Artifacts Of Ultima
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Update: Jan 17 @ 1:35pm

Version 1.2

Fixed an issue with the glass sword's script where you'd get "the glass sword has shattered", even if you're not using a glass sword. The script has been tightened up a bit as well, so now the glass swords should actually break when they're supposed to.

Glass swords are now craftable, but they ain't no cheap cake. To craft 'em you need Daedric smithing, 5 peer gems and the Skyforge. There's 2 different types of peer gems and you need 5 of one type to make a sword. Peer gems aren't easy to find but they are affected by Prowler's Profit, so if you did No Stone Unturned you'll have better chances of findin' em.. The sword'll show up under the Glass category at the Skyforge when you have one or more peer gems of either type.

Glass sword's mesh was tweaked again, the blade's now refractive.

Fixed the Dragonslayer sword's perk, as it didn't actually work because of an improperly defined condition.

Update: Oct 18, 2013 @ 6:51pm

Version 1.1

Added the Firedoom staves and fire wands. These guys are in level lists, so they'll be found as loot and in the hands of wizurds

Gave the blue Fire Sword a custom impact effect

Changed the shattering sound of the glass sword to the ward's shattering sound

Tweaked the appearance of the glass sword's blade

Adjusted some of the level lists.

Gave the Magebane's ench effect a description, so it doesn't list +1000 Magebane and crap like that on the off chance the player gets hit by the sword. Also adjusted its impact effects and a few other minor streamlining tweaks.

Nerfed the damage of the lightning wands.

The Magebane can now be tempered with 2 Void Salts

Death Scythe's ench effects have been given the Magebane treatment. Duration of the Curse has been increased to 30 minutes. Aspects that shouldn't be visible in the UI (such as the Magicka Rate, stamina, etc) are now hidden, and the central effect has been given a description. Conditions have been added too to make sure the effects aren't re-applied on each hit. The enchantment shader has also been changed to a blue "membrane" rather than the knotwork style it had before, and the scythe itself now has a smokey blueness on its blade

Both Fire Swords can now be tempered with fire salts and a steel ingot.

The Death Scythe now requires an ebony ingot and 3 void salts to temper.

Relocated the Dragonslayer sword. It's still in Arcwind Point, but in a more stable location as it tended to slip under the snow in its previous spot.

Update: Sep 26, 2013 @ 12:58pm

Initial Release