash-Gor, and a custom dungeon for you to get it from!

Update: Oct 23, 2015 @ 9:16am

Added a note to Mistveil to help clue the player into where Enilno lies.