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Diverse Rooms
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Apr 9 @ 5:55pm
Jun 17 @ 4:06am
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Diverse Rooms


As the title implies, it adds more variety to the room backgrounds you may select during empire setup.
  • ~80 New Rooms

Ironman compatible! (Unless the ironman mode is lying to me) Should have no other mod compatibility issues.

  • Developers - Last Leviathan & Blackfyre
  • All art is owned by its creators.

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Apr 13 @ 7:58pm
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jdjoshua430 Aug 11 @ 5:03pm 
How do you change the rooms?
Jynn Jul 19 @ 11:42am 
Very cool mod, much better than the vanilla rooms.

Would love to see a mod doing the same for city scapes ;P so my hive mind can be properly underground
Zap Rowsdower Jul 18 @ 10:05pm 
absolutely love this mod, it's one of my favorites. thank you.
Frank Underwood Jul 17 @ 3:34pm 
Awesome Background Pics mate, maybe all of you making portairts etc should make a combined mod. It's totally awesome
EKOFANYWAY Jul 12 @ 3:44am 
Great mod! These background pictures are really amazing artworks. I'd be so grateful if any one could tell me where those artworks are originally from.
✠DEUS VULT✠ Jul 11 @ 12:44pm 
noice tags m8
Potato Jul 9 @ 7:31pm 
You used a screen shot of the jedi temple from star wars:the old republic
Trace Projectile Jul 5 @ 12:20am 
@Blackfyre thanks for suggesting my mod to Reiver :D

On the other stuff you said, you're right about the difficulty. In fact I think the game has no way to trigger new backgrounds to fit your windows (as in, the game can't tell what room your race stands in) and any attempt to resize planet windows e.t.c. crashes the empire screen.

The room loading in Stellaris is still so weird... The AI can't use custom rooms and sometimes resets to the old 'collectivist' default room for any reason the game can grab. Ah well, good that you tried as well.
Tommy Wiseau Jul 1 @ 5:25am 
Does the AI use these extra rooms as well in game?
joren Jun 30 @ 1:54am 
can you add more pyramid rooms?