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Star Wars: A Galaxy Divided
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Oct 6, 2016 @ 11:53am
May 22 @ 3:30pm
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Star Wars: A Galaxy Divided

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Star Wars: A Galaxy Divided
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Suggested Mod Package

Note from the Author: Please note that it may be a while before this is updated to the current version.

A Star Wars total conversion mod. Note that the current version should still be considered an unpolished alpha.
  • Static galaxy containing approximately 950 systems.
  • Accurate positioning and names for planets.
  • All major and minor hyperlane routes, including Chiss and Hutt Space..
  • Over 38 Static Empires with accurate home systems.
  • Custom loading screens.
  • Force Ethics & Technologies
  • 120+ Flag Colour options
  • Republic & Empire ship sets
  • Prethoryn have been renamed to the Yuuzhan Vong.
  • 18 Namelists (Republic, Sith, Jedi, Wookiee, Hutt, Mandalorian, etc).
  • Custom race portraits (Sith, Chiss, Togruta, Twilek and many more).
  • Custom & Random spawn capability.
  • Custom changes to border growth.
  • Improved hyperdrive FTL speed.
  • Planetary Shipyards.
  • Purgable Gungans.
  • 3 Star Wars Fallen Empires (Gree, Killiks & Rakata)
  • Custom personalities.
  • Ambient Star Wars Music

  • More portaits
  • Events & Anomalies
  • Complete revamp of technology trees
  • And many more features. Feel free to suggest what you'd like to see in the comments.

  • Mods that edit flag colours, frontend.gui, prescipted_countries or 00_on_actions (removed Sol spawn)
  • Feel free to take a look at this package for compatible mods.

  • Head Developer - Last Leviathan
  • Content Creator - Nukumnehtar
  • UI and Visuals - DetCord12B
  • Special thanks to Elratie for always being willing to help out and for allowing me to use his wonderful models.
  • Osito from STNH for helping me and giving me great advice for the map and modding
  • SoG-Geongeon for allowing me to use his symbol pack
  • Atlas coordinates compiled by Henry Bernberg
  • SethSteiner for allowing me to integrate his Chiss Species mod
  • Jay for allowing me to integrate his mod More City Types
  • Jeroenimo for allowing me to use his great ship models
  • barraganap/ArvisTaljik for his wonderful ship models and textures
  • Warb Null for releasing his ship models to the public
  • Sith Meditating Image belongs to TolyanMy
  • Veegi for his permission to use his edits to the colour system
  • Nikkle for his designs of Ringworld clusters
  • Chris93 for namelist additions
  • ArgonStar for Republic ship textures
  • All artwork belongs to their respective owners, in particular Ralph McQuarrie for his concept art.
  • All Star Wars materials is owned and copyrighted by Lucasfilm Ltd.


Originally posted by Darth Revan:
Sh*t's dope. But why aren't I in it?

Originally posted by Mandalore the Ultimate:
Decent mod. Missing more Basilisk War droids.

Originally posted by Imperial Ambassador:
Those that do not ensure the Empire's victory will be sent to labour camps.
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Greyborea 1 hour ago 
@Old1 and all others - read 1st page:
Note from the Author: Please note that it may be a while before this is updated to the current version.
Old1 4 hours ago 
Please get this mod updated to 1.8 cause right now it is pretty much useless to me.
「 LiTe Em uP 」 11 hours ago 
@mod author

hello... so i'm creating a custom race mod for stelllaris, and i love the design of the race/ships from this mod... so the ships of from this mod seems to fit the theme for my custom race..

so can i borrow some of the ships from this mod and use it for my race mod??? i'm going to give credits where its due..
wow 20 hours ago 
For anyone demanding for an update, look at the statement from the modder in the next page please.
any word on an update?
Rilsenti Sep 24 @ 12:44pm 
да, можно и на 1.7 поставить, как это было до этого, но лишишься тогда множества новшеств, включая озвучки робота помощника.
Кстати ,есть еще один недочет, в одном из модов. Star_Wars_Sound_Effects тоже не корректно работает на 1.8
BENJ4x Sep 24 @ 12:25pm 
Would a possible solution be to set the game to the 1.7 beta? Thus reversing the chnages the recent update made?
Rilsenti Sep 24 @ 8:24am 
Когда будет доступен мод? на 1.8.
Просто без него Starwars не Starwars. когда он полное дополнение к моду Star Wars Empire Ships
Argon Sep 24 @ 2:55am 
Please update man, stupid update broke my set of mods that I play with ;(
Khaine Incarnate Sep 23 @ 11:05am 
Thanks for this awesome mod. Please don't forget about it!