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How to Upload Animated Screenshots
By Curse and 4 collaborators
This guide explains how to upload GIF and PNG files as Steam screenshots. This guide is also the quickest method for uploading custom screenshots.
Quick Access
Below are the console commands. Please read the guide before using them.

Animated Screenshot Code:
Animated Screenshot Code for Images Longer Than 506 Pixels:
The steps below will explain how to upload .GIF (and PNG) files as Steam screenshots.
This is also the fastest and easiest method to uploading custom screenshots.
Step 1

Start by opening this link in a browser:
Or, if you want to add your screenshot to a game, open the game's upload artwork page in a browser.
Once you've opened it, right click anywhere on the page and select "Inspect Elements".

Step 2

Go to console tab and paste the following code:

If your artwork is taller than 506 pixels, paste this code instead:

Once it's pasted in the console, hit enter.

Step 3

After sending the code, close the console and fill out the upload artwork page like normal. When you're done, go ahead and click "Save and Continue". Your artwork will be uploaded as a screenshot!
Youtube Tutorial
Closing Notes
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My Gif doesnt seem to be looping, i checked the origin file and it loops, and i recreated it and it doesnt look. any ideas?
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How can I make my screenshot showcase to be connected? Just like my artwork showcase?
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spam my profile + rep:) i love you all