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How to Make Your Steam Aliases the Same
By Aevoa
A simple guide showing you how to have all previous username aliases display a single alias. It removes any old aliases from site while looking nice.
Our end result:

Step 1
Start by heading over to this pastebin and copying the character: pastebin.com/P6KxEd9s

It might be invisible, so right click inside "RAW Paste Data", and click "Select All".

Right click inside "RAW Paste Data" again and click "Copy".

If you're having trouble copying it, click "get" for a download of the character.

Step 2
Now head over to the change profile name screen from your friendlist window.

If you have the username you want already set up, simply paste the character from the pastebin behind your username. This will add a strange looking character to your name. Don't worry, it doesn't show up in alias history.

Now go ahead and hit save. Your chat username should look something like this:

Step 3
Your alias history now shows two identical usernames. Go back into the change profile name panel from your friends list and add a second pastebin character before your username.

Save it, and repeat this step by adding an additional pastebin character each time.
After you make a few username changes, Steam will prevent you from changing your username for a bit. The wait isn't very long, so don't worry.

After making ten unique changes using the pastebin character, your whole alias history will display the same username. Be sure to change your username back to the version without the pastebin characters when you're done!
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tq6 Jan 16 @ 9:35pm 
faggot maggot Jan 16 @ 7:36pm 
its so sweet that u answered me in my profile comment
thx for letting me know that u find out a new way
HAND dude~
Aevoa  [author] Jan 16 @ 1:58pm 
@cinnamoon The guide has been updated with a better method. It should work for you.
T.w² | Adam Jan 15 @ 11:23am 
Replacement for the new "< blank >" characters. http://pastebin.com/91Ak8wce
faggot maggot Jan 13 @ 3:03am 
lol r u kiddin
check ur own nicknames
now its like "A e v oa" and same
Aevoa  [author] Jan 12 @ 7:51pm 
@ertsi, oh glad!
ertsi.xyz ム Jan 12 @ 7:50pm 
@Aevoa i fixed it :D
ertsi.xyz ム Jan 12 @ 7:47pm 
yea im trying to do it again with this name but it wont work ;-;
ertsi.xyz ム Jan 12 @ 7:39pm 

ertsi.xyz ム Jan 12 @ 7:39pm 
i use this 1 and it still doesnt work