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Crimes Against Nature
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Sep 25, 2012 @ 9:49pm
Jan 26 @ 1:02pm
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Crimes Against Nature 3.0

Includes nine races with unique head meshes and one summonable horse.

ARACHNOPHOBIA WARNING: This mod contains spiders.
No Spiders Plugin
EQUINOPHOBIA WARNING: This mod contains ponies.
No Ponies Plugin
TACHOPHOBIA WARNING: This mod contains Sanic.
Sanic cannot be removed. He has tenure.

Not required but highly recommended:
SKSE[skse.silverlock.org] - Needed for a jump height fix included in this mod
Unofficial Skyrim Patch[www.nexusmods.com] - Will fix a Dark Brotherhood Quest for custom races
Mfg Console[www.nexusmods.com] - Will fix Player blinking
Dead Body Collision Fix.[www.nexusmods.com] - Important for the Spheriphem's Bio Magnet

File Mirrors
3.0 - Zip - BSA[www.mediafire.com]
3.0 - 7zip - Loose Files[www.mediafire.com]


PCEA Support
Completely Absurd - A compilation of the plugins below. It will keep being updated as stuff is added.

Hold Guards - All of the uniformed guards in Skyrim's holds are changed to 'Hold Guardians'
Housecarls - Changes the Housecarls to CaN races.


3.0 is here: Two new races, a couple new race powers, a few new character parts, a bunch of bug fixes and tune-ups. Check the changelog for more details.

Mod incompatibilities:

None known of at this time. There used to be a problem with head size. I'm still not sure of the cause or whether I actually fixed it. Please let me know if you experience this problem. Click here for the general issues/bugs thread.

Load Order:

Early, with your other ESMs, but after official Bethesda expansions (Dawnguard, HearthFires, Dragonborn).


Can I reupload this mod elsewhere?
  • Yes, BUT keep in mind that this mod now includes the SpaceCore head. Valve is typically cool with their assets being used for Steam Workshop mods. However, it's doubtful that they're okay with those mods being uploaded elsewhere. While I think it's unlikely they'd throw a fit if you reuploaded this one, the staff at NexusMods likely will.
Can I modify your mod / fix it / make my own version?
  • Yes, script source is included. Check the mirror links for loose file archives too.
Will my save be unusable after uninstalling this mod?
  • If you are using one of the new races for your character, then yes, definitely.
What does 'RGA' mean?
  • 'Reversed Gender Animations'. So, if you want, you can use your modded girly butt wiggle walk with a big roided out Spheriphem.
What happened to the Obama voice?
  • That was just a stupid joke from like two years ago. I first released this mod not long after Clint Eastwood's insanely awkward speech shortly before the election. Most people don't even get it now. Plus, a bunch of racists have been 'lynching' chairs in front of their houses. It's just not funny.
Um... EXCUSE ME but you did not ACCURATELY recreate MY PONY WAIFU in the pony presets!
  • Sorry, I haven't actually watched the show, I used kp-Sq's original assets as a reference.
  • Artistic license.

The script for summoning the horse is based loosely on the method used in Brokunn's 'Conjure Rideable Ethereal Horse Spell' mod
Cat models/textures by HISSSSA[hissssa.cocolog-nifty.com]
Pony head models/textures by KP-ShadowSquirrel[kp-shadowsquirrel.deviantart.com]
Modded Khajiit feet mesh is modified from Phygit's FemFeet[www.nexusmods.com]
SpaceCore models/textures by Valve
Other meshes/textures - Bethesda
'Unfortunate Khajiit; race based on Prequel - by Kazerad[www.prequeladventure.com]
Voice - Tommy Wiseau - 'The Room'[www.theroommovie.com]
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FancyPants  [author] Just now 
@Von Tacos: Click subscribe on this page, then open the skyrim launcher, you'll see a message on the bottom saying the mod is downloading, wait for it to finish, then start your game.
Ronboy31 13 minutes ago 
i meant the rga standalone to be a god idea but this is a whole another possibility^^
[Alt3]EVIL DR.VON TACOS 26 minutes ago 
No I dont know how it works there is no new race and no one has this faces :D
FancyPants  [author] 33 minutes ago 
@Ronboy: I'm still considering my options, though I'll need to decide before I make more plugins. It's technically possible to make the SpaceCore standalone, but it'll be a massive pain to set it up.
@Von Tacos: What exactly is the problem? Is your game crashing? Is the mod not loading at all?
Ronboy31 37 minutes ago 
ty for reading i will be patient and it really would probably would be the best to make this as standalone i mean this could also be interesting for people who dont consider to play as spheric (that makes fun^^)
[Alt3]EVIL DR.VON TACOS 49 minutes ago 
I couldnt get tthis to work
Necromorph790 2 hours ago 
@fancypants i understand but got it to work with the nexus manager and i got skse with it too so its find
°cabot°ส็็็ 16 hours ago 
what the fuck
FancyPants  [author] 18 hours ago 
@Ronboy: I could, but I'll have to put it in a separate plugin. I'm swamped with requests right now, but I'll see what I can do.
@Necro: Because of the SpaceCore head, I can't upload it there. It's really only allowed here. Though I'm not against the idea personally, the nexus mods will likely ban it.
Necromorph790 19 hours ago 
how come you cant put this on the nexus? Can you also put it on the nexus please