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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Artifacts Of Ultima
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Update: Oct 23 @ 9:16am

Added a note to Mistveil to help clue the player into where Enilno lies.

Update: Oct 21 @ 3:00pm

Ver. 1.5

Added The Quicksword, Enilno. I took some considerable artistic license with its design since Ultima II doesn't exactly have much in the way of artwork for it, and its rendition in Ultima 5: Lazarus is, IMO, too fantastical.

Spruced up the Sword of Defense some, giving it a custom-made pommel stone (instead of the shrunk-down diamond mesh it used before) and reworked most of its textures.

The Hoe of Destruction has been totally redone, with a brand-spanking new model and textures.

Added the Great Dagger.

Reworked Flamesting's fire blast, since the rotated dragon flame approach was butts.

Added the Magician's Wand

The Magebane now has a custom sheath and its effects have been tweaked a little. It now interrupts spellcasters on top of vaping their magicka.

Changed the grip texture on Erinon's Axe

Update: Mar 23 @ 1:25pm

Reduced the duration of the poison dagger's effect and its magnitude. Also removed the slowing effect from it. I wanted it so the dagger's effect could be cured by cure poison potions and such, but I've found it doesn't work when the MGEF is used as an enchantment effect. Also adjusted how its description is set up.

Update: Mar 21 @ 9:24am

Just a reupload to make sure it all got uploaded.

Update: Mar 21 @ 9:22am

Version 1.4

Several new weapons added! Ultima 8 gets some love with Slayer, Flamesting and Bonecrusher have been added to the roster, as well as Erinon's Axe from Serpent Isle, and a couple bows! The Magic Bow and the standard Britannian Longbow, along with standard arrows and Burst Arrows. There's also a secret weapon, see if you can find it. ;)

Revised the Dragonslayer sword's perk addition script

Fixed the IMod for the blue fireballs, so now it's actually blue

Several weapons have had a bit of a makeover and now look purdier. The glass sword also now has a more proper scabbard.

The Fire Swords now will cast light when unsheathed, instead of on being equipped. This applies even if a fire sword is given to a follower or held in the left hand.

Added a custom blue fire damage effect, so now opponents hit by blue fire-casting stuff will be lit up with blue fire, instead of plain 'ol normal fire.

Tweaked the glass sword some. Now, when it breaks, you'll get a bladeless hilt which you can use to remake the sword (providing you have enough peer gems). Changes were also made to one of its scripts to help in case of break trace failure.

The Dragonslayer has been repositioned in its location due to the terrain eating it, now it's more easily findable (and less likely to be eaten by Skyrim Sorcery).

The gems in the Lightning Wand and Lightning Rod are now refractive.

A hint to where the Dragonslayer sword is located has been made a bit more obvious.

Adjusted some of the fire-based weapons. The standard Fire Sword and Flamesting now will scare the living poo out of people if you have the Intense Flames perk. The blue Fire Sword is a special snowflake, however, and will make people run like ninnies whether you have the perk or not. Also changed the two Fire Swords to use a modified 1-handed impact data, which results in the swords sparking on nearly anything they hit.

Renamed Flamesting's hazard effect and changed the hazard itself, so it now instead of a completely harmless pool of flame you get a huge searing JET of fire that actually HURTS people.

Bonecrusher's base damage has been boosted from 14 to 16, making it equivalent to a Daedric mace. The perk has been adjusted as well so Bonecrusher properly deals double damage, instead of adding on half its base damage to the overall result. (For clarity, the original setup meant that you'd deal a base 14 points plus an additional 7 if you hit undead with the hammer.)

Made custom impact data for the Magebane

Changed the magnitude of the Magebane's effects to a much higher value, so now it's got enough oomph to completely burn out opponents who have sizable mana pools.

Tweaked the Fire Sword level list and made a custom light for the blue one (it originally used the Candlelight light, which I felt to be a bit too bright).

Changed the material type of the fire swords to Steel instead of Daedric. No idea why they were set as daedric. :I

Added Ophidian Swords. Since the Ophidian swords in Serpent Isle were, basically, re-purposed serpent swords, I took some artistic license in order to make them more distinct, rather than just the same ol' wavy rapier. You can find Order swords, Chaos swords and the sword of Balance. The former two are level-listed, but the Balance sword is somewhere in the world.

Added the Poison Dagger. It's about Orcish dagger damage wise and can't be tempered (since the blade is fashioned from a sea serpent's tooth and there aren't any sea serpents around in Skyrim), but it makes up for this by being a nasty assassination weapon.

Sexed up the textures for some of the shields (Heater, magic and Dupre's). The Brass and Door shields will be done in a future release since I plan to overhaul those two with modeled detail

Update: Jan 17, 2014 @ 1:35pm

Version 1.2

Fixed an issue with the glass sword's script where you'd get "the glass sword has shattered", even if you're not using a glass sword. The script has been tightened up a bit as well, so now the glass swords should actually break when they're supposed to.

Glass swords are now craftable, but they ain't no cheap cake. To craft 'em you need Daedric smithing, 5 peer gems and the Skyforge. There's 2 different types of peer gems and you need 5 of one type to make a sword. Peer gems aren't easy to find but they are affected by Prowler's Profit, so if you did No Stone Unturned you'll have better chances of findin' em.. The sword'll show up under the Glass category at the Skyforge when you have one or more peer gems of either type.

Glass sword's mesh was tweaked again, the blade's now refractive.

Fixed the Dragonslayer sword's perk, as it didn't actually work because of an improperly defined condition.

Update: Oct 18, 2013 @ 6:51pm

Version 1.1

Added the Firedoom staves and fire wands. These guys are in level lists, so they'll be found as loot and in the hands of wizurds

Gave the blue Fire Sword a custom impact effect

Changed the shattering sound of the glass sword to the ward's shattering sound

Tweaked the appearance of the glass sword's blade

Adjusted some of the level lists.

Gave the Magebane's ench effect a description, so it doesn't list +1000 Magebane and crap like that on the off chance the player gets hit by the sword. Also adjusted its impact effects and a few other minor streamlining tweaks.

Nerfed the damage of the lightning wands.

The Magebane can now be tempered with 2 Void Salts

Death Scythe's ench effects have been given the Magebane treatment. Duration of the Curse has been increased to 30 minutes. Aspects that shouldn't be visible in the UI (such as the Magicka Rate, stamina, etc) are now hidden, and the central effect has been given a description. Conditions have been added too to make sure the effects aren't re-applied on each hit. The enchantment shader has also been changed to a blue "membrane" rather than the knotwork style it had before, and the scythe itself now has a smokey blueness on its blade

Both Fire Swords can now be tempered with fire salts and a steel ingot.

The Death Scythe now requires an ebony ingot and 3 void salts to temper.

Relocated the Dragonslayer sword. It's still in Arcwind Point, but in a more stable location as it tended to slip under the snow in its previous spot.

Update: Sep 26, 2013 @ 12:58pm

Initial Release